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30/12. Open Show Vårgårda

The best way to finish year what was full of succsessfull shows with a new BOB. This time was it Wella who won class of two and got BOB puppy in breed (11 entered RR). Judge : Lisa Molin

24/12. Merry Christmas and a happy new year

This year Christmas card will be NDOKI again. beautiful RRs and creative people: Claudia and Maximillian Körner and their best friends fotograf and creative directirs Peter Geipel and Vivian!

19/12. Puppy plans 2018

Our Royce will mate two bitches 2018. One in our kennel and one in Emoyeni's kennel. We are very excited about it and hope to get healthy and beautiful pups both litters . Fingers crossed!

18/12. Edited certificate of Kennel registration  arrived.

17/.12. IDS Brussels Dogshow Belgium -17

Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards ‘Duba’ entered in very strong Champion Class (5) and...
1. Excellent Champion Class
Then she went Best Female and won
 2 CAC and 1 CACIB
and then  BOB 
Belgian Winner 2017 Crufts qualified! with her happy owner/handler Marjolejn Van den Biesen.
BRAVO!!!!! We are more then proud!!! Her mother LISI is holder for Belgian Winner -2016)

17/.12. Swedish Winner-17

Swedish winner show.Judge Kerstin Nilsen.
Ave Caesar Born To Be Happy * HAPPY * EX-1 in open class with CK and Res. CAC . Owner Carola Runge.
 Ave Caesar Born for Love * RUSSKIY * Ex-2 in ÖK with CK owner Stephanie Rabot Handler:  Johanna Falk
Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep * ROYCE * Ex in Ch Class .
Elangeni Friends In Hi Places * RUBI * Ex-2 With CK Res CERT
Saimon's Praid Ecstasy Of Felicity * LISI * Ex-2 with CK and 3 Best Bitch
Lisi finished the year as Best RR Showdown (1st on Gold List)

14/12. New pictures of Happy *Ave Caesar Born To Be Happy*

10/12. Duba's suxess

IDS Slovakia Cup 10 December 2017 (77 RR) judge Tomasz Borkowski (PL)
Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards
1. Excellent Champion Class (8 RR)
Slovakian CAC  So we will be back in 2018 to finish her Slovakian Champion title

9/12. Nordic Winner Show. Helsinki

We took part in one of three Finnish shows! Nordic Winner -17. Royce won class with CQ and got his third Finnish CAC = Finnish Champion (again))) Rubi won her class with CQ and finish as 4th Best Bitch. Lisi got excellent. Wella got Best Of Breed puppy at puppy show and 4th in group 6 with very delight description. And the best happiness is HULDA! our golden girl got her titel Junior Nordic Winner! we are so happy !! Kaisa <3 Hulda won class with CQ and became third Best Bitch! Well done!

5/12.New titel for our prinsess Niya.

Peter Falk and Niya today managed to gain Niyas final 1’st prize in blood tracking which means she now earned the titel SE VCH!  Congratulations to family Falk!

5/12. RR training on wild boar

Two of our RRs got chans att "hunt" boar today at wonderful place "expirience hunting" with the great leader Eric Olofsson . We like this activity and we will collect our Ave RRs next time here! Thank you Erik for your wonderful and useful presents (parts of boar to activar´te our RR at home).
Our very first time at this kind of training we had in Russia 2010.
Andrey Vesely was so kind so invite us to participate at it with his team. And we took trip from Sweden to Moscow to get this experience with Kandy. 
At this very training we met Lisi’s father Kamal and her grandfather Archi. (and Jack's mother Kjara too but Jack will get this training another time).
Now Lisi and Royce had to start their training here in Sweden. It is very first time for them both but we hope the blood of their wonderful ancestors will help them to show the best working abilities.

3/12. Kennel reunion + blood tracking

Thank you very much my Ave gang for your activities with Ave Rhodesian Ridgebacks! We have wonderful day with blood tracking examen! 
Bruno (litter C Charena x Titikaka) Ave carsar Cut Out To be Winner
Stacy (Litter B Chita x Titikaka) Ave Caesar Born For Fame
Niya (Litter B Chita x Titikaka) Ave Caesar Bititi Ewas 
Royce (Litter D Nelson x Lisi) Ave caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep
and our two RRs:  Lisi (Saimon's Praide Ecstasy of Felicity) and Wella (saimon's Praise Welcometo Ave Caesar

1/12 Winter walk with the pack.

