2015 i form of blog. Older news below.


My best RRs by Tessa.

Photo taken by Ludmila Pankova who came to us from Latvia to make pictures of my adult RRs and puppies. We spend 2 fantastic days together and had a lot of fun. 

Våra trevliga möten tack vare valp-tiden.

Den underbara tiden när hela huset full av "bansliga" röster gillar vi inte bara på grund av söta små varelsen. Detta är vår chans att träffa alla våra underbara Ave Caesar äldre Ridgebackar och deras fantastiska familjen. Tack för besök våra kära  
Carolla -Lisa- Happy& Agnes (&) ; (Ave Caesar Apple Pie och Ave Caesar Born To Be Happy)
Pernilla-Jonas-Adam- Zico (Ave Caesar Carrying a Torch) ;
Katriina -Börje- Alex - Stacy (Ave Caesar Born For Fame) ;
Virpi-Hans-Amanda - Lexus (Ave Caesar Cos' I AM THE ONE );  
Katarina - Nova (Ave Caesar CENTER OF MY UNIVERSE )
Helene-Leo- Charis (Ave Caesar Case In Point Charis),
Sofie - Ayoka (Ave Caesar Born As a Star)
Kristina- Thomas - Bruno (Ave Caesar CUT OUT TO BE WINNER),
Kerstin-Kindi-Jack (Ave Caesar Armagniac)
Petra, Magnus, Amanda och Viktor Adamsson - Zigge (Ave Caesar Aquilifer)
och vår skatt Olivia-med Stepf & Russkiy på Face time. BIlder kommer så småningom när jag har mer tid!  (Ave Caesar Born With LOVE)

Vilken sammanträffande! Just nu när jag söker hem för Ludde fick vi nya bilder av hans kull syster som heter La Isla Bonita Out of Africa (hemma Eli) . Eli har flyttat till vår gran land Finland till mycket trevlig familj (matte Pinja Kontala) och om allting går som planeras kommer i framtid användas i avel i kennel Lumottu.  Den underbara bilden tagen av Lumottu uppfödare  Nina Lindqvist. Tack Nina för lov att använda den här.

28 nov. Danish club show.

Our raport from show ring: The most proud of Charis girl who became BOB -puppy. Ozzy (jackssons son) got excellent  and Charena Ex-2 with Cq in champion class. My puppies half-brother Villagedogs Our BelAmi went BOB Baby! What a lovely boy <3.
Judge: Mrs. Kerstin Nilsson

27 nov. Love is in the air

Over weekend 27-28 November we have been in Danmark. (Our beloved DK). Two nice events were waiting for us there. The first was date between Kandy and Cita and the second was Danish Club show SLAGELSE. You can ask Why it is all about love? Even second one? Because we  took  with us Charena’s beautiful daughter Charis ( our puppy litter C) and Charena was extremly happy to meet her again! I have not seen my Charena so super happy for a long time. She is not only happily played with Charis she was flying along the sandy beach, or even ”create” a situation to express her feelings. She provokes Kandy to play tougher with Charis and then protects her treasure from him. We had a lovely time.
Thank you very much Lena Carlson kennel Hazinas for lovely lunch in a beautiful place and for nice walk Kandy & Cita. No doubt these two like each other much.

"Våra" barn vinner på utställningar.

Kandys dotter Ave Caesar ABBA Dancing Queen har fått sin сert i Litauen och blev Litauen champion samt  hon avslutat Baltikum Championat. Charenas son Tarujen Appolo ( Mix) in double IDS (BOS&CACIB + BM-2&res-CACIB). Grattis till ägarna! ABBAs mamma Podarok is Afriki Bliss Bounty (Kjara) bästa veteran i Litauen.  
Fhotos from Litauen coming soon too.

Kirah är på andra plats i RLDN 2015.

