Roycephoto in a famouse "Ridgeback Re

This is a very popular book about ridgeback construction nemed RR
The author is a judge, an equally well-known breed expert Timmy U. Ralfe, who glorified his name by publishing a book "exposing the ridgeback" describing the anatomy of the breed as an example of a perfectly folded shoulder, cites Royce's photo in training

Royce as an Ambasador of MY DOG2020 show

Swdish program Veterinärer

Our 3 RR Kandy Lisi  and baby puppy Royce was invited to take part  into the swedish program "Veterinärer" and TV crew was very impressed with our dogs. The program show how Robert Cicota helped us with one of Kandy's fett knut.

Newspaper .

We were interviewed about our show trips to a local Swedish newspaper.


This is acctually about our handler but three of our RR Royce Wella and Rubi is here. Swedish Kennel Club magazine. "Shows"