Diary "Key"-litter

This week is going to be hot. It is planned - visits of people unfamiliar to the puppies, testing on new surfaces, the first car trip - no more than 10 minutes, a blood trail of 5 meters.

now the intensity of events has increased.the puppies had their nails cut, their teeth grew, and they tried canned meat for baby dogs. They sleep for one hour in the fresh air, they receive a daily massage of their paws to increase their abilities, and they also have fun and playfully explore the world around them.

8/9. All puppies was cheeked for DS and tails. Looks soo good so far. We all feel very happy and we have done their first individual photos

7/9. This evening Selma gave birth 6 beautiful puppies 3/3. All with the ridges . The last boy has a bit too hight his white socks. Selma was careful and did great job. Puppies and mummy feel good. 

29/9 X RAy

Now we know that Selma has 6 puppies in her belly and we celebrted with new photos of happy parents

27/9 51 day

Selma is very active and happy with the friends. she looks not that big so we hope there are more then one baby in her belly

22/9. day 47.

Selma is at 47 dag of her pregnancy and she moved to our hoouse now . Thank you Leila Landfors for your hospitaliy . Selma has confidently blended into our pack and she clearly likes the attention of everyone, including the two-legged. She is very gentle and easy to love and pamper. We have already collected a puppy box and she willingly rests there.  and just as happily shares walks with our big flock

13/1. Ultrasound. Pregnancy confirmed!

9/8. Selma is sucsessful mated.

SELMA  is sucsessful mated the 9 of  August. We  expecting a litter in the begining of  October  2020. We spent two wonderful days at hospital Leilas house with her 4 sweet kids Loke Siri Vidar and Ines. Thank you all of you!

Hej! Jag har fått inkasso men aldrig fått själva fakturan. Hur kan jag bestrida eran faktura? Jag vill inte fortsätta längre