Vi är mycket stolta över vår duktiga ekipaget Erika + Kirah som är mest aktiva RR bland alla Ave hundar. Bravissimo. Matte säger följande: "Man kan inte vara bäst på allt men bra på mycket är väl en lämplig sammanfattning av 2015  hade som mål att ta RLDA i år och det gick ju fantastiskt bra. Näst bäst av Sveriges ridgebackar och hann med en 81 poängare i mästarklass också  hade jag aldrig kunnat drömma om för nåt år sen då jag knappt vågade koppla loss på lydnadsplan..
Börjat agility på nybörjarnivå och börjat tävla i nosework har vi också hunnit med livet är för kort för att ha tråkigt! Få se om vi får tummen ur och startar i lydnadsklass 1 till våren, finns ju så mycket annat roligare bara och RLDM ska vi ha först!!"

2 nov.news from dog show

This time we are proud of our oldest Ridgeback. Podarok is Afriki Bliss Bounty (Kjara) , mom to our first litter  took part ib biggest IDS in Russia  and turned to BOB veteran . The same result in Club show! Bravo Kjara. Your kids here in Sweden send you a lot of congratulations! 

28 okt. The treasured longed-for event!

We are absolutely happy and want to share our fellings. Today at her 59th day of whelpning Lisi gave birth 13 puppies of which 5 females and 9 males. Lisi is doing a great job as a mom, and takes perfect care of her little ones. Lisi was very careful and rather calm for first time delivery. My wonderful Ewa Stranne helped us as usual. What a happiness to have such a friend/ supervisor/ teacher/ breeder. I never will tired to thank this fantastic woman for her complete readiness to lend her hand. Now everybody feel good. I will check all puppies later on but so far we did not find any tails faults or DS. Unfortunately many puppies has ridge faults- You will find D-litter diary in their own page here. All info about parents is at the  D-litter page

25 okt. Nive walk with our RRs. Lisis 56th day

We all love this beautiful sesogn. Lisi was so happy to visit her favorit place so she has forget about her huge belly and tryed to play with Charena and Kandy. Always positive female 

17-18 okt.

Weekend 17-18 oktober 2015 we spend in a Norway. Our two RR girls took part in Norwegian Winner show but it was not only IDS. We spent a wonderful time together( Valeria Chernova, Katriina Öberg, Sofie Ekegren and me) enjoying beautiful autumn nature , good food , meeting with friends, fantastic and effective training what Valeria gave to our Ridgebacks. And we have very many pictures wich will come to this album little by little due I have no time enough.Thank you girls both 2- and 4-legs 

Our Russian rocket ABBA.

11/11. Reunion A-B-C litters

The idea was Katriina Öberg, we were planing to run with Stacy cos soon we should visit a show ring. But as usually thank to my fantastic team we manage to collect 8 ridgebacks. Wonderful owners and wonderful dogs.
A litter: Ave Caesar Armagniac and Ave CaesarAppel Pie (sonds tasty)
B litter: Ave Caesar Born to Be Happy and Ave Caesar Born for Fame
C litter : Ave Caesar Cos' I m the one (Lexus)
and My 4 ridgebacks))) Lisi has only 20 days to der delivery <3 Big mamma))
Thank you for photos goes to Virpi! 

10/10. Kras rock the ring

r Ave Caesar Born With Hope (Kras) at international dog show  Obrenovac, has got  CAC, CACIB, BOB i BOB-2. He is a champion now! Congratulations to Yulia me and first of all ZORANA JEI

 26/.9 "Our" sons well done at dog shows.

Successful show weekend we had today without to need to went to the show))
Two best males in two different counties were KANDYs son and Charena’s son. Our fantastisc offspring made us proud and happy:
AMON -Kuanzia Kani Ahadi Kwangu (LANA x KANDY) at IDS Maastricht NL. Best Male with CAC and CACIB Congratulations to Amon's breeder/ owner Ilse Hulsebos 
MIX- Tarujen Apollo(Charena x Maru)  Best of breed and Big-4 Estonian Champion! Congratulations to the owner Miia Lemmetyinen and to Mix breeder Anne Sassi

19/9.  reunion of Ave-puppies.

