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10-11/12. National and International shows Kassel. Germany.

The last 2 shows in this prosperous 2016 year (Kassel x 2 (nat and international) were as successful as the whole show season was for us..
1. Our overseas princess RUBI (NO JV-16 Elangeni Friends in Hi Places 9 months old.) won class. CW and got her first junior CAC. (Judge Timmy U. Ralfe ). Handled by Rubi loving owner Willy Johansson . Breeders Emma Friedland & Linda Friedland. Congratulations!
And the second day Rubi was Ex-2 in junior class . (Judge : Monika Pehr.)
Royce (Ave Caesar Drive Im Your to Keep) - CW x 2 . Best junior of Breed both days and got his two jCAC.
His mother Lisi (C.I.B EUW-2016 Belgian Winner-2016 Benilux Winner-2016 DK UCH NO UCH RS CH SE UCH NORD CH SE VCH RU CH CZ CH Saimons Praide Ecstasy of Felicity for Ave Caesar Breeder Oksana Serova ) showed sytable results both days:
Nat show CW in champion class and her 4th CAC in Germany!
International - CW Best female CACIB and BOS .
With the 5th CAC in Germany Lisi finished her German champion.
We are more then HAPPY! Ring was too small for such a mover as Lisi is so she started her new was to express her liveliness , she jumped high! Lisi LOVE to be in ring with Dasha Chernaya da Silva ! Playful and full of entusiasm! We realy enjoeyd her new way))). Thank you very much Dasha for handling. You made a major contribution to this success! Thank you friends for all your warm words and congratulations wich we recived before we returned home to Sweden)).

 3/12. Duba-jChampion!

Ave Caesar Driving me onwards just turned 1 year, had a super show at IDS Lovanium. 
She won all her three shows in Belgium and is now Belgian Youth Champion! Congratulations to the owner/handler Marjolaine!

20/11.Norwegian Winner show -2016

Royce got only Very Good in  junior class. His Mother Lisi (Saimon's Praide Ecstasy of Felicity exelent 3 With CQ (Champion class) And our young femade RUBI (Elangeni Friends in Hi Places)  won strong junior class dispite she was the youngest ( only 3 days after moved to junior class) WITH CQ (Champion quality) and got her first title JUNOR NORWIGIAN WINNER!. Our huge thanks and congrats to Rubi's breeders Emma Linda And Daryl Friedland.

1/11. Caesar approved the odor sample of eucalyptus.

Caesar ( Ave Caesar Destiny Calls)  has completed an approved odor sample of eucalyptus and thus begin to compete in Nosework 1.  Nosework will be an official competition  year  2017  SKK.
You can compete in three different levels  Nosework. NW1: Euakalyptus NW 2: Bay leaves NW 3: Lavender.  It requires approval odor sample for each scent to get the boot at a competition.
Congratulations to Annelie Rolf and Caesar!

30 okt. Duba became Belgian Youth Champion!

Duba, just turned 1 year, had a super show at IDS Lovanium and won again! Three shows in Belgium and she has won them all. Duba is Belgian Youth Champion!!! Congratulations to Marjolejn!

28/10. D-litter Birthday!

1. Enzo;  2. Sheeba;  3. Caesar;  4. Shaggy; 5. Azlan;  6. Moyo;  7. Diesel;  8. Simba;  9. Duba; 10. Tambo; 11. Aria; 12. Royce; 13. Nala.

8/10. Royce graduated his school

Royce received a diploma and a lot of praise from the teacher. On completion of the curriculum, students have the day "nose  work". Rubi worked with her nose too))).

1/10. Duba became best junior in breed!

Zwolle NL

18/9. Stacy ex with CQ!

Stacy (Ave Caesar Born for Fame) dispite she is stil the beginer in a show ring took 2nd place in Open Class with CQ (Champion Quality) ann Royce was 4d in junior class ex. Judge L. Bachurzewska

17/9. Royce rocked the ring.