25/11. Ströby club show, DK.

Yes! She did it again! Made our day! beautiful Duba and her team drove through the whole Europe to participate in clib show Danmark. The judge was Monika Perh (bred specialist! Duba wom strong champion class Ex with CK and beautiful description then BEST BITCH and BOS! Danish champion!

17-18-19/11. Geneva IDS x 3.

Wonderful news! this time from Geneva. Our young Duba ( Multi jCh multi CH Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards) and her tireless owner Marjolejn make it easy and at ease! Three consecutive days - three CACs and the title of Champion of Switzerland in their pocket! This is the team!
Judges Stephen Schock, Siebel Burkhardt and Pauline Brennan.

8-9 /11. GWS and WDS-17

Our news from Leipzig. Our dogs took part in only two shows :German Winner-17 and 
World Dog Show-17
Our kennel was represented by only two dogs from the same D- litter.
Duba *Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards* and Royce Ave Caesar Drive Im Your to Keep.
Beautiful Duba attagirl has already performs in the champion class and was in competition with her mom Lisi, thanks to the efforts of the owner Marjolejn who tirelessly travel with her dogs and to Duba's two years BD made her already a multi champion! Very very proud of you guys!
The team of us was, as always,
Lisi *Saimon's Praide Ecstasy of Felicity * in Champion class
Ruby * Elangeni Friends In HI Places*  in intermadiate and 
Royce * Drive I am Your To Keep* in open.
All performed well with our wonderful handler Dariia Chorna da Silva. 
We were very glad to see so many friends. First and foremost, Ruby's Breeders Emma Friedland and Linda Friedland who flew from faraway Australia to support of their babies Ruby & Romae.
Thank you for Rubi for your support for your understanding ! And for many beautiful presents to Rubi and us! We had unfortunately so less time together and i have so many thing to share with you. 
We were very happy to see the best kennel in the world (now it is not only words it is confirmed formally by winning the best kennel on the World Dog Show!) NDOKI with the leader Claudia Körner and her wonderful team of beautiful dogs, most of them are descendants of our Kandy who was Who was physically near by (supporting in the mobil car) proud of his daughter Kiruna and all grandchildren ! It is very rewarding to those people who came up to express admiration for our dogs! Thank you for your warm words to dogs and kennel!
 the results are
Rubi – CW intermedia CAC (what will be double CAC) at GWS And Excellent at WDS .
Lisi – Ex at GWS and EX-2 At WDS rCAC (what will be CAC) 
Royce Excellent.

Today we got many good news from different shows in differen part od the Europe.
First at IDS Praha Bendjamin , the father of our Wella won Best male and BOS! Congrats to Alena!
Second is our ABBA's litle daughter Skarlett ( Arbitrum Liberum Scarlett O'Hara) made her debut at the first show in Moscow and won Best Baby in breed ! 
And the most important was HAPPY  (AVE CAESAR BORN TO BE HAPPY) with the owner Carola Runge who got his first Swedish CAC and res CACIB under the swedish judge Barbara Ruth Smith (SE)

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HAPPY Halloween!

One beautiful autumn day I made new photos of my RR pack and to show them here I use a Halloween 

Show in Seinäjoki, judge Lars Widen, SE. 
Hulda's last puppy class ☺ and got BOB puppy!
Congratulations to Kaisa!
Next show our Enjoy Ridgebacks will be in Junor age.
So exciting!

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The 28 of oktober 2015 Lisi gave birth 13 wonderful puppies. Two of them are champions and one of them is ROYCE . We calebrate their 2 years old today! We love you all very much  and wish you to get many tasty presents <3

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Now we feel that all 4 show RR in ourpacj are ready t the greatest event 2017: World Dog Show-17
This year this show collected more then 31000 dogs what made this show record-holder . We are very thankful to our handler Dasha for all preparation of our great team LISI-ROYCE-RUBI-WELLA. 

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we believe that a good physical form is the most important thing in the life of Ridgeback. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to the sports training of all our dogs from small to veterans. 

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Our handler Dasha Cherna da Silva started with us for 5 years ago. She showed  Kandy- Charena -Lisi-Royce-Rubi and even started with our little girl Wella.  

Now she invited us to make  training to World Dog Show-2017.  All my RRs feel like it more fun then job and really enjoing play with Dasha. You can see at at all these pictures bellow. 