What an amazing day in the LC field with our Ridgebacks!!!
Thank you very much, my wonderful owners Ave Caesar for you were able to take part in our "puppies-reunion» meeting today. We had representatives of all three litters! We tried to run after a mechanical rabbit called LURE, then we had a ring-training and after coffe-pause we were running again! Both people and dogs has got a lot of pleasure.
Huge thanks to the club and personally to Cecilia for the initiative and enthusiasm and for your patience. Many of RRs have tryed it för the first time and you managed to pay all the attention and touch all the beginners to like it!!
We thank Williy for he left his Agility taining for help us much in the field and thanks him for his  quick feet and for a nicea coffee break!
Everyone who made pictures please upload all the material to the group!
All those who could not come to the meeting today, I'm sorry that we called  you to this meeting  rather late cos’ this event was quite unexpectedly even for us. Next time  promise we to plan well in advance and hope you all will like Lure Coursing as much as you RRs do.

12-13/8. Show weekend in skåne

The first weekend after our holidays we spent in the south of Sweden in Skåne where my ladies took part in two national dog shows. The first we failed, Lisi even received blue, Charena excellent But the in the club show Charena won her class and became 4 best bitch and Lisi become 4 in Champion class. Judge Lisbeth Mach was funny and straight into the ring taught me handling skills. The perfect thing was when we presented to the Judge our 9+ Kandy after the official ring and she was delighted with his condition and quality ! She was wondering why we did not official entered him to the veteran class. The only one negative was that he is overweight, (the huge greetings to my mother Galina!

3-8/ 9. Wonderful vacation i France

At the end of our long vacation we had a lovely week in Nice were Charena and Lisi had many long walks i beautiful parcs .

2/9. Puppies Out of Africa.

We was happy to visit Kandy's 2 weeks old puppies i kennel Out of Africa. Fantastic Paris take very good care of her kids. They were strong active and beautiful. We made a few pictures only to not bother mom and pups. But we made pictires of adult RRs.

30/8. Visiting Villagedogs kennel.

We was happy to meet personally 3 of Villagedogs i Belgien. Dorothy and Tanja thank you for hospitality and for letting us use your wonderful Nelson in our breeding programm .

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29/8. Luxemburg IDS.

Wonderful day in Luxembourgh at International Dog show(breed judge Victor Lobakin). Charena entered in a strong open class and got 4th place in it with excelent. Lisi was awarded with Excellent, no placement. Our beloved son Amon (Kandy x Lana) entered a large Intermediate class, was awarded with Excellent, no placement. It was wonderfu to meet Ilse   Hulsebos Amon's breeder/ owner). And lovely to meet Ilze Burkevica  in person too, thank Ilse for the photos! After show we had meeting with Kandy's son Chakka who livs in Luxemburg.

26/8. Ndoki pack +

We visited our good friends in Germany  Claudia Körner and Max A Million and Vivian and Peter Geipel and we had a lovely walk in the  beautiful place of Wiesbaden with 6 Ridgebacks girls: in picture from left to right: 
Tarou - Ronney- Vuana - Kiruna- Charena - Lis

22-23/8. Dog shows in Germany

The results of our German adventure: Our first day (the 22nd of Aug. Leipzig IDS we just lost everything. But next day at German winner show we done a little bit better: Lisi won a champion class and got CAC which in German Winner show means 2 VDH CAC but there were only two females i Ch class. Charena became second in a big open class (17 bitches ) and god res CAC which tuned to full CAC because of German Winner Show has a high status. Then Lisi has got res. CACIB. The Judge was Stefan Sinko. 

18/8. Kandy became a father again! Happy!

Swiming school.

After successful tracking all of us (3 x 4 months puppies +  1 x 16 months Stacy + 29 months Lisi  1 X 6 y o Charena and finnaly 9 y yong Kandy went to a lake and had funny time with swim and play. Lisi showed who is the best in the water what again made us doubt if she is labrador acctually and then Willy as puppies breeder carried one by one to the water))  

9/8. Puppy-reunion!

Wonderful warm summer day at Bojetorp. Three of C-pups made their test with a great success! The judges was sure our puppies are little bit older and pur track longer then 200 m for them. And they did all job very well! Our princess Stacy made her working test with high price today! Congratulations to all owners and thank you that you are so active with your ridgebacks ! It was such a pleasure to meet you all today! 

