Ave Caesar Key-litter.

1. SE57537/2020 Ave Caesar Key To The Victory * Saba*  correct female 
2. SE57538/2020 Ave Caesar Key Sucsess Factor  *Nala * correct female 
3. SE57539/2020 Ave Caesar In The Key Of Life *Cain* Correct male
4. SE57540/2020 Ave Caesar Key To My Heart  *Leja* Corrcct female
5. SE57541/2020Ave Caesar Key To A Mystery *Bozze * Correct male
6. SE57542/2020Ave Caesar Major Key * Glen* Correct male 

Nash stack
Nash movement
Nash puppy
Selma movement
Selma puppy (her name was Sonja )


This combination is of great interest to us. Here is  some of the representatives of the genealogy. We have already said a lot about Nash's roots because of our Kandy who is his grandfather, but now I still want to emphasize that Nash on the mothers' side of his pedigree is the son of one of the sweetest Kandy's daughters Virra, and it is worth mentioning the deeper layers in  pedigree as well, where there is a beautiful liver bitch Buffy and her lovely Rex Venur's parents, they played their role when we chose this particular daughter to form the continuation of Kandy's bloodlines in our kennel.

head noah 2 y o head noah 2 y o

No less important is the fact that Nash's dad is one of the brightest representatives of the Saimon's Praide kennel, (Breeders Olga Obukhova and Oksana Serova, whose work cannot be overestimated and with whom we have a long-term fruitful cooperation) Noah was exported to Norway to Ridgedog's kennel. It is this very breeders who produced for us Selma, mother to K-litter. About Noah's parents you can read at our page "Nash relativesHERE

Dam to the litter is the RR we co-owned with Leila Landfors. Selma Saimon's Praide Spring Symphony D.O.B: 11 /03-2018 BPH done with gun shot HD:A ED:o

Selma's father is a very famous Russian male Duke - world champion, we saw his bright victory in Amsterdam.

Duke's father is Swedish Masai, a very popular and successful male, bright representative of the famouse swedish kennel Mohagets, breeder: deeply respected by us Johana Segerlund. Many years ago the ancestor of our Kandy Mohaget's Maskot came out of this kennel, hence the ancestor of Nash too, that is, Mohagetts, like Simons Pride, we will have both from the mother of the litter and from the father.

Selma's mother is Rada. Multi CH Saimon's Praide Victorious Song of Joy

Duke's mother's name is Donga aka GRESSI TAONGA EYO NKIRU
very beautiful and well-known Russian female .

Noahs parents are two multichampions Chase ( CH. Saimon's Praide Cheiz Ol Fia Anduin) and Safisha (CH. Saimon's Praide Safisha DondoAlmasi)  .
Their photos you see at this beautiful poster.  

Chase father   is an excellent Russian male called Kamal  (CH. Sunhillls Ridges Appolon) and his mother is Eva  (CH. Saimon's Praide Jewellery Beauty Perfection. Her name is wrong printed in many european pedigreis  like  "Saimon's Praide Jullari Beauty Perf"  what has happened becouse of RKF rulles to spell english name the way how they sound in russian but this is the same lady and her correct name)  .

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