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Yesterday we visited Spanish Talavera de la Rein and 3 of our RRs took part at IDS. Judge: Jean-Michel Fabre (Fr) He doesnt speack English at all at int. show). All got excellent and Royce won his class. No more achievements. 

Much better New from Benilux about our beautiful DUBA *Ave Caesar Driving me Onwords". Duba took part in two shows Belgium at Saturday   ( miss Siret Lepasaar , Estonia) and Netherlands today at Sunday (Judge was Mr. Spight (RR Specialist Netherlands). Both days Duba impressed judges up to BEST OF BREED! Beautiful daughter to our Lisi she got 12 cacib dispite she is not even 2 years old. Well done best Marjolejn! Congratulations!

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Our pack had increased in number. The funniest possible additionWella  has arrived last week to Lissabon where we are spending our vacation. 
she found the warm welcome of all our Ridgebacks and we are very pleased by ourselves over her temperament and way to be.

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1/10. Aveiro IDS-2. Lisi is BOB and BIG-1

Breed Judge: Damir Skok (HR). Lisi-Royce won their classes and became Lisi- BOB CACIB Portuguese CAC BIG-1 (Group Judge Rui Oliveira (PT);  Royce BOS; CAC, CACIB ; Rubi got VG because of terrible shooting has happened at the time she went to the ring and the judge wrote: lack of confidence . It is too unfair ..

30/9. Aveiro NDS-1. LISI is BOB and BIG-2

Breed Judge: Rui Oliveira. Rubi-Lisi-Royce won their classes and became Lisi- BOB Portugal CAC BIG-2 (Group Judge Damir Skok (HR);  Royce BOS; CAC ; Rubi - 2nd best female CAC .

24/9. Leon IDS, Spain. Lisi BOB Royce BOS

Judge: Valeria Bobikova (RU) Royce-Rubi-Lisi CW . Lisi got Best of breed CAC CACIB and BIG-3; Royce BOS CAC CACIB. Rubi CAC rCACIB= full CACIB. 

16/9. Wella got Best baby female at her first show.

Our new star Wella (Saimon's Praide Welcome to Ave Caesar) took part at mono breed open show in Moscow. The Judge was Nina Lindqvist (Kennel Limottu) . Wella finished as BOS. Thank you for handling to Zaderenko Tatjana . Thank you for take such a good care of Wella to  Ekaterina Podskrebkina . Thank you to my mom Galina who was there and walk with Wella. Many thanks to the breeder Oksana Serova for our Wella. We are so proud to have such a gem.

10/9. Jack became a father again i kennel Norrige.

11 beautiful and healthy puppies was born i kennel Norrige after our Jack and his double dam Norrige Maisha. 6 girls and 5 boys. if you want to know more you can visit Annika's Andreen web here

10/9. Röstånga club show. Lisi is BOS

Speciality RR show Röstånga. Judge: Nada Nikolic. Another grat result: Royce 3D best male and best liver at show;  Rubi 4th best female and Lisi is BOS !!
 Willy showed Royce and I showed Rubi. This is made all our show team placed in top 10 RR Sweden.
Lisi is in absolutely top 1! Royce is 3 and Rubi is 7. In such a young age! We are so very happy <3.

9/9. Eslöv international. Lisi is BOB

Judge: Göran Hallberger 35 entry 
*Rubi * Elangeni Friends In Hi Places CW intermed excellent with CQ. Handler Willy Johansson. B
*Royce* Ave Caesar Drive Iam Your To Keep Very Good in int. class
*LISI* CW with CQ Best female and Best Of Breed. 

Duba's succsess. September show trip.

Ave Caesar Driving me Onwards aka Dubavisited Bulgaria and had 6 shows. Duba did her best and got 6 CAC out of 6 shows and is now Bulgarian Champion, Grand Champion of Bulgaria and Balkan Champion. She got 3 CACIB out of 6. BIG 2 and BIG 1. Then she continue at Rumania and repeat her succsess! Only Excellent CAC  BOB CACIB BIG 1Also her last CAC needed for Champion of Romania 
Cum Laude Huge congrats to the owner Marjolejn!

3/9. Kungsängen SRRS speciality show. Lisi  is BOB!