We had a great achievements in Denmark to Ave Caesar RRs family. Stacy ( Born for fame) won the 4ths place in a strong open class with excellent description of the Judge Marie Gadolin ! Congratulations to Katriina Öberg!!! Royce( Drive I'm your to keep) won junior class with CQ and best male and BOB.

11/9. IDS Eslöv.

next day Rubi - very promissing ; Lisi- second in Champion class and 4th best bitch. Royce- very good in junior class. 

10/9. Club show. Rubi is the best!

Our dog took part in a speciality show Eöstånga (Sweden) judge Wilfried Peper.  Rubi (Elangeni Friends in Hi Places) - Best puppy in breed!!! Happy!!! Royce (Ave Casar Drive! Im your to keep) : 3d in Junior class and best liver Ridgeback. Lisi (Saimon's Pride ecstasy of Felcity) 2:a in champion class.

3-4/9. One more successful weekend.

Two of Kandy's progeny has got their CH titlels. Daughter in Norway CAWA (N Ch Shavano's Proud to be Cawa)  and next day Kandy's son in Netherlands AMON (Kuanzia Kani Ahadi Kwangu). Congratulations to happy owners/ breeders!

26/8. EDS-2016 (Brussel).

We visited Eurodogshow-2016. Our results: Rubi (Elangeni Friends In High Places) very promising. Royce (Ave Caesar Drive I'm your to keep excelent 3 (of 18 juniors). Lisi (Saimon's Praide Ecstasy of Felicity) CW (of 30 champion bitches) CAC/ CACIB Europa Winner-2016 & Benilux Winner. The judges were Małgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska ( females) and Luís Pinto Teixeira (males/bob)

Kandy's son made his debut at show. Congratulations to his owners Betty and Thomas Cederquvist.

6-7 Aug. Visby two shows.

At one of this shows Lisi won Best of Breed and BIG-4. Next day she was second best bitch.  Royce won junior class second day. Judges was Eva Jönsson (SE)  and Gitte Finnich Pedersen, DK

30/7 Ransäter IDS.

The first show for Royce in official class cos' he became 9 month two days before the show and calles as a JUNIOR now. Royce won his class with CQ (Champion Quality confirm)  and took place in competition for the best male. He finishes with the 4th BM and resCAC.  I had my knee injure so Willy wored as a handler (driver -porter-and name is staff as well).  We are very proud.  For his mother was it not the best show she was 5Th in Ch class. Judge was Bertil Lundgren.

2/7 Nat. dog show Borås.

Two of Ave Ridgebacks took part in Borås show.  Judge: LAMBIE PAMELA. Ave Caesar Born to be Happy got second place in open class with the CQ and finished as a 4th best male! nd Royce litter sister Nala (Ave Caesar "Do U know what she means"  ) became Best puppy in breed! Congratulations to my very best Carola Runge and Jacqueline Daleryd. We are so proud! 

1-2 /07 ROYCE is BOB at both speciality shows RRWC.

28/6 - 2/02. We took place in Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress.

We took part in a wonderful Event - the Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress.  It was the world's 9th RRWC and my 1st Congress. We had two very interesting and informative days with lectures presented by speakers from all over the world. We met a lot of longtime friends  and found many new.
And 3 speciality shows held under RRWC : Norway; Sweden; Denmark.

26/6. Speciality show in Norway at WC-2016.

Rubi's first show . I am very proud of our little Rubi who moved like a star in her baby class. She refused to show teaths to the judge Karin Van Klaverin and we did not want to stress her with it.
Royce -2: a in puppy class and Lisi was 3-e platc in Ch class with CK  and 6-th BT in the competitive assessment. Eoyce also got price for te best head in puppy-male class.

15/ 06. Rubi's arrival to Sweden.

We are extremely happy to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful Rubi
We welcome her to our Ave Caesar family and we look forward to campaigning her.
Rubi has come a long way to join us & we thank our Elangeni family for sending us
Such a beautiful gem.  We love her all inclusive dogs. 

