Harmony-litter  diary

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each colored square is an active link to the puppy page with the corresponding collar color

1.  female  correct rige  black nose (red collar)
2.  male correct ridge liver nose (lilac collar)
3. male correct ridge liver nose (blue collar)
4.  male correct ridge black nose (white collar)
5, male correct ridge liver nose (green collar)
6.  female correct ridge black nose (silver collar) 
7.  female correct ridge black nose (orange collar)
8. female correct ridge black nose (yellow collar)
9. male correct ridge liver nose (pink collar)
10. male ridgeless liver nose (brown collar)
11. female correct ridge black nose (indigo collar) 

Presentatiom of Harmony litter
(info and photos of litter's  parents and the whole pedigree ) you will find here

22 - 23 feb . 9 Puppies moved to their new homes.

20 feb . Puppies tried Lure Coursing.

18 feb . Puppies tried bloodtracking and they LOVE it.

This is traditional activity we sugest to our puppies. Unfortunately the weather was not the most suitable (too wet out) but the puppies coped with the task. Everyone passed their 6 meters of track and found the hoof successfully. More adventures expecting soon!

15 feb . Puppies have received veterinary certificates and vaccine.

What a great event in puppies life. First car ride x 2. Visit to the veterinary clinic and got their vaccine and chipping! And it should be noted all this on an empty stomach! And we used to eat regularly)) . Puppies have shown themselves exclusively. Patient and friendly. Caused a lot of positive emotions from the staff of the clinic. They returned home in a good mood to a worried mom and it turned out to be real Friday happy end. The countdown has begun. last week with us .

11 feb . Puppies moved to  puppy-house .

10 feb . Puppies always have fun!

New photos of puppies ancestor .

You can find now few updates on the page  "presentation" of this litter.  Since Jenny Giannoglou  provided new photos of some beautiful dogs from this litter.

9 feb. New stack photos.

3 feb. Intense weekend.

These days we meet with many nice people who will later become families for the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Puppies show themselves pleasant and sociable and do not bite much.

20 jan. puppies are almost 5 weeks old. second stack .

25 jan = puppies are 4 weeks old. First stack .

Today we are already small dogs becouse we are 4 weeks old. We love to play  to growl to each other and  we love our  visitors very much) and olso today our  "grandmother"  Jenny put us in the first stands) what we like is treat)) the were new and very testy).  "Daddy " Willy clean our area and we like adults was waiting at the huge dog bed) .  Our mommy Lisi let Nash (our cousin) visit us and play with us) We have much fun with hi The world is big! Now we know it and want to try freedom!

IT IS TIME to book your visitation!

20 jan. Our friends and family visited puppies this weekend .

1. Jenny Giannoglou is not only visitor. She is a part of family. Her kennel Evergraces (together with Ewa Haglund) bred puppies father Kapten and our Nash mother Virra. So she took active roll in puppies reicing , checked them for eventuell faults and helped with photoshooting too. Some photo from this weekend you will find below.
2. Our colegues Susan and Peter  Falk (Emojeni's kennel) They checked if the puppies have any faults too and cut the all nails . Peter found the second crown in the ridge of Miss Silver) . I edited the info about miss Silver quality to "correct ridge" ) to my huge gladness.
Our daughter Anastasia with her friends Yulia Solare and Timofej Mai was the third V.I. P guest.

18 jan.puppies are 3 weeks.

14 jan.puppies try a new place of residence.

Our big house will be their soon but so far we only moved Lisi and her kids temporary here . They like the new place  of residence very much. You can see it on the pictures below.

11 jan. 2 weeks old and the firs outing.

Now it is time to look at their eyes) So sweet babies  all 11! 

1 jan. Puppies are 4 days old.

h-delivery. 28-30 jan 2018

we expected puppies to be born on New Year's Eve. But, since there was a lot of them, birth started already on December 28th and lasted until 30th. As a result, the bitch had 15 bubbles. the first born completely mutilated puppy.  His eyes were open and skull was crumpled. He was alive but very weak, He did not live a few hours. (1st but 0) We were very upset and depressed by such a beginning, but at noon Lisi gave birth to a beautiful girl with a black nose. (№1 here but second)  She got an red collar. Then 2 males with liver noses were born quite consistently and painlessly. 14-45 an 15-15.
 (at us № 2 & № 3 but 3d and 4th),  
After an hour interval two more very small males were born.  (16-16 and 16-30) first black nosed then liver.  (N4 and N5 but actually 5th and 6th
The 7th bubble was a big girl with a black nose and only single crown on her ridge. She got an silver collar (№ 6 in our site but 7th)  at 16-49.
Our №7   (8th) is blacknose bitch with orange collar. she was born 18-20 very beautiful one.
After two hours  (20-20) Lisi gave birth to another black nosed bitch she is now with yellow collar and Nr 8 ( 9th).
Then we had a pause of 5,5 hours because the next one was still born. At 2 a. m. the 29th of december 10th puppy was  born: a big dead livernose bitch without a ridge. It was the first ridgeless puppy in this litter. (10th)
At 4  a very weak male was born with difficulty breathing. (11th)  got a black collar. For his life we fought for a day, but his lungs did not open up and he lived only 24 hours and, to our great chagrin died.
At 6-24 we ve got a male without ridge with liver nose. A strong one he got a brown collar. (nr 9 but 12th)
Our nr 10  (13th) is correct liver nosed male got Pink collar
and the last alive puppy was a girl with black nose Indigo collar. NR 11 ( 14th) at 14-46
we were sure she was the last one but i midntt från 29 to the 30th of dec came still born bith livr nose ridged. (15th).
It was the hardest birth we ever had and delivery took so long time but i think ir is very beautiful litter with the nice statistic too. 
We could never manage to handle all this process without Kristina Rense who helped us much all the way. Thamk you my dear friend for that.

Harmony diary

Heat started
11 Oktober
mating 1 28/10
mating 2  29/10
föddelse  28/12-2018
valpleverans  28 /2-2019
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