Judge Karl-Erik Johansson, 70 RR entries
ROYCE (SeVch  Drive I Am Your To Keep) won intermediate Ex with CQ perfect handled by Johanna Falk
RUBI (Elangeni Friends In Hi Places) won inermediate Ex with CQ
LISI (Saimon's Praide Ecstasy of Felicity) won Ch class Ex with CQ Best Female and Best Of Breed (BIS) made us happy and proud! ALL 3 show RR in our pach now in Gold list-2017 top 10! Lisi is absoluttly on the top!

2/9. Sandviken IDS. Lisi got CACIB Rubi rCACIB=CACIB.

Judge: Eerola Tapio, Fi, Royce won class Ex; Rubi won class Ex with CQ and Lisi Won class Ex with CQ.  To the end Lisi was 3d BB with CACIB and Rubi 4th with reserv what changed to the full CACIB

27/8. Stockholm (Märsta) nat show. Lisi BOB

Very happy day at Stockholm. Lisi is BEST OF BREED! fantastic! Handler Willy Johansson! 
The day started from CW Royce he got his Swedish CAC nr 4 as second Best Male. Rubi was second i class with excellent judjing review. Lisi won strong champion class and at the best female ring she won 1 place and  then she happylly run with Willy against best male. She was really enthusiastic to be with "husse"  and got her BOB and later BIG-4! Judge was Aaltonen Pirjo. Thank you. 

26/8. Bakamo Nat dog show. Lisi BOB again!!

Judge:  Lars Widen . Royce (AVe Caear Drive I Am Your To Keep) Cw CQ 4th best male rCac; Rubi (Elangeni Friends In Hi Places) - Cw CQ 4best female CAC ; Lisi (Saimon's Praide Ecstasy Of Felicity) CW CQ best female BOB! BIG-4.

20/8. Second day at Tallin IDS Cruft Qual. LISI BOB

We rocked the ring! Today the judge was Anita Whitmarsh, Sweden. 
* Hulda*  (Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment ) BOB Puppy
*Royce* ( Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep) CW with CQ Best Male CACIB  est. Cert CRUFT Qualification and BOS. (Handling Tatjana Zaderenko.)
*Niya*(Ave Caesar Bititi Ewas) CW Ex with CQ second Best Female res. Cert resCACIB =full CACIB
*Rubi* ( Elangeni Friends In Hi Places) CW excelent with CQ
*Lisi* (Saimon's Praide Ecstasy Of Felicity) CW Vest Female CACIB Estonian Cert.  CRUFT Qualification Best of breed and BIG-3. Estonian Champion.

19/8-2017. Ave Caesar girls rocked the rings ! NIYA BOB

Happy news from different countries. In IDS Tallin Ave Caesar Bititi Ewas got her second CACIB best female and BOB! (= champion of Estland =champion of Baltic countries! And BIG-4 in a group!
Baby Hulda (Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment) got BOB puppy at the same show Tallin IDS.
in IDS Mechelen (Belgium) anothe BOB:  Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards 'Duba' got her 5th CACIB over 5 months! You rocked girls! Congratulations to the owners!!!

we shoed our trio at the same show where Niya got BOB. My team got: 
Royce Cw ex with CQ 3d Best male; Rubi ex without CQ; Lisi Ex without CQ
Judge: Mile Aleksoski, Macedonia

16/8. Training in the hall with Polina.

In continuation of our active vacation, we arranged a training session in the fitness hall for dogs.

14/8. Lovely vacation.

I am very glad that my dogs brought me to this wonderful place. Natalya Musina is a breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and very pleasent woman to associate with.  The growing family lives in outskirts of Riga in a big homestead in a forest close to the beautiful lake. We spend a nice time at the lake wit Natalja ’s family and our RRs.

12-13.8. Lithuanian 2 x CAC shows. Rubi-BOS!

This show we did not like. Acctually that was the worth show because of the Judge Panos who did not even took his hans from the trousers pokets while judging. Less respect have we never got at the show before. Dispite of it there are some of the results: 
Royce got nothing.  Lisi got 2 x Cac (Champion) . Rubi did all the job first day turned to Best female (Big CAC = Champion of Lithuania)  best in opposed  sex . The winner of the second day was MIX (Tarujen Apollo son of our CHARENA, her first litter. 


