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28/12. Harmony - litter was born.

Lisi bore 15 puppies. 4 were dead at birth and one died a day after fighting for his life.
As a result, we have 11 puppies of them 5 bitches with a black nose and 5 males with a liver and a tiny boy with a black one.
Presentation of litter (information about parents and pedigree) you will find here
Puppies development diary as well as their individual pages you can find here

8/12. Trip to Stockholm .

We took part at Nord Show swedish Winner with 3 RR : Royce ex-4 i Ch class & Ck; Wella ex-3 i junior class & Ck ; Rubi -ex i Ch class. Domare : W. Shelton; handler: Sveta Moroz. 
The most important of this trip was our meeting with two fantastic Fortune boys : Maxi (ex grreen) and Henry (ex lilac) and take new photos of them. Thanks Sveta for help with handling.

27/11. Winter walk Nash & Royce

23/11.                             black friday

Our best friend left us. It happened on black black friday. Talking and thinking about it is very painful. But, since Kandy had so many friends and relatives, we considered that it's fair to tell here about his death and the last hours of his life. He was 12.4 and he had his stronger and weaker days. We carefully observed and, whenever possible, tried to ease his struggles those bad days. During those good days, we were sincerely happy and enjoyed our time together in a most careful manner. But on this black day, he literally died away. The tumor in the larynx prevented him from breathing freely, he was very weak, strength was fading. Kandy fell down and stopped responding to external stimuli. We urged to the doctor, but it was impossible to save him, he quitted fighting and died. But in this post I want to talk not about these last hours, full of tragedy, but about the happy years of his life. We were lucky to share 12 happy years, which Willy and I consider as the best years of our life, we shared them with the Person, with an intelligent, proud, strong and noble Kandy. We are grateful to the fate, to Kandy’s breeder Ewa and to our fortune that we were lucky to love him and be loved by him. We were very close and, looking at my main dog, I always saw at the same time Kandy a puppy, Kandy a teenager, and Kandy in his prime and Kandy silvered gray. We got our passion for the breed through the love to Kandy, because we attributed to the breed all his personal qualities. We looked at our Kandy and belived that the ridgebacks were bold and clever and resourceful, and beautiful, and responsible, and many more beautiful features. Now we know so many very different RR around the world, but this love for the breed cannot be changed. Kandy came into our life in 2006 and dramatically changed it, he led us to a completely new hobby and brought us so many friends around the world. He has many worthy descendants, among them many champions, they gave his father a new honorary title of CV (ROM). This, in addition to his multiple titles of a champion show and a blood tacking championship. apart from the rings, we went through a lot of fun adventures. we flew together on planes sailed on ships, visited together almost all European countries. We went skiing in Norway, tapped on a wild boar in Russia, ran a coursing in the Baltic States and Finland, lay on the beaches of Greece and Italy, visited chic restaurants of France and Germany, even detained criminals in Sweden, Roamed the Alps in Switzerland and Austria, caught the northern lights abroad polar, walked along the central streets of Moscow, not to list everything, but it’s very nice to think about it all now, because in these memories both we and Kandy are still young, cheerful, we are TOGETHER and a lot more to come. Now everything is in the past. But I will try not to shed more tears, my tears always made Kandy so anxious. As a breeders we have two litters, (the first and the last) are Kandy’s progeny. Therefore, I appeal to all owners. Love your dogs while they are alive, come up with fun joint activities and fill your life with general unforgettable impressions so that when they leave you to rest you would have something to remember together, stroking their soft ears. Goodbye my friend, sleep well, you are always with me in my heart!

18/11. We visited Royce puppies in Norway. Kipawa kennel.

18/11. Norwegien Winner-2018. Duba - BOS!

79 entries. Judge: Patterson, Eddie, Irland
Royce EX-2 in ch class  CQ  and res best male; Wella -EX2 CQ junior and 4th best female; Rubi - ex-1 open CQ and res best female; Lisi - ex3 championCQ  . BEST FEMALE was DUBA * Ave Caesar Driving Me Omwards* what made her Norwigian Winne-2018: Norwegian champion and Nordic Champion!
Congratulations to Marjolejn ! we were happy to meet you again!

