Our Rhodesian Ridgebacks

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Our dogs are largely part in our life!
Thanks to them, we feel the fullness of life! They are all so different, but each of our 4-legs darlings have a big heart full of love and devotion. A home without a dog is just a house, we think.

Kandysired our A-litter 

Jack 1,5 år gammal

Jack s Litters

Lisi 1,5 y o

Lisi is Dame to our Harmony litter.

Royce 6 months

  Royce  sired our FORTUNE litter

jCh Mne jPW'17 jCHPT jNW-16 SVCH SEUCH FICH Lth CH Est CH NoCh NORD V-18 C.I.B Nordic champion
Elangeni Friends In Hi Places (RUBI)


hopefully  Rubi  will be Dam to our future  I -   litter


I co-ownership with Leila Landfors <3 

i co-ownership with Anna Nilsson 

 Previously on breeders terms/co-owned RRs

Evergraces Kandy Crush Virra

  Virra is Dam to GN-litter (Juli. 2018)

Sandy 20 days pregnant.

  Sandy is Dam to F-litter (Juni. 2018)