We had a fabulous weekend at Swedish Speciality Show BISS -17 under breed specialist Petra Strake. Our Rhodesian Ridgebacks made us very very happy: Best of Breed is ROYCE (Ave Caesar Drive I’m Your To Keep) Best of Opposite is Lisi (Saimon’s Praide Ecstasy Of Felicity) Best Puppy in breed is Hulda (Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment) res Best bitch is Rubi (Elangeni Friends In Hi Places). Beloved boy Konsta (Ave Caesar Enjoy Evident Art ) got 3d in minor puppy class. For Iris Ave Caesar Enjoy Eternal Love the show was only training. 
Best Levernose first day was Royce and second day – Lisi.
Best Gaited male ROYCE + Best Gaited female Rubi.
They won so many trophies that they did not have enough hands to carry them!
Huge THANKS to best handler and partner JOHANNA FALK for her fantastic contribution !!!!!!! Falk family, you know you are BEST!
Photo by Елена Русакова! Thank you my dear friends Elena and Ruslan Mustafin for all help and support these happy days <3 
Extra thankful for possibility to make LC for pups!
The same Weekend became our beloved Niya *Ave Caesar Bititi Ewas LT Champion gaiting 3 CAC in Lithuania! Congratulations to the family Falk.
The sam weekend Duba (Ave caesar Driving me Onword) got Best Female at Bremen! 
What can i say? Can not be better <3

Ave Caesar ABBA dansing Queen's babies .

Photo by Женя Кузнецова  Here are 5 beautiful babies out of ABBA "Ave Caesar ABBA Dansing Queen" after RR' SHUFFLING MOTION LUXOR ala Luxor. Kennel Arbitrum Liberum. Breeder Natalia Petrovas . What a lovely gift to grand father Kandy's 11 Birthday.

2/8. Kandy celebrate his 11th BD

30/7. BOB at IDS Ransäter is our Lisi.

This show started too sadly. Our Royce was too frustrate over Lisi's heat he got only VG. Rubi won Int. class but without CQ. Lisi won strong Ch class and Best Of Breed too! 

27-30/7. Niya i Croatia.

Niyas results from Split this weekend. 3xCAC 1 reserve CAC 1 R-CACIB that will be a CACIB Thank you Tatiana Zaderenko once again  !

27/7.Rubi is SevCH.

We had blood Tracking test for our young RRs Rubi And Royce and they both got first price in Open class. Royce is a champion already but Rubi closed her SeVCH titel today. We are happy that our beautiful girl is the first Sevch in Elangeni's family <3 .  Our beautiful boy Zico ( Ave Caesar Carrying a Torch  )  had his test too but we damn his prospects because too many emotions to meet his breeders and especially theirs bith in heat. Sorry guys.

22/7. We have a new backed multi champion in AVE family.

Very succsessfull weekend in Moscow for our beautiful Niya. She together with her handler Tatjana Zaderenko won two dog shows and got BEST FEMALE at both. She is now LV CLUB WINNER'17 RU CH LV UCH SE UCH! So extreemly happy and proud! Congratulations to Emoyeni's RRs familj Falk

22/7. Köping IDS

Today at IDS  Köping, Royce Rubi and Lisi  got some nice results:
Royce and Rubi both won intermediate classes with exc and CQ  ; Lisi 4th in Ch class with CQ The girls finishes as 4th and 5th BB. Royce got no placement in BM. Judge: Rune Brunberg Johansen. 

16/7. Ogre Club show group 6. Niya is  BOB and BIS-3 !

Ave Caesar Bititi Ewas aka Niya won Best femal and Best of breed. Later on became BIS-3 and she got the new titel Latvian Club Champion!Thank yuou for handling to Tatjana Zaderenko! Huge congratulations to the proud owners: Susan Falk Johanna Falk and Peter Falk. Emoyoni's RRs!

15-16/7. Oulu IDS x 2 Rubi BOS and CACIB hålder first day.

Ywo days at Oulu IDS. First da judge Isolda Hubert : Royce CW ex with CQ 3d BM with the res CAC
Lisi 3d i ch class Rubi made our day : CW ex with CQ and later BEST FEMALE-1 BOS CACIB!
Second day Judge was Drobnjak Draco. Royce- CW with CQ and 3d best mele with rCAC; Rubi - CW ex With CQ and 4th best female; Lisi- 3d i ch class ex with CQ and 3d Best female.

11/7. LC training. Thank you Kaisa Kosonen and JP for that

Hospitable finish friends arranged many nice think to make our visiting so fantastic. The one of them was Lure Coursing training for our pack. Even old Kandy run under rain . Here are som pictures.