16/11. Nordic Winner-2018. Rubi - BOB!

70 entries. Judge: Jojkić, Zlatko, serbia.
Royce - Ex 1 champion CQ and res best male; Wella ex; Lisi - ex-2 CQ; Rubi ex-1 ch class CQ best female BOB= Nordic Winner-2018; Norwegian Champion and Nordic Champion! Congratulations to Rubis breeders : Linda, Emma and Daryl Friedland. What a beautiful bitch our Rubi is!

11/11. Puppies tested together blood tracking.

We had very special day at Blood tracking stations. Reunion of många Ave RR från 
A-B-C-D-F-G litters
The youngest GN litte 4 months in 9 days went 150 m:
Eros - Boston -  Nash
A bit older  puppies (Fortune litter) 5 months 200 m: 
Lillie - Lenon
Adults :
Lexus (Celebration litter)   1st in Open class!
Happy (Blessed litter)   1st prize in open class
Agnes (Alfa litter)   the last 1st prize for to get  her champion titel!
Royce (DM-litter)   1st in ÖP with honor award!
So proud of you all !!!  Very well done !!!

9/11. Royce became a father to two beautiful puppies at Kipawa kennel Norway.

4/11. IDS Växjö. Selma - BIM puppy!

Växjö internetional den 4/11-2018. Saimon's Praide Spring Symphony - 1, HP, BOS  puppy" very promissing! Judge:  Eva Liljekvist Borg.

4/11. IDS Herning-1. Danish Winner show. Lisi-BOB!

50+ entryes. Judge: Leif Lehmann Jörgensen,DK
Royce ex in Ch class; Wella VG at Junior; Rubi ex-1 CQ open class; Lisi-EX-1 ch class CQ best female BOB = Danish Winner-2018!

3/11. IDS Herning-1

55 entries. Judge: Torbjörn Skaar
Royce res CW ex-2 with CQ and second best male med rCACIB.
Wella excellent
Lisi won open class with CQ but because the rules says that danish champions are not alowed to enter to OC all her rewards was taken away.
Rubi 3d in ch class with CQ.
We were happy to meet Kandy's daughter. very beautiful and lovely young female. she is BOB baby.

meeting with our summer pups Lillie (F) -  Nash - Gracie (GN)

KANDY received an honorary titleCV (10 champion progeny)

12 October. GN puppies re-union

Eros-Boston and Nash had play time at Orust doh club.

11 October. European Championship Poland  

Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards  ‘Duba’ with Marjolein 
1. Excellent Champion Class (out of 28 entries) CAC & Reserve CACIB 
 Vice European Winner 
Enries: 200 RR 
judge Zvi Kupferberg (Israel)

6/10. Lenon visited us.

3/10. LC training.

We took all 6 Rhodesian Ridgeback we have at home but the youngestand the oldest could not run after Lure. But Royce -Lisi-Rubi-Wella got such a pleasure and we had luck with the whether too.

23/9. Röstånga specialty show SRRS södra.

Judge: Anita Whitmarsh (SE) 75 entries. 
1. Royce res.CW  ex-2 with CQ i ch class and 4th Best male
2. Wella excellent-5 i junior class
3. Rubi - Excellent 1 CQ i champion class and second best female
4. Lisi - Excellent -2 with CQ in open class and BEST FEMALE BOS.

22/9. Eslöv nat. dog show.

Royce ( ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep-BISS 17) Best male ( ch class winner with CQ) BOS. His mother Lisi ( multi ch Saimon’s Praide Ecstasy Of Felicity ) 3d Best female ( ex-2  ch class) Wella ( jWW Saimon’s Praide Welcome To Ave Caesar) intermediate class 4 VG. Rubi ( multi ch. Elangeni Friends In Hi Places) ex-1 I open class with CQ and 4th best female) 
Judge: Per Lundström 
52 enties. 

16/9. Clubshow BISS -18 Nederlands.

