Diary "Imagine"-litter Ave Caesar

1. SE47440/2019 Ave Caesar Imagine You Are Mine   *KENZO*
2. SE47441/2019 Ave Caesar Imagine Your Dream  *ELVIS*
3. SE47442/2019 Ave Caesar Imagine Pure Love  *AZZORO*
4. SE47443/2019 Ave Caesar Imagine Believe Achieve  *ASTOR*
5. SE47444/2019 Ave Caesar Imagine No Limit *MAYA*
6. SE47445/2019 Ave Caesar Imagine Infinity ​​​​​​*GAMBA*
7. SE47446/2019 Ave Caesar Imagine A Future With Me  *JAXON*     
8. SE47447/2019 Ave Caesar Beyond Imagination  *LEON*
9. SE47448/2019 Ave Caesar Imagine And Inspire *LOKE*
10. SE47449/2019 Ave Caesar Imagine True Magic *ATLAS*
11. SE47450/2019 Ave Caesar All I Imagine Is You *RONJA*

 Individual pages for each puppy.

Every puppy has its own page, you can choose the respective color and navigate through their individual pages, flipping them in the "forward" direction or returning to the "diary" page and choosing a different color. These colored squares are active links to these pages and these squares will always be at the top of this page, while the event diary will be updated under them with regularity once a week or if special events happened. Enjoy with us puppy-time.

9 okt. Stack photos done for puppies

7 okt. Blodtracking "try on"  for puppies

Exciting exciting! Willy made blood ytack yesterday and today all puppies will try to follow it! Looking forward to this event and promis to take new photos!

5 okt. Enjoing sunny days

3 okt. All puppies LC and hunting training today

We had lovely day today. Every puppy tryed to hunt lure and to feel free without siblings or mommy in a big area and had contact training. We had much fun. Puppies are so clever and lovely  <3

Week 6 have started. Many events planed for puppies.

Fifth week for "imagine" puppies. Many meetings and outings.

IT IS TIME to book your visitation!

Puppies are 4+ now and they need as much socialisation as possible. Most noticeable of behaviour is puppies' reaction to the presence of humans ansother dogs, as well as of other animals. Puppies need contact with  children to develope into socially balanced dogsable o communicate and make contact.

19 sep . Important event. "daddy" Julia visiting us! 4 weeks "Imagine" puppies photos.

Happy  event in our kennel: Makao Line Kennel in the person of its leader Julia Myakotkina visited his descendants "Imagine" - litter and helped to make stack photos of all 11 puppies of Atuin and Nova 
All puppies double cheked for DS and other foults and even all nails are cuted! Great!

Third week "Imagine" puppies photos.

Second week "Imagine" puppies photos.

First week "Imagine" puppies photos.

23/8. Nova gave birth 11 pupies !

11 ( 9 males/ 2 females) healthy and strong puppies were born the night the  23D of   August 2019. ( 7 standard/ 4 muli crown ridge ) 
Nova made such  fantastic job produced one after one without any complications. 
Mommy and puppies feel good and are very sweet! 
Thank you Katarina Mattsson​ for you was on -line with your lovely NOVA and support her and breeders! Thank you Sophie​  and Chiara for you was with us all the night and help with the delivery in such gentle way! 


14/8. Nova 's X-ray

We hope to get 10 puppies now. X-ray showed 10 or 11 ones.

11/8. Nova moved to us ;-).

26/7. Ultrasound.

Happy news from Stockholm. Katarina made an ultrasound and the veterinarian discovered 8 puppies in Nova’s belly

26/6 .

Handsome hero Atuin has come to Sweden to meet Nova the 26 of June. And the same day they sucsessful mated . Thank Julia (Atuin breeder)for all your help !

The 8/6 NOVA heat has started

Hej! Jag har fått inkasso men aldrig fått själva fakturan. Hur kan jag bestrida eran faktura? Jag vill inte fortsätta längre