9/7.Club Show Lahti.

Wonderful day at show because we finaly metour puppies Hulda and Konsta and their moms Kaisa and Nina. Puppies well done at show first Konsta won his class and then Hulda won her and to the end they got Hulda Bob and Konsta BOS puppy. We were so happy . Then our own RRs went to the ring. Royce got his second finish CAC and Rubi her first <3. This show finished with extra good present Hulda took 3d place at Best in Show puppies ring. They mae us so very happy .

8/7. NDS Mikelli, Finland.

Very happy day at show Mikkelli. The Judge was Paavo Mattila. Our RRs repeted the result of last week:   Lisi is best of breed! ( new champion titel ) and BIG-1. Royce is best in opposite sex with the cert and Rubi is second best female at NDS st. Mikkeli . We were happy to spend our day with handsome MIX (Charena x Mabaru) and his matte Miia. 

8/7. Jack and Bella puppies arrived.

We are happy tp annons that our Jack became a dad again. This time to 9 beautiful girls in Norway at the kennel Brown tails

4/7. ABBA's puppies.

Ave Caesar Abba Dancing Queen gave birth 5 puppies after LUXOR ( Shuffling's motion) Moscow
AVe Caesar Armagniac (Jack) became grandfather to 9 puppie at Ze-Zavanes kennel Sweden.

3/7. Charena and Chita moved to veteran age.

Difficult to belive it.  Charena is veteran now. We had a great party at Kersti's place (where our Jack and Charena live now. Long walk at counry side without any leashes and hande made salmon's cookies. All 7 RRs (inclusive Kerstin's Raja were absolutely happy.

1/7.Nat.dog show Borås. Great Success!

All Rhodesian Ridgeback in our team got the top placement at Borås . Judge : John Sigve Berg .
Lisi (Saimon's Praide Ecstasy of Felicity) BEST OF BREED; her son Royce (Ave Caesar Drive I'm your to Keep) Best Of Opposite Sex; Rubi (Elangeni Friends In Hi Places) Directly after Lisi with her first swedish CAC. And two males of our RR family was succsessful too: Happy  (Ave Caesar Born To Be Happy)- Second in a stong open class and Ludde (Laduree From paris With Love Out Of Africa) 4th.
What a day. We are extreemly happy and proud!

22/6. New CHAMPION i Ave Caesar family!

Stacy (Ave Caesar Born For Fame) got her third 1st priz at blod tracking. She is SVCH now! Huge congrats to Katariina and Alex with Stacy's success! The same day Royce got his 4ths CAC and Rubi her second! We had very happy meeting and rewarded our RRs with free run together. 

11/6. NDS Vänersborg.

Rapport from Nat dog show Vänersborg . Judge: Sara Nordin, se.
-Royce (ave Caesar Drive I'm Your to keep) class winner excellent with CQ  finished as second best male with rCAC
- Happy ( Ave Caesar Born To Be Happy) 3d I open class excellent 
- Rubi- ( Elangeni Friends in Hi Places ) intermedia class Winner excellent with CQ and finished as 5th BEst Female
-Lisi ( saimons praide ecstasy of felicity) 3d champion Bitch excellent with CQ )

3/.6.BISS-17. Ringebu.

Royce is Best male at Norwegian BISS-17 . Judge: Elin Normannseth. He also got his second Norwegian CAC too.  Lisi second i Ch class with CK and finished as 3d Best female. Beautiful Rubi got VG but she was so great enthusiasm for cooperation with Willy. I'm proud!

31/5. Racing with RRs

Duba's show rapport.

Show results Duba ( Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards );
Dogshow Wieze  21 May 2017 Intermediate Class 1 Excellent  Reserve BOS
International Dogshow Oss  27 May 2017 Intermediate Class 1 Excellent Reserve BOS Reserve CAC and Reserve CACIB
Then we drove the same day to a very hot (34 degrees) open air show Belgium Rhodesian Ridgeback Club match 27 May 2017 Very strong Open Class 1 Excellent  !PROUD!!! Owners: Kennel Livernose rulles.

27 maj. Royce BPH. Mental test with gun shot prof.