Rhodesian Ridgeback clubmatch the Netherlands  16 September 2018 with 140 RR (judge Sofie Krigholm Sweden )  Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards ‘Duba’ 1. excellent Champion Class
Best Female 
and got 2 CAC (which went to second best female because Duba is Dutch Champion)

15/9. Selma's show debut.

Selma's debut at show ring was very succsessfull! Open show Täby. Judge: Annika Eriksson. Saimon's Praide Spring Simphony - BOB puppy and Best in Grupp and BIS-4 puppy!
Many congratulations to Selma's owner Leila Landfors and breeder .

14/9. Puppies GN litter have moved to their new families.

Rubi's breeders Linda & Emma & Daryl spech:

After 30 years of diligent breeding Elangeni is thrilled to announce that we have bred the FIRST Australian Rhodesian Ridgeback to become a RUSSIAN CHAMPION 
In two weeks of shows Rubi (Multi Ch. Elangeni Friends In Hi Places AI) has achieved her Russian Championship, her Estonian Championship, closed her International Championship and was awarded her first Nordic Winner CAC. Her Russian title is super special as we believe Russia is home to some of the most glorious RR in the world.
Rubi our gem  - an amazing achievement for a 2.5 year old bitch, who had to pick up a few languages along the way! 
There are many people to thank, but Elena and Willy it couldn’t have been done without you - you have given Rubi the most wonderful home and exciting life ❤️ 
Our reigning queen 
Junior Norwegian Winner-16 
Junior Porto Winner-2017
Portuguese Jnr Beauty Champion
Montenegro Jnr Beauty Champion 
Swedish Blood tracking Champion 
CIB Champion 
Russian Champion 
Swedish Champion  
Finnish Champion 
Lithuanian Champion
Estonien Champion 
Best Movement female at Specialty- BISS-17 
Elangeni Friends in Hi Places *** R U B I ***

2/9. Sandviken  Nord show.

Royce won champion class with CQ and res best male with reserv Nord cert.
Wella ex 3 junior female
Rubi won champion class ex-1 with CQ and got 1st best female and BOS.
35 entries Judge Eva Jönsson

26/8. Ljungkiule national show.

Judge: Nils Molin.
Royce won champion class with CQ
Wella won junior class with CQ
Lisi reserve class winner with CQ
And we ended up as2nd best male Royce and 3rd best bitch Wella who got her second Swedish CAC today and also became Best Junior in Breed !!

24/8. Fortune puppies re-union.

We welcome to our Ave family new 7 (so far) wonderful families. Half of them had meeting yesterday at the veterinar station Varekil and played at the area Orust Hundägare Förening en timme after.
Thank you all who could come and make this day sunny dispite of regn thatnks to you smiles!

 18/8. Baltic Winner Show-18

Rubi took part at IDS Baltic Winner-18 in Tallin handled by Tatjana Zaderenko. Rubi has  got the "last" CACIB for her titel C.I.B   what made her international beauty  champion and Estonien CAC what made her Estonien Champion  too. She turned 3d best bitch (after a champion and a junior). Judge:  Diane Stewart Ritchie (Irland ) 

27/7-27/8. Fortune pupies moved to their new families.

 9-11/8. WORLD DOG SHOW-18 & Benilux Winner-18 & Specialty

3 very happy and very intensive days at World Dog Show-18 Amsterdam.  (approx 230 RRs entries).
Ave Caesar represented by two  Rhodesian Ridgebacks: Duba (Driving Me Onwards) and ROYCE (Drive I'm Your To Keep) and the 3 more RR who we own: Lisi (Saimon's Praid Ecstasy Of Felicity) Rubi (Elangenis Friens In Hi Places) and Wella (Saimon's Praide Welcome To Ave Caesar)
Day 1 . Benilux Winner: Royce got VG all bitches Excellent , Placement got only two liver girls: DLisi is 4th champion Bitch and Duba 1st! The most important resulat  is Duba BEST OF BREED and BIG-2
Day 2 : Specialty: all RRs got Excellent Royce  stayed in first selection and 6th best champion males: Rubi stayed in first selection and finished as 6th Open Bitch . Lisi Excellent and reserv champion class winner.
Day 3. WDS-18. 
Royce Rubi and Lisi are Excellent Wella CW in Junior class what made he Junior World Winner-2018 and later she even won over male Junior= Best Junior in Breed! So she was welcome to honor ring where she compeeted i grop 6 and took second place showing beautiful movement and very good mood!Handler Darria Chorna.