11-12 Juni.Douai shows. France

After wonderful vcations in Italy and France we visited one more show place. Lisi both days best female. Royce both days BOB-puppy. 

21-22 Maj. San Marino shows. 2 x CACIB.

Weekend i San Marino have been successful. Both Lisi and Rouce got Best of Breed and Lisi finished with best of group 6! Next day only Lisi took part in show and went BOS. 

15-16 maj. Saarbrucken shows, DE

We are on weels again! On our way to France we took part at German shows (Int & Nat Saarbrucken). I showed liver noses Lisi and her son Royce and we supported two wonderful males in our encreased family: one os Leato (Ndoki Gyasi Leoto ) who is Kandy's grand child (Arif x Kiruna) and Buck (Evergraces Leage of Legasity Jax) Kandy's "son in low" LOL the male who will be sire to next Ndoki litter. The boys were kind and won intermediet class. My RRs first day under Judge Burkhard Seibel (DE) got only excellent marks but next day rocked the ring. Royce (Ave Caesar Drive I'm your to keep) BOB-puppy and his mum Saimon's Praide Ecstasy of Felicity for Ave Caesar best of breed (aproximettely 60 RRs in catalog). The Judge was Monika Perh the big enthusiast of our beautiful breed and really good specialist. Thank you Monika!

7 maj. Lidköping IDS.

We showed three RR and it was first Swedish show for Royce. Judge: Lars Widen ( Sweden.)
Royce ( Ave Caesar Drive I'm your to keep) CW , BOB puppy very promising .
Charis ( Ave Caesar Case in Point Charis) excellent 2 in junior Class.
Lisi ( Saimons Praide Ecstasy of Felicity for Ave Caesar) CW BB CAC CACIB BOS ! 
We are very proud.  

26 Apr. Lisi at Nala's place

Lisi spent more yhen one week at very beautiful place with very nice family who owns Lisi's daughter Nala (Ave Caesar "Do U know what she means" ). Many walks and plays. Here you can find a few pictures from the day when we picked Lisi's up home. Kandy-Lisi-Nala-Royce are playing together at Nala's family garden.

20-23 apr. Cita vitited us  <3

Beautiful Cita (Hazinas 6th Fanea By U) have vitited Kandy and they spent 3 nice days together. Now fingers crossed and we hope that Cita will be with puppies in aprox. 2 months.

10 apr. Poland.

Our two liver noses repeated ther success and both CW plus Lisi got BOB and her first Polish CAC (=candidate to SK Champion). Judge: Mirosław Olejnik (PL).

9 Apr. Nat. Show in Ostrava (CZ)

Lisi and Royce won their classes and Lisi got BEST OF BREED too. Happy! Judge: Jaroslav Matyas. Lisi got her Czech CAC and became CHAMPION .

1-2-3 Apr. Shows i Nitra

Lisi and Royce took part in a few show in Slovakia. Lisi got CAC and 2 rCAC. (candidate to SK Champion) Royce was best Baby in Breed.  In the same show took part one of our "puppy" CH. Ave Caesar Born with Hope *KRAS* and we were happy to meet Kandy's progeny 3 RR by Kaweria : Archee Bald, Nadira and Hugo.  We also met Russian handler Tanja Zaderenko who helped us with stack pictures of Lisi and Royce.

29 March.Walk with RRs at beautiful beach Falsterbo.

Russkiy could not come to puppy-reunion and we met him and his wonderful family on our way to Europe show-trip.

27 March. the puppies-reunion A-B-C-D plus Kandy's progeny.

We had a great time at our big puppy reunion. Thank you very much all of you who could come and test bloodtracking and Lure Coursisng. Thanks Inger and Roger that allows us to spend this important day at your place. Many thanks Cecilia who organised LC track and prepared handlings training! Many thanks for Jan Monier for photos!
But the biggest THANKS to you  all,  the members of our Ave-team for taking such good care of your AVE- Ridgebacks)) Hope we can meet again soon !!!