2/8. Kandy is 9 years young today

Our very best ever Kandy is 9 today! I wish you many happy years my dear son

29/7. We met Russkiy & family. What a boy!

Thank you our dear friends Stephanie Rabot & Janis Petrov & Maxim Petrov (and we had beloved Olivia Petrova in mind) for your kind invitation! Waht a lovely day! and to meet our boy in such a beautiful enviroment was especially nice! Hope we will meet often!!! Pictures with Olivia made by Janis i DK one week befor our meeting but they are so beautiful so I took them))

20/7. Time for coaching

The bad weather could not stop Willy to train our Ridgebacks. Kandy nearly 9 y o and Charena 6 y o and Lisi 2 y o.

19/7. We met Stacy

16 months old Ave Caesar Born for Fame and her lovely pack invite us to meeting and we made a few picture of our beautiful lady Stacy who developed to a such beautiful Ridgeback. You can sea her in pictures below.

14 /7. One more bloodtraking Champion

We had very happy day today: blood tracking test for both my bitches and mini Ave-puppies-meeting. Pleasure was to meet my dearest Falk gang Susan ♥ and Johanna with their outstandig females and our new "Ave-family" members Virpiand Hans Bäck with Lexus ♥. And always nice to meet instructive and amiable Judges Inger and Roger who tireless help us to do the best teaching our RRs make tracking well. Thank you guys! We celebrated my moms BD at their hospital place and had a lot oа talk and laugh together! The results of the day are:
1. Lisi (saimon's pride ecstasy of felicity) got her third 1 st price at open class and turned SE VCH.
2. Charena got her second 1st price at open class
3. Niya (Ave Caesar Bititi Ewas) has got her first blood tracking test with excelent result and
4. Lexus (Ave Caesar Cos'I am the one manage got excelend at his 200 m test tracking.
Thank you my friends for today ♥

11-12/7 BISS

Swedish anual Club Show BISS-2015. Judge Gill Lowless .First day males. Russliy (Ave Caesar Born with Love) has got perfect critiq and turned 2nd in intermedia with Excellent.  Second day females. Niya (ave Caesar Bititi Ewas) fbecame disqualified because begin to roar to the judge Gill Lowless.

The same day Ave Caesar Born With Hope (Kras)

10/7 Kandy is SeVCH!

The visit to the station Bojetorp today was a cheerful and very productive. Participated following Ridgebacks: our Lisi & Kandy and Anneli's Pluto and Kaka.
All well done and the result is Lisi, Kandy and his son Pluto received the first prize in the open class!  Kaka who is only 10 months has got her test and the Judge was impressed!
We were very happy to meet two of Kandy's kids  Pluto is our Ave Caesar Antonio Banderas (Kandy x Kjara) and Kaka is Lionridges Lady  and see how lovely they are! Congratulations Anneli! 


We had puppy-meeting today plus vaccination at cosy place Orust Veterinärpraktik . Thank you all my CELEBRATIONS "parents" (owners) for such a good care of your pups. It was so nice to see you all! Thank you very mach Cecilia Luthman (our vet) and Sandra for your hospitality and for very useful lecture "First help". My BIG thanks to talented photographer Malin Karlsson (looking forward to see our pictures ) Many thanks to my mom Galina who helped me to grow up such a lovely litter! We all was thinking about puppies's excellent dad Titikaka (Kennebec Final Answer) and thanked him for fine genes Смайлик «like» Thank you my dear CZ family Katka andMarek again! We hope you visit us in August when we have a big puppy meeting with both Titi's litters Смайлик «wink» So I think It was wonderful day! All pictures mad by Malin you can find i "Photos".

3/7. Chita & Charena's 6th birthday

Nova på besök

27-28 /6. Finish adventures.