World Dog Show-18. Amsterdam pictures below:

Benilux Winner & Specialty pictures below:

20/7. Generation-next litter Ave Caesar was born.

7 beautiful puppies were born the 20th of July after Saimon’s Praide Never Give Up and Evergraces Kandy Crush Virra . 4 males and 3 females all with ridges one has only one crown no other faults found for the moment. Virra and babies feel good.
We are so happy to have this litter. Thank you Ulrika Bosson von Wowern  for you trust us beautiful and smart Virra ! And to Virras breeders: @Jenny Giannoglou and @Ewa Haglund! Thank you Ann Kristin Wien Stubberud for letting us use Noah <3 and Oksana Serova who bred him. 
The name is GenerationNEXT because in our world it is all about Kandy. We plan to keep a male who according breding thory could be as good as his gramd father Kandy. But we really love the whole pedigree  . 

14/7. BISS-18 Sweden

Royce was the only RR from our beautiful pack who took part in swedish biggest specialty this year. Judge Tino Pehar. Handler Ulrika  Stiernblad. Royce got res best male and " best liver"  and the most important was inofficial but RR club titel  "best movement at BISS"  too. So now Royce is the keeper of this wonderful titel  "Best movement at Specialty BISS-17" and "Best movement at Specialty BISS-18" what made us soo very proud of our wonderful boy! 

8/7 Pärnu IDS , Estonia

There were two shows. First day judge: Elena Kruz and second day Ljubov Terentjeva.
Royce took res Cacib first day and CACIB best male second day. He is now Estonia CH and that C. I. B too. (Internation Beauty Champion). Handler Sveta Moroz. Photo later

30/6-1/7. Ave liver girls took it all!

One weekend = two CAC. Both were for beautiful liver daughters of my gorgeous Lisi. (Saimon's Praide Ecstasy Of Felicity)
- The firts was IDS Hannover Germany 30 June 2018 48 RR judge Cindy Kerssemeijer. 
Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards ‘Duba’ Ex-1 Champion Class
CAC BOS CACIB Hannover Sieger 2018
And today her younger half sister HULDA in Finand!
Karjaa or Raasepor Judge Lenni Finne , Fi
- Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment *HULDA* Ex-1 int Class CAC BOB 
Can you imagine how proud we feel?!
Congratulations to Marjolejn and to Kaisa Kosonen <3

Happy 1 months Fortune litter.

17/6 Nord show Kotka Ave RRs.

We are proud to represent our new backed Nordic champion. Duba! At Nord show Kotka. Judge was breed specialist: John Sigve Berg (SE). 
 two Ave RRs girls took part:  Hulda and Duba. Two liver noses two of Lisi's daughters ! Both did very well!
Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment * HULDA* got CW at INT EXC1, CQ, BB4 Bravo Kaisa!
Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards  got what we had hoped for..
 CAC  We proudly present Champion title number 14 in a FCI country!!
Finnish Champion  ! And also  Nordic Champion!  Bravo Marjolejn!
Pictures by Vesapekka Lindgren. Thank you very much!

12/6. Fortune-Puppies separate photos.

10/6. Wella made the best present to her own BD!

The 10th of June at Wella BD we took part at Nordic show Vännersborg. 28 entries . Judge Anette Edlander (SE). *Wella * Saimon's Praide Welcome To Ave Caesar won junior class (of 4) Ex with CQ and in the ring of best females became 4th BB and got her first Swedish CAC .
Our biys : *Royce* Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep 3-d i CH class with CQ
                     * Happy* Ave Caesar Born To Be Happy 4th i CH class with CQ

4/6. Unusual post. ;-) Inspired of puppies.