20 maj. Häsleholm IDS

Royce (Ave Caesar Drive Im Your To Kepp) won intermediate class with CK. (Second best male with CACIB  (nr 4) at the end).
Happy (Ave Caesar Born To Be Happy) won open class with CK ((third best male at the end)
Rubi (Elangeni Friends In Hi Places) became a reserve class winnare with CK among many juniors .
Lisi (Saimon's Praide Ecstasy Of Felicity) won Champion Class with CK and second best bitch with rCACIB at the end.
 Kandy (Maiden's Kalahari Kandy) met his beautiful daughter Maja (Lionridge's Lady Jane) and became happy )

10-15 maj. Trip to Norway

The purpose of the trip was to enjoy the beautiful nature of Norway and give the dogs the opportunity of free walking in the muddy places. The exhibition was only a pleasant addition. Failed for the girls, but Royce got his Norwigian CAC and rCACIB wich turned to a full CACIB. (the 3d one)
Per-Harald Nymark (NO)

8/5. Jack met Bella.

Mating between Bella and Jack.

Kandy at TV programm Veterinärer. 

7/5. Lure Coursing.

6/ 5 Lidköping IDS.

Royce -( Ave Caesar Drive I'm your To Keep) ex2 internedia class. 
Happy ( ave Caesar Born to be Happy) - ex-1 CW and second Best Male with rCac and rCacib!!!! Congratulations to the owner Carola Runge!!!
Rubi- ( Elangeni Friends In Hi Places) ex-1 CW with CQ BOB junior and 3d best bitch with rCAC! Congratulations to her breeders: Emma and Linda Friedland!!!
Lisi- ( Saimon's Pride ecstasy of Felicity ) best of breed and BIG-2!!!  
Breed Judge : Patric Sederlöf
Group Breed : Bo Wallin

28 apr- 1 Maj. Int shows Zadar, Croatia.

Royce won class at 4 international shows and got his Champion titel of Croatien at 18 months age. 
Thanks to the Judges:
the whole result: 28/4 R- CW CAC Ru-rCAC L- rCAC
29/4: R-VG Ru Ex L- rCAC
30/4: R CWCAC; Ru Ex L- 3d i ch

25-26 apr. Int shows Dubrovnik, Croatia.

This two show was successful for Royce. He won classes both days CAC x 2 and got rCACIB wich turned to the full CACIB due the Winner was Kandy's grand child Ndoki Gentel Georg interchampion
the whole result is:Lisi: 2nd r CAC r CACIB; Rubi:

22-23 apr. CACIB shows BAR, Montenegro

Our junior Rubi * Elangeni Friends In Hi Places* won BOB junior at two international shows in Montenegro and got her new jChampion Titel. (Judges:  V. Brajovic och Nikola Doumezis)

15/4.CACIB shows Slovenia Matibor

Royce won intermediete class and got his CAC x 2. Rubi won Junior class and got JWinner x 2.
the 16 of april entries: 17 15/4 Judges :  Maria Kavcic 16/4  Judge: Dusan Panunovic ( RS). Roce got his first CACIB and won Best Of Breed. Rubi becan BOB junior in Breed.

7/4.Bloodtracking RRRR (Rhodesian Ridgebacks Rubi-Royce again

Rubi has got her first price in Open Class And Royce got the third one and finished his SvCH titel.

5/4. All "Enjoy" puppies went to their new homes.

31/3. Both youngsters are confirmed free from Dysplasia.

Elangeni Friends In Hi Places (RUBI)  -  HD:A; ED:0
Ave Caesar Drive ImYour to keep (ROYCE) - HD:A; ED:0
And more health updating:
All three who we tested for gen responsible for Myoclonic epilepsy in rhodesian ridgebacks are free.
As well they are tested and free from DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) and Blue dilute .
Lisi - Rubi - Royce.

25/3.Top dog rating in TER Magazin

The results of The European Ridgeback's Top Dog competition 2016 are out! Lisi gained a wonderful № 2 placement in the Top Females!  Royce became NUMBER 1 Puppy thanks to his winnst at sprciality shows at RR World Congress and many show trips we made when he was in  puppy-age. 

24/3. Bloodtracking RRRR

Our Yongsters Rubi & Royce took part in trackin. It was the first time for Rubi. She has got her WWC (godkänd anlagsprov). Royce got his second 1 price in the open class . We are proud!

