jCh of Switzerland
blood tracking champion of Sweden
Russian Champion & RKF CH

Ave Caesar Great Galaxy

           Noah                     x                               Virra          

Saimon's Praide Never Give Up                    

Evergrace's Kandy Crush Virra                          


d.o.b.  : 20/07-2018

HD:A/A  ;   ED : 0/0
DM  :N/N   =  free
Height: 68 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Hemophilia B : free
D-locus : D/D
RR IVA - N/N clear EOAD: (Early Onset Adualt Deafness) High confidence Clear
JME: N/N =free
B-locus : B/B 
(Despite the fact that both of his grandmothers are liver noses)
Ride gen R/r
Dental status: Correct bite and full dentition.
mental test done tvice: BPH: (Swedish Behaviour Test/Desciption) And MT.

Nash was born in our kennel  i GN litter what was very important for us  and we took the possibility as a unique chance, because VIRRA the Dam of the litter is the daughter of our beloved KANDY and , according to the theory of horse breeding, the most accurate copy of the male can be obtained using his best daughter. Proof of this indirectly are the children of the famous Kiruna (another  and really the most beautiful Kandy's daugher) in German kennel NDOKI, successful Gentel George, Hilda Take it all , Sonny (Ndoki HIGHLANDER) and other Kandy's grandkids too. Virra gave birth quickly and easily 7beautiful puppies . The only faults was  was a ridge with only one curl, and later on another male a small hernia. Nash was the last in the litter, and I didn’t even doubt one second but happily exclaim in Russian here he is! "OUR" in russian sounds  like "NASH"  so he remained to bear that name in the family. He is very pleasant in communication, rather hooligan, but very charming and contact. I really believe in his future no matter in what area, but he will show himself and will give us a lot of joy. Outwardly, he is not very similar to his grandfather Kandy, but it can be accurately said that he is his grandson in many other ways.


Click HERE  if you want to see  photos from Nash's pedigree

Some highlights of Nash' show results.

1. Nash made ​​his debut on dog show at the age of 6 months. There were puppy showHasleholm and he turned BOB puppy   


2. Nash second show (at age av 8 months) gave the same result Best puppy in breed and very promissing!  ​​
It was Malmö international the 31 of Mars 2019. Judge :
Erling Kjær Pedersen, DK

nash 8 m movement nash 8 m movement

3. Nash became Best junior male at Nordic dog show Häsleholm the 18th of May . Judge:  TOMASZ BORKOWSKI!  ​​
Ex-1 with CQ and 5th best male with res CAC.

Nash stack infront of Eva Piteå Nash stack infront of Eva Piteå

4. Nash won Best junior male at nat dog show Piteå under judge Eva Jönsson where he has got his first swedish CAC .  ​​Ex-1 with CQ and res. best male with CAC. (afterRoyce) thank you Kaisa for your perfect handling!

Nash Best head Nash Best head

5. Nash has got award "BEST HEAD" at club show BISS-19 Sweden. 

Nash is Prizewinner at Bundesieger! Nash is Prizewinner at Bundesieger!

6. Nash took part BUNDESSIEGER AUSSTELLUNG 2019.  (Junior class 13 RRs)  in Dortmund  the 13th of Oktober  He went 3d best junior  (out of 13),  
Judge : breed specialist Orit Nevo (Israel). HandlerSveta Moroz.
Nash is Prizewinner!

Nash is jCH of SWISS! Nash is jCH of SWISS!

7. Nash took part triple IDS Geneve nov 15-16-17  2019.  He wonn Junior class 4 shows in row got 3 jCAC what made him jCH of Switzerland  Cruft -202 Qualified and AlpenSiger titel.  
Judges were: :
1. CAC-show  Judge: Gerardo A. Paolucci (AR)
2   IDS Geneve-1 Judge: Rume Fagerström (FI)
3. IDS Geneve-2 Judge: Karin van Klaveren (D)
4. IDS Geneve-3 Orit Nevo (Israel). 


Nash is Ch of Russia! Nash is Ch of Russia!

8. Nash took part at 6 different shows in Russia (nov- dec 2019)
He won 5 CAC and 1 res CAC but after champion (full CAC then) what made him RUCH & RKF champion too!  
NASH also got 3 x BOB. 2 x  BIG-2 and 1 BIG-1
Judges : 
Handler; Tatiana Zaderenko


Nash i Lithuanien Nash i Lithuanien

8. Nash took part at 3 int shows in Lithuania (dec- 2019)
At one of them he  won the class, received CAC and also his first CACIB BOS
Judges :  JOCHEN H. EBERHARDT (Germany)

Handler; Tatiana Zaderenko



Nash photos


Health cert:


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