This morning I walked  and fed my adult 5 Ridgebacks, re-weighed a small ones, walked (2 minuts!) Sandychecked her fever. I wrote noticed for Ave web page, watered the flowers, fed the cat, met the postman with a parcel from Russia, and now finnaly have got a moment  for myself to sit down with a cup of coffee before the second circle with my brilliant puppies, and now (under the creaking of the pups) all this is to realize that it is a happiness. There is a summer outside, and here inside in front of me my realized dream and untruth says that if the dreem is implemented, then it was not a dream at all, yet it really is. And all this is largely due to you, my dear ! I want to share my happiness and to thank some of you personally. First Willy is best friend best ever partner and always sharing with me all the ideas and help to make all dreems come! Elena Minaeva, who entrusted me with the treasure  called Sandy, the dog with the crown on her head and made this litter be possible ! Thanks to my first breeder Ewa for everything she taught me and for I was allowed to buy this very magic puppy -box in witch you, Ewa Stranne , took Kandy  - my best RR-friend ever to the life another beautiful summer day for over 12 years back! My mother Galina Matasova, that always all my long and unlucky at times life you are by my side and a true friend and assistant and already now with a mountain of blankets with logo ”Ave Caesar”  on a low start to rush to us and start eviga clean up the shit, what we call a beautiful word "grow" litter) and prepare delicious delicacies for the numerous visitors of this noisy home. Kersin  who takes so good care of our two RRs (Charena and Jack) trotts that payments for them are irregular sometimes. Your help makes us relieve and let us concentrate on many important kennel events! My daughter Anastasia for your humor and good mood and that you understand that this four-legged kingdom is my world and accept me in it as I am and always support with advice and a joke!
I will thank the breeder of my "Saimo’s RRs" for the fact that you really know how to make exceptional dogs and don’t keep it in secret but always share your knowledge  and expirience and when I need it you sympathize, and when yoI need another your are ready to wave your sword! But just now i want to thank you for you came up with this project  (ROYCE x SANDY) and helped it to come true! Thanks Oksana ! But back to puppies: here är 8 hyper länks to individuella pages to everyone of Fortune. 

3/6. Specialty show Finland

Judge Nada Nicilic. Enries: 
Two av AVE E-puppies took part in this event.
Ave Caesar Enjoj Evident Art *KONSTA* Ex-1 in junior (best av 5) with CQ and 5th best Male.
Ave Caesar Enjoj Every Moment * HULDA* Ex-2 with CQ.

1/6. Fortune-litter was born!

The long-awaited and desired event occurred at exactly the scheduled time. Our Royce became the father to the beautiful litter of Fortune. Clever  beloved Sandy gave birth to 8 puppies in a short time and without any complications. The birth began at 7 pm and by 11 on the same day we were all in the seventh heaven with happiness. Litter diary you will find here
Litter presentation you will find here

26/5. BISS-18 ,  Belgium. DUBA-BISS!

Bonheiden Belgium  Clubmatch RR (75 RR) breed specialists judge Eddie & Gail Patterson of Rocksham Rhodesian Ridgebacks Ireland.
Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards ‘Duba’  : 1. Excellent Champion Class (5RR)
 Best female    She won 2 CAC as it is a clubmatchBOB and BISS

20/5. Hamina Nordic Show ,  Finland.

Hamina Nordic Show was good for us today! Konsta had his debut in official shows and he did so well, EXC2, CQ, BM4, R-CAC!

19/5. Häsleholm NORD DS and other shows in Europe.

Lisi ( Saimon’s Praide Ecstasy of Felicity) took part at international nord Häsleholm (Patroc Cederlöv for res CW with CQ and three of her progeny showed today at 3 different countries! All with great success! 
•Hulda • Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment ( after Lex -Emoyeni Grand Zuberi) at Helsinki int. Won class with CQ BB3 with CAC! 
Perfect handled by owner Kaisa Kosonen
•Royce• Ave Caesar Drive IAm Your To Keep 4 in ch class with CQ ( after •Nelson• Villagedogs Hot Topic) 
And our great star •Duba • Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards ( after •Nelson• Villagedogs Hot Topic) is Best of breed at nat show Wieze Belgium and BIG-2!! Bravo Marjolein!!
At Häsleholm show we met Kandy's daughter Majawho won class with CQ.

