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17/6. mini re-union with Ave Puppies

We made new photos of two Ave puppies today. *Sweety* aka AC Sweet Harmony and Amber aka Ave Caesar Amber Jewel Of Rubi. they are just beautiful and so playful both.  sweety got her X-ray result the same day HD:B ED: 0. Congratulations. 

13/6. Penny's successful debut at show

BOB puppy by judge Per Lundström and then Best in group and BEST IN SHOW-3 puppy. Many congratulations to Frida Pettersson Björn Gustavsson and Jenny Giannoglou!

10/6. Henry is SEVCH today

 NORD V-19 Ave Caesar Your Fame And Fortunetitle won 1 prize in blood tracking 3 times in row and now we celebrate a new champion tittle SEVCH! Congratulations to his owners Ulrika Stiernblad and Maria Kierkegaard Lundström! 

27/ 5. Basinda got her breedings examination.

at the end of may 2020 Basinda passed an official tribal show and received a magnificent description from the authoritative judge Belkin and his enthusiastic oral congratulations went to her owner/handler @Sveta . We are very proud of this start of our jewelry- puppies. Congratulations! 

24/ 5. Re-Union Ave Caesar RRs. Racing training

Re-union of Ave RRs with racing training May 2020
We had very exciting days with our beautiful ridgebacks and their pleasant owners.
A-litter: Jack
B-litter - Russkiy and Niya's family with her beautiful daughter Vera
D-litter Royce
G-litter Nash
H-litter Mony and Norton
J-litter Luna and Penny
and our legen Lisi 

9/ 5. Mony's mental test done.

NORD JV-19 Ave Caesar Ever Graced Harmony with her owner Jenny  Giannoglou . Congratulations! Well done!

 9/ 5. Nash training obidiens.

 2/ 5. Nash training raicing.

 25/ 4. Sweety's mental test done.

SE12923/2019 Ave Caesar Sweet Harmony with her owner Peta Karlsson.
Congratulations! Well done!

 17/ 4. Nash become a father.

We are so happy and proud to introduce Nash's first litter was born at German kennel Banda La Farasi  Breeder Uta Wilhelmi. 7 beautiful puppies of witch 2 boys and 5 girls,  all with the correct ridges. More info at Utah’s web soon.  Delivery was natural , Tea and puppies feel good.
We are very thankful to two other breeders who helped us all the way Claudia Körner, who represents us to each other and Heike Jäger, who was with us here for two months ago when we had successful mating! And also took this beautiful pictures and created this magnificent announcement in which she used motives of our area where happy meeting took place.)) 

                                       HAPPY EASTER

29/3. Jewellery puppies have moved to their new homes


This is the dog of my dreams! And, despite the fact that I always considered myself a “male’s mom”, Lisi turned my attitude towards bitches. She has EVERYTHING that the ridgeback owner can dream of! Her mind and ingenuity, her cheerful disposition, her ability to work, her unreal beauty, her maternal qualities and her health, her willingness to accept new challenges ALL is in her and even a little more. I bought this dog at the call of my heart. I didn’t choose the stack, but simply, when walking in the forest with Kandy and Jack, I saw on the net a photo of a brown nose from Natalia Alferova’s  timeline on FB, who was unknown to me at that time, who owned Lisi’s mother Bella and who had Saimon’s Pride litter of exclusively liver puppies in her house. Yes, Willy and I sometimes talked about how it would be nice to experience the liver, but in fact we did not seriously prepare for it and did not make efforts to find this liver, and suddenly, just from a photo of the nose on the sofa, not yet knowing her origin and about her impeccable structure, my heart sank: this is my dog! And these are exactly the words that I say to her when I say love to her: MY DOG!You ARE MY dog!  I am happy and proud that I shared my life with Lisi and count the days before she returned from a business trip to Kerstin with a mission to save Jack’s mood.
Yes, I admit, there was another reason, we wanted to free ourselves temporarily in order to carry out the operation to rescue Willy abroad. She became the first whom we temporarily identified and others stood in line, too. But, due to the fact that all movements around the world are temporarily not relevant, Lis finally comes back home. Waiting for you, my dog, and counting the days before our reunion!

