Breeding of Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

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Our kennel was founded in 2011 but the idea to start breeding of Rhodesian Ridgebacks we had much earlier. Before we decided to register our own kennel, we traveled with our beloved RR Kandy around the Europe and visited breeders, interviewed them and even stayed at their places to become familiar with how they take care of litters and what are their view of the ideal Rhodesian Ridgeback are and most importantly how to breed it out. It was an invaluable experience and we take the opportunity to thank our teachers ( nowadays good friends ) and wish them all the happiness and prosperity of their tough business. All this led us agreed that our Ridgebacks would mainly be social and friendly dogs. This does not deny their natural setting as hunting and guard dog.  Last but not least would be the sure to maintain the structure and appearance of our beloved breed. And not to forget the most important indicator is the individual's health. Our first litter we planned already in 2009 when we visited the RR enthusiasts in Russia. The entire history of our travel there (of course together with Kandy and because of Kandy) is very colorful and full of adventure and deserves its own space and I hope to come back to this in detail, but in this context it is only to say that Kandy won Russian biggest international dog show ”Rossia-2009 among 98 fine Ridgebacks he won the and with BIG1  has got his first ch. Titel . And we we discovered our Roman hunting goddess Diana named Podarok iz Afriki Bliss Bounty (Kjara) who was undefeated number one in all kinds of tracking, hunting, competitions among many active Ridgebacks.  After many long conversations we agreed with Kjaras owners Natalya Petrovas of all the details regarding the mating between Kjara and our Kandy. In 2011, we recorded loan agreement under which Kjara became the mother of our first litter ALFA. Healthy and beautiful puppies was born August 21 with the help of our best supporters Ewa Stranne (kennel Maiden's) and they was born in the same puppy box where Kandy was born in 2006 in Ewa's last RR-litter. Information about the puppies you can find on their side. As a prefix we took the Latin phrase from Gladiators time. Nowadays, the term AVE CAESAR uses as a motto on the eve of the exciting and severe test. This will fit well with our dogs which we hope to grow into active and versatile faithful friends to their owners.

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we and our 7 ridgebacks
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