12/5. Lidköping NORD DS.

Judge: John Sigve Berg (Y)
Royce CW with CQ and best male and BOS NORD cac  (NR 2) 
Ludde- VG
Rubi - EX-2 With Ca and 3d best female
Duba- Ex -1 in CH class with CQ and BEST OF BREED! Swedish CAC = Swedish Champiom and NORD Cert holder! 

11/5. Roskillde Nord DS.

Judge: Leif Ragnar Hjorth (no). 
Happy - Ex.
Royce: Excellent type and size, masculine well-formed head and expression. correct bid. Excellent neck, good angles. well-developed breast. correct ridge and tail. Heavy muscles that he uses well in movement!  good temperament. (No placement only ex)
Hulda - EX
Rubi- VG : strong bitch of very good kind. good feminine head. correct bid. slightly low staff ears. good neck. angulated. very powerful and almost for virtue in the chest. correct ridge and tail. very long claws. something weak in between. Moves heavily but with good step length. nice temperament.
Lisi- EX Excellent type and size. good feminine head and expression. correct bid. good throat good angles. Strongly developed chest of good length. correct ridge and tail. well-developed muscles. Moves a little heavily but has a good step length. lovely temperament.

10/5. Stepping nat show DK

Good news and bad news. What shell I begin with? Good was that Wella has got placement among Best Bitch. The bad one is Lisi bite anothe bitch in the ring and got diskval. 
More news are following:
Judge: John Finnich Pedersen(DK) who judge us already for two weeks ago and we did not excpect any surprises. Firts was Royce with Ex and CQ then our yong girls shared ring Hulda and Wella. Both got ex with CQ and places in class as Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment -CW and Saimon's Praide Welcome to Ave Caesar resCW . Then Rubi Ex. Lisi Ex -2 with CQ perfect handled by Nina Lindkvist but as i said earlier in the honor ring got disqualify . 
Best of breed this day was Kandy's grand son Ndoki Gentel George. Many pitures from the show:

1/5. We met our adult "puppies" Agnes Nyia and Happy.(Royce)

*Agnes* Ave Caesar Apple Pie
*Niya* Mch Ave Caesar Bititi Ewas
* Happy* Se UCH Ave Caesar Born To Be Happy. 
*ROYCE* Multi ch Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep-Biss 17

28/4.Vesterås national dog show.

37 entries. Judge : John Finnich Pedersen(DK). Royce won Ch class with CQ and perfect description and finished as 2nd best male. Wella was 3d in a big and strong juniorclass. Rubi got 2nd in open then finished as 3d best female. Lisi only 3d in ch class wiyj CQ. no placement in best beatch ring.

22/4. Reunion Ave +

We had a very pleasant meeting with some of our "puppies" and their families. Thank you all for nice walk . RRs were making whoopee all the time and we all had fun. 

17/4. Aptitude test IRIS

aptitude test iris aptitude test iris

Ave Caesar Enjoy Eternal Love 
Iris approved aptitude test in fieldtracking today.! So proud over team Katarina/Iris

9/4. Happy 3th Birthday to our Celebration litter

Wonderful Titi-Charena kids. On the pictures are:
* Ajax *     Ave Caesar CREAM OF THE CROP (with his mom on the picture)
*Bruno *   Ave Caesar CUT OUT TO BE WINNER (with his husse Thomas and breeder Willy)
* Zico *      Ave Caesar Carrying a Torch 
* Charis * Ave Caesar Case In Point (with his matte Helene)
* Lexus *  Ave Caesar Cos' I AM THE ONE 
* Freja *   Ave Caesar Come Fly With Me (With her matte Georgiana)
* Nova *   Ave Caesar CENTER OF MY UNIVERSE (With Elena Johansson)

7/4. Luxemburg IDS. Duba

duba 20th cacib duba 20th cacib

MCH Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards 29 months old has got her 20th CACIB and a new titel Luxembourg  champion today! BOS!  We are more then proud of our Livernose princess! Congratulations to Marjolein!!