Over this weekend we visited Finland. There were two very exciting events both with the Lure.  The first one was RRMM Rhodesiankoirien maastomestaruus-kilpailu impressions)
means Rhodesian Ridgeback specialty Lure Coursing competitions and the second one was completely new Pack competitions were differents breed entered as a team of three and ”hunting” lure as a group. Two of Ave Caesar (Abba and Jack) were entered to both and did excellent contribution. Both days they run good enogh to get  finals but unfortunately the second day jack hurt his leg in the field and the whole team was taken away from the finals. 
A lot of impressions and fun we have got  but not only from sport events but because of many ”family-meetings. Both ridgebacks we had with us  met their relatives.
We visited Tarujen kennel where lovely Anne Sassi lives together with her pack and two of her ridgebacks are Charena's kids Elmo and Pinki.  We made stack pictures of all three (mother and her progeny).  Next day Charena have met another  two her kids (Charena x Maru) due they took part at LC competition. Bondy and Adeline. Picture of these three are below.
Our Jack had pleasure to meet his famous mother Kjara (Podarok iz Afriki Bliss Bounty) who in 9,5 y o took part at LC competition in veteran class and did her race as perfect as she always does! Bravo! And his litter sister ABBA who is already went her mother’s way and is Finish , Estonia LC champion. They all together were happy to meet next generation of gifted in LC Ridgebacks who is Jack’s daughter Nala (Amazon) . We all are in love with Nala who is beautiful and able!

Charena followed us to Finland absolutely last moment so she was not enered to competition (her puppies left our house just a couple of weeks ago) but lucky us organisators let her run as a taste of equipment and she did and she was so happy! So did we! Since I enjoyed every moment of her run and her happiness i made thousands pictures and putt them all in this film) 

Ayoka loves Agility.

c-puppies left their native home and moved to their new families.

You are so happy on this pictures and so beautiful! We wish you all huge good luck!

A few happy days with Olivia.

What make us happy that it is becoming a tradition, that Olivia Petrova (Russkiy best friend) every year spent a few days with us , and those days are very important! This is not only an indicator of the degree of confidence of our customers, and above all a very happy time with like-minded.
By the way, Olivia opened the homepage for her beloved  Russkiy  that I recommend to all of you also do! Try it! It is not so difficult and much fun. I promissed to Olivia share all the picture with her and here it came: vacation at Ave Caesar kennel.

The 14 of May. Lure Coursing

We plan to visit Finland in June to participate with my Ridgebacks in international Lure Coursing competitions so their days are filled with training. Olivia made a video (see below ) of one of them. Ave Caesar Armagnac is an experienced runners, while Lisi made her prosperous debut on the field. 

In the same time ourKandy and Jack's  family in Russia took part in anual LC competition. (pictures are a bit better quality). Podarok is Afriki Bliss Bounty  and Ave Caesar ABBA Dancing Queen). They both are ready to our meeting in June (Finland)  and will work together as a team.

The 4th of May. Kirah made success

Matte Erika Ljungberg berättar: "2014 startade Kirah i rallylydnad nybörjarklass och fortsättningsklass och tog två titlar: RLDN och RLDF. 2015 3 april (som bilderna är ifrån) startade vi för första gången i avancerad klass och kom på 3:e plats! 1 månad senare, 1 maj tog hon sitt tredje godkända resultat och fick ny titel: RLDA (ej fått diplom än...Då kom vi också på 3:e plats med 96 poäng av 100!!"  Vi är så stolta över detta fantastiska ekipaget!

The 2nd of May. Show news.

Our fantastic star Ave Caesar Bititi Ewas (aka Niya )has got her first swedish CAC today at international Dog Show Lidköping! She won junior class with CQ and then took part in a very strong competition for best female and ... Tada 3d best bitch!!! Congratulations to Emoyeni's team!
Charena 's son Mix (Tarujen Apollo) rocked the ring i Finland: Best of Bred and CAC! Congratulations to the owner Miia Lemmetyinen and breeder Anne Sassi!
And for me and Willy who has 7 little beauties in our puppy box this two victories play very big roll:
our puppies are after Niyas father and after Mix mother! 