20/3. Lisi's BD

This wonderful girl pleases us with her health with her love of life, her enthusiasm to everything we invite her to do exept to cut her nails, her wit. She won the titles of the beauty champion of six different countries. She is European Winner. She gave us two beautiful litters of puppies. It's fun and easy to be with her! She is a reliable friend and a pleasant companion!
We love you Lisi! Thanks to her Breeder  Oksana Serova who always share with us Lisi’s life’s periods. You are great support and pleasant friend!

14/3. Enjoy -pups are 5 weeks today

19/2. Dog show Bo, Norway.

Nice result at Norwegian IDS (Bø) Royce (Ave Caesar Drive I'm Your To Keep) intermediete class winner Ecellent with CQ and 4th best male. Rubi (Elangeni Friends In Hi Places) 4th in Junior class excellent with CQ) Handlibg by Dasha Chernaya da Silva . The judge Tino Pehar ( CROATIA).

11/2. Rubi is the junior CHAMPION of Portugal!

 She did it again!!! Our beautiful Rubi is Best Of Breed today  and she's  got her last point to close her jPorugalian champion. Perfect handled by Dasha Chernaya da Silva . Elangeni Friends In Hi Places. 11 months old. Breeders: Emma Friedland  Linda Friedland and Daryl Friedland. Kennel Elangeni. 
Rubi finished as BIG-3 today! Fantastic well done!

7/2. Our E puppies BirthDay!

We are happy we became 4 more in our AVE family. Lisi gave birth 4 wonderful pups 2/2. (three livers). All with beautiful ridges. We thank Tina Gavling the owner of Lex for let us use Lex's semen for this litter. We are very happy!More about puppies you will find at E-litter page. Eller E-litter blog.

4/2. Two Ave boys got their fist place at tracking

Zico (Ave Caesar Carrying a Torch) and Royce (Drive! I am your to keep) got their 1 place in open class bloodtracking.   

4/2. Duba got her new ch titel jCH of Netherland.

Duba just turned 15 months won today at IDS Eindhoven and is now DUTCH YOUTH CHAMPION!!!  . Belgian youth champion and Dutch youth champion !! Huge congrats to the owner Marjolejn! Well done!

29/1. Rubi is Best of breed at NDS Cartaxo

 Nat show Cartaxo in Portugal (Judge: ) .  Rubi won class  CW . BOB Junior and Best of Breed. She got  her last jCAC what needs for her new titel jCHampion of Portugal. 

22/1. Blood tracking training for "Ave +" Ridgebacks

We had a great time todat  at Bojetorpet tracking station. We were 5 familis and we called our "students" the "second generation" : Ludde (Kandy's son) Royce (Lisi's son) Zicco (Charenas son) Niya and Stacy (Chitas daughters) and Niyas sister who is not Ave but a great member of  training  team beautiful Tiyo (Emoyeni's Emoyeni's Dot Titiyo).
Our Royce has got his WWC (Working Class Certificate) and the judge said he is very very promising and worked today as proffecional! 
Thanks everybody for today! It was nice to see you all and your wonderful  Ridgebacks!

15/1. We expect puppies.

December 2016 Lisi was insemeneted so we are expecting her progeni with the male we always loved and respected S10248/2003 Emoyeni's Grand Zuberi (aka LEX).  Do you want to know more visit E-litter page and you can also contact us as well Lex owner Tina Gavling  to get more  info about parents and plans. 

14/1. Rubi at Porto Winner show-17 & Porto IDS

 International Dogshow in Porto, (Portugal ) Poro Winner 2017  (the 14/1) our Rubi * Elangeni Friends in Hi Places* won BOB Junior and got her new titel Junior Porto Winner-2017. (under judge Rui Oliveira).
Next day (the 15/1) Rubi repeated her success and got the oficial CQ what she need for titel jCH. 

7-8/1. MyDog 1 &2

A great start for new year. Two Ave Ridgebacks took part in a biggest shows in Scandinavien. Here are the results:
day1: Royce (  Drive! I m your to keep ) CW and Best of breed junior) Nova ( Ave Caesar Center of my Universe) CW with CQ. Owner: Katarina Mattsson (Judge: Arvid Göransson)
 day 2: Royce  EX with CQ ; Junior class winner and BOS junior; Cruft Qual. Then 5th best make with his first swedish CAC.  Nova  again Intermedia class winner  with the CQ.  (Judge: BO WALLIN)

Hej! Jag har fått inkasso men aldrig fått själva fakturan. Hur kan jag bestrida eran faktura? Jag vill inte fortsätta längre