 7/4. Sundsvall NDS. TWO CHAMPIONS!

Judge John Sigve Berg. Happy (Ave Caesar Born To Be Happy) Ex with CQ and second Best Male with CAC= SWEDISH CHAMPION! Wella (Saimon's Praide Welcome To Ave Caesar) Very good at junior class  and 4th junior. Rubi ( Elangeni Friends In Hi Places) Ex-1 with CQ and second best bitch with her 5th swedish CAC= champion of Sweden what makes her champion of Finland and Lithuania too!

31/3. Malmö IDS plus shows around the Europe

First the result of Ave Caesar RR girls from shows around Europe:
1. Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards *DUBA* 
At IDS Goes Netherlands   Judge S. Nordin (Sweden) DUBA Best female BOS CAC CACIB wich made her interchampion! Congratulations to Marjolejn!!!
2. Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment *HULDA"
at IDS Finland Judge: Paavo Mattila (FI) JUN1/2 CQ BB1 CAC BOS!!! Fantastic! Congratulations to Kaisa Kosonen!!!
3. Ave Caesar Born To Be Happy * Happy* 
At IDS Malmö (SWE)  Judge: Sifie Krigholm Happy EXC 4 Open class
4. Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep * ROYCE*  EXC, 2, CK, 2BH, R-CACIB
and our girls:
Saimon's Praide Welcome To Ave Caesar - EXC, 4 junior class
Elangeni Friends In Hi Places (C) - EXC, 4 at Open class
Saimon's Praide Ecstacy Of Felicity - EXC, 2, CK 5th BB

Happy 4th Birthday to our Blessed-litter.

20/3. Lisi's Birthday

Saimon's Praide Ecstasy of Felicity . Our lovely LISI. Yes many winns and many titels. Yes many lovely progeny. Yes Top Ridgeback Sweden and top female Europe and many many others YES. But for us Lisi is a sole of our pack. Happy Birthday my love!

18/3. Duba made all news!

* Duba * ( Multi Ch Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards) won BOB today in France and BIG 2!
Many many congratulations to her loving owner/hanlder Marjolejn (Badu Duba Dabu Livernose Rules)  This pic. made by Lena Piehl at Cruft's.

We are on the top so far.

10/3. Club show RR Denmark

Judge: Vanessa Moyano Gonzalvez, Spanien
Our team took place at club show Bilund, Dk.
Royce - res. best male
Rubi - res. best female
Wella- ex-4 junior.

 9/3. CRUFT's -2018. DUBA is res. BEST BITCH!

The biggest show in the world. CRUBT's. Judge : Lindsey Barnes . Entries: 216 RRs
multi CH Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards *Duba* turned res. bitch CC at CRUFT this year ! Many congratulations to her entusiastic owner Marjolejn!  We are VERY PROUD!!!

3/3. Duba got new titel!

Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards ‘Duba’ at IDS Groningen 4 March 2018
Breed specialist judge Karin van Klaveren
1. Excellent Champion Class (3 RR)
Duba became second best bitch and got Reserve CAC which turned in full as the winner is already Dutch Champion
 Reserve CACIB 

20/2. Sandy's Birthday

Sandy is hopefully dam to be to  our next litter. We congratulate her with 3d BD and wish her to come to us as early as she can and we will get a possibility to give all our presents and LOVE!

17/2. winning day at Nordic Bö, Norway.

Fantastic day at Nordic show Bö!!
Judge Eva Jönsson , SE
Happy won open class
Royce won champion class with CQ
Rubi won open class with CQ L
Lisi won champion class with CQ
And as you see Lisi and Royce won BOB and BOS!! Both with NORDIC CAC!!!

16/2. "Australien " Birthday RUBI

Rubi's BD is the 17 of february) but because of time different between her homeland Australia and Sweden we started to celebrate Rubi's BD when we still had the 16 here in Europe))) And because of Rubi's BD was in hot days we use summer picture of Rubi to make her BD card! Thank you my dear family Friedland Linda & Dadyl and Emma for our gem! Rubi gave us love every single day!