12/3. We expecting Nash puppies in Germany

We are happy to report that our Nash will be Sir to Uta Wilhelmi's next litter ( april 2020) at kennel Banda La Farasi out of beautiful female * TEA* aka Banda La Farasi I'm Tea. It’s personally noteworthy to me that Tea's  previous litter was afte Sonny who is grandson to Kandy as well. Information about this can be found on the Banda La Farasi website. This beautiful annons made by Heike Jäger using the motives of our beautiful area, where the happy mating took place

8/3. Cruft's 2020

Time flies fast, and dog's time even faster. Yesterday we were proud of the direct descendants of our Kandy, and today it's time to be proud of their descendantsmy.  This year at the biggest show in the world  CRUFT's the best dog and reserve the best both are son's of Kandy's daughter Kiruna <3
Many congratulations to Stefanie Radke, the owner of Sonny (Ndoki Highlander) to Petra Mickael Bossard's team the owner of the George (Ndoki Gentle George) and the biggest congratulations to our very best Claudia Körner THE BREEDER of Ndoki's beautiful RRs

20/2. Jeweller puppies are 20 days old

it’s very exciting to have puppies from a couple who are both your own RRs and which you raised from puppyhood. This is family photo of us with the whole litter. You can read about them at their ownd page. Photos courtesy of Heike Jäger. 

17/2. Rubi's Birthday today

happy birthday to you my precious girl RUBI!
You flew from faraway Australia and took with you so much joy and positive emotions you brought into our lives! You gave us so many reasons for pride ! You made fus riends with the extraordinary Friedland family! You gave birth 8 wonderful jewelry puppies! Thank you, our gem, we have so many years together in future and hope they will be as happy as these 4!!

15/2. Norton is bloodtracking champion!

Ave Caesar In Harmony With Love  *NORTON*   got 1st prize at blood tracking open class. It is his 3d times what made him SEVCH! and Lisi_ his mommy will get her CV (ROM) titel from the breed club as the mother of 6 champions

2/2. Jewellery litter was born

  NOW! on this magic mirror date    0202-2020

8 charming puppies were born (of which 4 females and 4 males). Our long-awaited jewelry litter in which parents are an inseparable couple ! Our  " Rough and Tough" . We are extreemly happy! Rubi is doing a great job as a mom, and takes perfect care of her little ones. Many thanks to my breeders Linda and Emma Friedland for such a treasure as Rubi is! Thank you Kristina Rense for your inestimable contribution during delivery! 
Please join us in welcoming Mr Red Garnet, Miss Purple Amethyst, Miss Blue Sapphire, Mr White Jade, Miss Green Emerald, Mr MR Platinum, Miss Orange Turmarine, Mr Yellow Topaz!  Seven are show ridged and one has pet ridge. All are strong and even.
Thank you all for attantion to this beautiful litter but we have no possibility to answer your all  letter. Don't be sorry we need time. 

1/2.Lillie is bloodtracking champion!

Ave Caesar Forunate Star done 3 times open track with the great result and now she is a CHAMPION! Congratulations to Jenny Lander and Cristian!

19/1. Bloodtracking meeting for AVE - ridgebacks.

AVE CAESAR GANYMEDES * Eros* Approved apptitude test
AVE CAESAR HARMONY MAKER *Lex* 1st priz in open class track
AVE CAESAR IN HARMONY WITH LOVE *Norton* Approved apptitude test
AVE CAESAR EVER GRACED HARMONY *Mony* 1st priz in open class track
AVE CAESAR FORTUNATE STAR *Lillie* 1st priz in open class track
AVE CAESAR SWEET HARMONY * Sweety*Approved apptitude test
SAIMON'SPRAIDE WELCOMETO AVE CAESAR *Wella" 1st priz in open class track

11/1. Bloodtracking meeting for AVE puppies.

 We had a very nice re-union with bloodtracking tests at Bojetorpet!
Thank you our dear Ave-owners families all of you for coming and making this day very happy! 
Both judges Inger and Roger were really impressed with how good all the puppies were in the track! Congratulations to the prowd owners and us!
Adult RR on official tracks got:
1. Lillie (Ave Caesar Fortunate Star) 1st in open track
2. Nash (Ave Caesar Great Galaxy) 1st in open track
3. Lex (Ave Caesar Harmony Maker aptitude test!
Our best Kerstin Larsson helped and come with two of our adult RRs
All the ridgebacks showed their best sides and they were rewarded with fantastic fun play  with each other.