Well balanced elegant young bitch of excellent quality, the nose could be more filled out under the eyes, allert expression, good neck and forechest, well angulated, very good chest for her age, good bones and feets, effective and ground covering movements, promising young bitch

The 27th of Apr. Celebration of LIFE

Today we got the sad news that a wonderful representative of our breed  Kandy’s father Maiden’s Incredible Indy is died. On the same day, we have established a link with the long-lost Kandy’s russian daughter Westa, about which there was no information for 4 years and is therefore particularly pleased to find adult beauty is so similar to her father Kandy. Her full name is Tina Trading Westfalia and it has another Kandy’s "daughter" (her owners of course) ABBA who helped us to find her. ABBA  and Vesta took part in a annual funny competitiong among Russian Ridgebacks "Ginger  Up". To unite these two news to one is to declare celebration of life!  Yes, unfortunately, our beautiful dogs has only short allotted time in our life, but in some way they live in their descendants : in the veins of Vesta flows the blood of Indy

the 25-26 april. Roskilde dog show.

The first day (25.04.2015) Lisi took Exc 3 in CH class with CK   (Judge: Iris Urschitz (A)
and our happy (but rainigday )26.04.2015: Exc 1, CAC, CACIB and Crufts Quali BOB!
Judge Rony Doedins (NL)
 this dnish Cert made Lisi not only Danish Champion but also NORD CH!  We are so Happy!

In 25 month age she already collect all titels we wish to:

Bravo Lisi! Congratulations to Lisi's breeders: O.Obukhova; Oksana Serova And Natalia Alferova
I have received a gift from Lisa: lovely funny pictures from yesterday's show) After the comparisons to BOB our dogs noticed each other and after that neither me nor Gabrielle could stack them any more)) -Signal? -so what's ” signal”! Boti and Lisi have mutual
infatuation ! 

22/ 4. Kandy became a daddy again!

KIWI = N SE UCH Tappinskis Peach And Passion ( INTCH NORD FIN N S DK EE UCH Mankoyas Great Gambo x Tappinskis Obax Onaedo) gave birth 10 puppies. We are so happy and proud!!!
4 correct males + 3 correct females +1 bitch with 1 crown + 2 with 3 crowns. No other foults.

the 14th of April

Willy made menthal test for 2 of our yungest ridgebacks. Both Lisi And Jack showed perfect result and proven for shoot. The day was rainy and we have no pictures of this event but I post Charenas from last year.

The 12th of April. Mix rock the ring!

Charena's son Tarujen Appolo took part in international dog show in Estland and made such a crazy success with his loving owner Miia Lemmetyinen. Mix now is  new TLNW-15, BOB, CACIB, CAC  BIG-1 and BIS4 in age of 21 months! His mom Charena and his halv siblings (from our puppy box) sending their HIP HIP HURRA to Mix and Miia and Anne Sassi!  Enjoy pictures of this beautiful male bellow. 

the 9th of April. Celebration litter is here!

The happiest event in our kennel. Charena gave birth 7 beautiful puppies. All information about CELEBRATION litter you can find in section Puppies -> Ave Caesar C-litter and in celebration -puppies diary (in swedish) 

The 29 of March.  Malmö IDS. serbia IDS

Super news from 3 show rings. Two 1 years old Ave Caesar boys took part in international shows.
Ave Caesar Born With Hope *KRAS* won junior class at IDS in Serbia then became Best of breed and took part in two final rings: in junior ring first and in group 6 where he went 3d place. BOB and BOG-3.
 Ave Caesar Born to be Happy *Happy* won junior class at Malmö IDS with CQ and later went 4th best male! (Judge :Jette Ramvald ,DK)
*Lisi* Saimon's Praide Ecstasy of Felicity for Ave Caesar took her traditional second place and has got her 5th swedsh cert what made her Swedish Norvigian and Russian champion in the same time.
Charenas son Tarujen Attila ELMO  Intermediate 1-exc, BM-1, BOS, Cacib

The 28 of March. Kandy puppies meeting at Lejonridges kennel.

We was invited  of  Bodil Söderström Thorild to puppy meeting to  Lionridges kennel. Kandy met his wife Zoe and their 7 of 8 kids

the 27th of March. Kandy's puppies at Wenzake kennel.

We were very happy to meet Wenzake puppies. They all look so grate and healthy. turned 8 weeks and very playful. Esther looks was proud of her wonderful kids and show us their toucheble realtions . And there were realy puppy to be proud of: Born after robust parents and grew up in calm and loving environment

The 24th of March. Charena dag 48

It is only 2 weeks left for Charena. We are so excite about her delivery in future)) She feels good and we had a lovely walk in country side yesterday.