10-11 feb. Duba's succsess at Slovakia.

Both days at Nitra shows our team Marjolejn & Duba (Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards) got BEST FEMALE! Judges were: Thibor Havelka at saturday and Jozef Jurza (Hungary). Now this amazing bitch has already 16 CACIB but still too young for international champion! We are over the moon! 

7/2. Our "Enjoy -litter celebrated their 1st Birthday!

Hulda! Iris! Konsta! Loke! Our beautiful quarte are one year old today! Happy Birthday yp you!

28/1. Duba's succsess in Italy

Duba took part att  4 shows: 3 CACIB shows and 1 National Show. 
Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards ‘Duba’ won
 3 Reserve CAC 
 1 Reserve CACIB  
 1 CAC 
Duba got a lot of compliments from the other RR owners.

18/1. Top RR rating

Our beloved RR team are all in top 5! 
* Lisi C.I.B.Nord Ch EUW-16 MCh. Saimon's Praide Ecstasy Of Felicity For Ave Caesar confirmed her superiority after was awarded Top Swedish RR-17 got now Top European Female -17
’Royce MCH Biss-17 Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep 3d male
* RUBI JPW'17, JChPT jNW-16 Elangeni Friends In Hi Places top junior female 17
• WELLA Saimon's Praide Welcome to Ave caesar 3d puppy
Our thousands of kilometers of roads a large number of countries 49 shows. It was a year of unprecedented adventures and all sorts of emotions. We got a decent merit in the form of a double Top for Lisi and excellent results for the whole team!
We want to thanks our breeders:
Oksana Serova (Lisi and Wella)
Linda Friedland (Rubi)


Specialist-chiropractor with great experience and excellent reputation visited us with the purpose to check every dog and, if necessary, fix something. Finn talked a lot about the need to have control over the body of a dog. He was loved by every dog and showered with kisses.

Kandy and Naya's puppies expecting at Hazina's !

With great excitement we expect a happy event in our chief ridgeback's life. You will find more all info at Kennel Hazinas web site.

12/1-18. The whole pack happy of snow.

5/1-18. My Dog-2 FCI int show.

Judge: Martin Johansson . Entries 66
*HAPPY * Ave Caear Born To Be Happy» Excellent 1 in open with CQ 2Best Male, R-CERT, CACIB.
 *ROYCE * Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep 2nd in champion class with CQ.
*DUBA *  Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwords» Excellent 2 with CQ 3d best female res CAC.
 Our bitches:
Wella *Saimon's Praide Welcome to Ave Caesar 4 of 5 in puppy class with HP.
Rubi * Elangeni Friends In Hi Places AI excellent 3
Lisi *Saimon's Praide Ecstasy Of Felicity Ex 3 CQ 4th Best female
 Very proud! And very thankful to the owners!!!
 Thank you to Helena Wrede for wonderful photos! 

4/1-18. My Dog-1 Nordic show.

Ave Caear RR kennel was  was represented by 5 dogs in the catalog, but only 3 in reality.  Judge Jim Black (Australia) . 
*HAPPY * Ave Caear Born To Be Happy» 3d in open with CQ
*ROYCE * Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep won champion class with ck and became 2nd in Best males ring with res Nordic.
IRIS * AVE CAESAR Enjoy Eternal Love * Show debuted in junior class was short She felt uncomfortable and we alla involved decided to wait and prepare better. She has got KEP. (Can not be judged)
 DUBA * Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwords» Excellent 3 with CQ.
 Our bitches:
Wella *Saimon's Praide Welcome to Ave Caesar 5 of 5 in puppy class.Judged by 
Rubi * Elangeni Friends In Hi Places AI excellent 3 CQ
Lisi *Saimon's Praide Ecstasy Of Felicity CW Ex 1 Nord CAC Best Of Breed and res Best In Group -6

Hej! Jag har fått inkasso men aldrig fått själva fakturan. Hur kan jag bestrida eran faktura? Jag vill inte fortsätta längre