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17/2-24 Rubi is a veteran now

Behold the epitome of canine perfection, a dream companion cherished by every owner and revered by every breeder. Meet Rubi – she's not just smart, she's astute; not merely beautiful, but breathtaking; not only healthy, but robust; and she embodies the quintessence of a purebred Ridgeback.
Today marks a milestone for my beloved Rubi as she steps into the realm of veteranhood. Can you believe it? Time truly flies. She remains my eternal child – affectionate, spontaneous, and ever so sweet.
From traversing continents, from Australia to Sweden, and then across the expanse of Europe, Ruby has left her paw print in the world. With grace and prowess, she graced numerous rings, clinching titles of Champion and Winner with aplomb.
In her maternal embrace, Ruby nurtured 26 exquisite puppies, each finding homes far and wide, bringing joy to families across the globe.
On this special day, I extend heartfelt birthday wishes to Rubi, and to her siblings as well. Yet foremost, my gratitude extends to her remarkable breeders – Linda, Emma, and Daryl Friedland – who not only gifted us Rubi but also became cherished friends.
Happy Birthday, dear Rubi! May your days be filled with boundless joy and contentment, as you continue to inspire love and admiration in all who know you.

11/2-24 International dog Show Fredericia

Ave Caesar Our Hearts Obsession/ Won the Junior class, CQ, JCAC, JCACIB & CAC & 2th Best Bitch. Fantastic result with her best ever owner/handler Caroline Larsen. 

11/2-24 *** Specialty Clubshow Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Switzerland, Münsingen***

Two of our Ave Caesar’s impressively showcased their excellence at the prestigious Ridgeback Club Schweiz (RRCS) dog show, competing against 81 other Rhodesian Ridgebacks under the Judge: Gary Denver <3.
1. *LOVA*, a proud representative of our breeding, C.I.B./INTCh. JWW BIS JBIS BISS JBISS MCh. MJCh. MBOB, AVE CAESAR SUPER TROUPER LOVA STAR. As a distinguished compeeter of the Champions class, she emerged victorious. Witnessing her graceful presence in the ring, seemingly floating with each step, fills us with immense pride. The Bossard team, her devoted owners, can attest how she evoking warm shivers of admiration.
2. *SHAN* AVE CAESAR WONDER FROM GALAXY earned recognition in the Champion Class, securing resCW with excellence, further highlighting the success of Nash's and Rubi's lineage. owned and handled by Nzuri Na'weh/Sophie Bruneteau
3. Notably, other descendants of Nash displayed remarkable achievements at this event, showcasing the strength of his genetic legacy. *BRO* JWW C.I.B.-J JBIS JBISS Ch. MJCh. SAVUTI DAYMANI DNA DELUXE MR. BRO, Nash's son, excelled in the intermediate class CW, while another promising offspring from Estonian breeding Amante Delsole Ace Stone Junior class CW Best Junior in breed with CAC!

4. Furthermore, the accolades extended to the next generation, with a remarkable feat achieved by TINY MADELEINE SWANN NZURI NA'WEH, affectionately known as SWANN. Bred owned and handled by Nzuri Na'weh/Sophie Bruneteau, SWANN exemplifies femininity and pedigree excellence, boasting lineage connections to Rubi to Royce and to Nash. She is grandaughter to all 3 of my home Ridgebacks! This achievement fills us with profound pride, as SWANN's success reflects the culmination of dedication and superior breeding standards.

5. And the icing on the cake was that another of Nash's sons made a mark on the show. Young won the best puppy of the breed
Congratulations to all involved!

11/2-24 Tallin Winner dog show

Nash's son rock the ring in Estonia!
Amante Delsole Aries Khan (Ave Caesar Great Galaxy x Jata Kimberly Aniri Abimbola)

Got his first titles Tallinn Winter Cup 2024 Winner & Juunior Winner

27/1-24 Sabaneeva dog show in Moscow

"AVE CAESAR GLOWING PHOENIX"nwon junior class at Sabaneeva dog show.
Congratulations to co-owner and handler Sveta Moros and to co-breeder Pia Keppel
Ванда Волкова photo.

13-14/1-24 MyDog both days

My Dog 2024 was very sucsessful for Ave Caesar. Both days our kennel won Best Breeding class. Thank you my beautiful owners to show your ridgebacks in this honor class and won! Thank you for such excellen care of your beautiful RRs! 

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