The 22 of March. Eurasia-2.

Our second day at Eurasia dog show was the same successful as first one: Lisi is vice champion of Eurasia. Second best bitch ( about 90 entries in the breed)udge: LUIS PINTO TEIXEIRA (Portugal) . Handler Lora Kostromiona. 

the 21 of March. Eurazia-1.

at Eurasia-1 international Dog Show My Lisi (CH Saimons Praide Ecstasy of Felicity for Ave Caesar) turned 2nd best female with rCAC and rCACIB and got vice EURASIA champion. The best bitch and Eurasia chamion is TT Chita (mom of Ave Caesar B-litter) . Judge : RUI OLIVEIRA ( Portugal ) We are happy and proud for both fantastic girls! Big thanks for EXCELLENT jobb to Lisi's handler Lora Kostromina! Congratulations to Lisi's breeder Оксана Серова!!! And Thank you for support all our friends Galina Matasova Natalia Petrovas Алферова НатальяClaudia Körner Ellen Reisinger Andrey Vesely!!!!

Lisi came to Moscow.

YES! The week from 15 to 23 march was very special. Lisi returned to her (and my) homeland. We met both her breeder Oksana Serova and the owner to Lisi's mom Natalija Alferova. We found a new wonderful handler to Lisi Lora Kostromina and we have tasted a new kind of training. At the same time my own Ridgebacks stayed with very kind and swet girl from St. Petersburg Alina Rogova, the ownner of RR DZINBA VOYE ZUID . Alina went with Charena kandy and jack to the sea and they all spent a lovely time together (a few pictures below). Thank you very much Alina for such a good care of my Ridgebacks.

The 17th of March.

Kandy is in love again. This time he will be sir i Wayosi kenner (Norway). Beautiful levernosed Kiwi is comfired pregnant and we cross our finger for healthy and strong liter! Kiwi and Kandy had a few dates in advansed and defenetely were in love with each other. Once we nearly managed to let them meet in Provance (France) where both spent their Christmas hollidays in December 2014. Mating was natural and successful ( February 21 & 22, 2015 . Pictures you can find below and at Mona Hansen's website too.

The 8th of March.

Nice news from different places in Europa from my Kandy's progeny!
This weekend in Norway two of Kandy's daughter went BOB puppy
1. Shavano's Proud to Be Cawa *CAWA*
2. Shavano`s Proud To Be BellaRosaria *Bella* and BIG-1 too! 
and very impressive result for our Dutch young son * Amon* Kuanzia Kani Ahadi Kwangu. 1 excellent JCAC RRCD JCAC VDH. Best Junior! he won his first titel (12 months age) AND THE BEST MALE (of 20 (!) RRs !!! Yohoo! So wonderful kids!!!
Congratulations to breeders Hanne Neergaard and Ilse Hulsebos! And to loving owner Hege Dufseth Lisbeth Endresen and Ilse again. Proud dad Kandy has got his sausage.

The 2nd of March.

Vi fortsätter träningar på OrustHundFöreningen. Denna helg hade vi tränat FREESTYLE och naturligtvis repeterade gamla kunskaper i Agility. Båda Ungsta RR (kurs deltagare Lisi) och äldsta (egentligen besökare) hade skoj på träningen.

The 22d of FEB. Godisbollarna BOB& BOS!

Hasseholm dog show. Lionridge's puppies made their debut i show ring Sir John became BOB-puppy och Lionridge's Lady Jane became BOS-puppy!  Their proud breeder Bodil Söderström Thorild call them " Godisbollarna" what means "part of Candy" <3 And dad Kandy is very very proud!

The 8th of feb. Kandy became a happy father again!