19 March. Malmö int.

Lisi and Charis took part at show. Charis had her debut in oficial class and she got VG; Lisi won Best of Breed . The judge was Rale Cekic, Serbien.

18 March. Ajax

Charena met her lovely son Ajax (Ave Caesar CREAM OF THE CROP). 

13 of March. Strängnäs int. dig Show.

Lisi's come back to the show ring was successful enogh. She became secon best bitch with res CACIB wich became a full CACIB due the first bich was already Interchampion. And it was a first time Royce spend in dog show. He was rather pupular among our RR friends and Im proud that he passed the test with dignity. Lucky us Olivia followed us and help with the Royce. Thank you dear friend <3.

One week in Stockholm. (8-12 of March)

We drive to Stockholm with our RRs and had a wonderful week there.
1.  We were trained Lisi and Royce in Super Hundsimmet at Jenny Hurnelius and wish you all, my puppy-buyers you go there too!

2. We took part at Gerard Oshea class. And Charena's daughter Nova too. So that was not only training but family reunion too. Nova = Ave Caesar CENTER OF MY UNIVERSE. She is so lovely <3

3. The second re-union was with Simba. Lisi's son .Simba = Ave caesar Don't say no. Simba's family call their RR Lion King Simba. Wonderful pup and wonderful family. 

4. re- union number 3 was with our beloved Russkiy Ave Caesar Born With Love and his great family. We spend wonderful time with Stephanie Janis Olivia and Maxim. 

5. The last two days we had meeting with Lisi's son Moyo and his family Mikael Persbrandt & sanna Lundell. Our RRs was so happy to play in a such a huge comany. (the 4th re-U)

6. The last family meeting was with brother Shaggy Monier and his human pack)) All pictures from this lovely meeting by Jan Monier. 

Zico at LC training

Nothing is in vain. Our little Zico (Ave Caesar Carrying a Torch) have tried the Lure Courcing for the first time when he was only 5 months and fortunately his family continues with this sport. So good to see that our puppies so well cared  in their families who gives thir Ridgebacks much attention not only in form of hugs but in form of many fun activities. Thank you!

One week with Nala.

Our beautiful and very mischievous daughter Nala (Ave Caesar do you know what she means) moved to us for one week. We had much fun <3

1 Feb. Fittnes for the whole pack.

The first of February was a swiming day in a Royce life. In the morning when he was in pursuit of Charena he tried to jump over a forest stream as elegant as his teacher Charena did but he splashed into the water, cold february water . The same day, he was scheduled to visit a dog pool. He survived his training with a gentleman's dignity and later on was enjoyed watching Kandy swimming. 

31jan. Home edition Agility.

We made a first training for Royce-boy (and of course for the other expirience ridgebacks too. We had much fun today!

1. Willy build makeshift apparatus for training. The most of my dogs are in anticipation of fun ))


4. my elders kept supported me with my first experience




2. Only Charena why should she? 


5. The leash is very convenient thing as it turned out! Willy finally under full control.



3. Lisi as usual has too much energy to wait until Willy is ready and surprised her son with to climb to swiming pool 

6. I'm not scared, I only think that food is much more comfortable in the bowl.



29 Jan.

In weather like today is better to be a bear and sleep in the den. But thanksto Willy my 4 RRs went 2 big walks in spite of rein and wind. Inclusive ROYCE.

28 Jan. 3 months Birthday D-litter

Our dear puppies and your happy families! Hope you will celebrate today and send your BD pictures to us! Royce and his pach send you warm greetings!!!

5 jan. Welcome Royce.

We are happy to show you the new member of our family. Lisi x Nelson. DOB 28/10-15.We hope to get many happy and healthy years together. Welcome ROYCE!

Hej! Jag har fått inkasso men aldrig fått själva fakturan. Hur kan jag bestrida eran faktura? Jag vill inte fortsätta längre