Happy day the 8th of februari. This day for 27 y ago I bacame the mother to Anastasia and now my Kandy became a father to 12 wonderfull puppies. Esther (  Ghali Excellent Misty.C.I.B LT CH LV CH NO VCH NORD UCH SE VCH Roseridge Red Rastaban x  C.I.B KBH V-09 NORD UCH SE VCH Ghali Awena Af Argos) did an amazing job giving birth to 13 puppies:)!  Unfortunately one puppy was stillborn. Left in the puppy box 6 boys and 6 girls --> no ridgeless – 4 with ridgefault
They were quite big and the birth weight of all the puppies were between 360-580g
Some with white marks on chest and toes, no sinus or kink tail found so far.
And no other faults discovered at this point:)gave bith all over one night. Mom and babies feel excellent. More about pups at Wnzake kennel website: http://www.wenzake.se/

7-8 Feb. Denmark

This weekend we traveled to Denmark with Lisi and Stacy (Ave Caesar Born For Fame).
Firts day our girls took part at Drrk speciality and the day after at IDS Fredericia. 
 Stacy  recieved only VG first day won day after with an EXC, best junior bitch with CQ! Thank you Johanna Falk for show Stacy in such a perfekt way! Lisi both days excellent and at Fredericia she also got 3d BB with res Cert.

31 jan-1 feb. And 5-6 feb.

"Now it is time" -said Charena and I took flyght to Katka and Marek to make Charena x Titikaka's love possible. Tino and his family show many hospitality and they were kind to keep Charena in CZ. So my very special girl really felt as honney moon time with her lovely American boy and his uncle Piper. The 5th and 6th of Februari they had successful mating and now we have started countdown to my C-litter. 

17-18 jan. Visiting Porto.

We had a very pleasant trip to Portugal. The most important was to visit our friend Dasha Chernaja and her boyfriend Pedro. And we together show our dogs at 2 dogshows: Medeteranien Winner and Porto Winner.

5-6 Jan 2015. MYDOG1 &MYDOG2

Two happy days My Dog1 and My Dog 2. Fantastic result! 4 of our Blessed Ave-puppies made their debut in the junior class at MyDog. All of them have received excellent and 3 with CQ (1st day). Their happy breeders took part in the competition for the best kennel for the first time and won with such a young Ridgebacks who "moved " from the puppy class only a week ago!
Huge congratulations to our wonderful Ave-team! And many thanks to the owners! (from left to right) Sofie Ekegren with Ayoka me with Happy (ownerCarola Runge ) Johanna Falk with Niya and Olivia Petrova with Russkiy! One more who made this day happy is Katriina Öberg with Stacy 
who supported us at home where she organized a wonderful party with puppy -meeting We are so happy today and it's all thanks to you and your love!
Congratulations to Yulia Taran and Katka Vlckova, comby Chita x Tino confirmed as a excellent today ! Children were great and received high marks the judge!
Our boy Russkiy in age 9 month became CW with CQ and second Best Male with res. CAC (1st day)
Our boy Happy CW with CQ (2nd day) and Cruft qualification! 
Super well done!!!

En eftertanke från utställningsdagarna i Göteborg.
Elena och jag vill uttrycka vår tacksamhet över våra fantastiska valpköpare.
Tack vare dessa underbara juniorer och deras fantastiska ägare som på ett så förtjänstfullt sätt förberett sina hundar på ett sätt som gav dessa framgångar, för oss som kennel, men inte minst för hunden och dess ägare, ett kvitto har ni fått på att ansträngningarna ej varit för gäves. Tänk på att allt kan ej vara fulländat i denna ålder men läs kritiker lapparna och förstå vilket fint material ni har att bygga vidare på.
Ett stort tack och ett grattis från oss.
Elena och Willy
PS. Sist men inte minst vill vi tacka Katarina och Börge för deras inbjudan till deras underbara hem i Påvelund där vi fick avnjuta en fantastisk buffe med alla tillbehör och en trevlig avslutning på en framgångsrik dag . DS.

I took pfoto of Kandy's beautiful daughter Kiri  instead of traditional Christmax & New Year card to congratulate all of you my dear friens and team-mateы!!!
Happy new 2015 and hope this year will be as much activ and happy as the the year 2014! 

Hej! Jag har fått inkasso men aldrig fått själva fakturan. Hur kan jag bestrida eran faktura? Jag vill inte fortsätta längre