11 puppies were born the 28/ of the December 2018. You can find Harmomy-litter diary HERE

Ave Caesar Harmony-litter.

1.  NORD JV-19  Ever Graced Harmony (Mony)                                       HD: C     ED:0
2.  Singing in Harmony ( Tack)                                                                          HD: A    ED: 0     
3.  Harmony maker (Lex)                                                                                      HD:         ED:           allergisk
4.  In Harmony With Nature (Milo)                                                                 HD: C     ED:0       
5, In Harmony With Love (Norton)
6.  An Era Of Peace And Harmony (Leona) 
7.  Magic of Harmony ( Emmy)
8. Sweet Harmony (Sweety)
9. Harmony Of The Savannah  (Odin)
10. Harmony Of The Universe (Asante)
11. Stars and Harmony (Misty) 

Evergraces League Of Legends Olaf  *KAPTEN*                                      

2 x Swedish CAC

Saimons Praide
Ecstasy of Felicity  *LISI*                              

Lisi 3,5 y o on this pic

Europa Winner -2016
Benilux Winner -2016
Brussel Winner - 2016
Eurasia  Prizewinner-2015
Blood track ch of Sweden
CHAMPION of Sweden
CHAMPION of Denmark
CHAMPION of Finland
CHAMPION of Norway
Nord Campion
CHAMPION of Serbien 
Champiom of  Rusia
Champion of Chech Republic
CHAMPION of Germany
CHAMPION of Estonia
CHAMPION of Lithuania

Kapten stack
Kapten movement
Kapten -baby
Lisi stack
Lisi movement
Lisi baby

Harmony-Litter PEDIGREE.

More about Sire of our Litter.

Evergraces Leage of Legends Olaf
D.O.B: 2 July - 2014
Weight:  43kg   Height: 67 cm
JME: Clear
DM: N/N(free)
Blue dilute:  D/D (free)
liver gen: bb (liver nose)
Teeth: correct bite, fullset
Gen for livernose: B/b
HD: B      ED: 0/0

Thanks to Johan for letting us use this lovely boy. And Jenny & Eva (Kapten's breeders) for all help!

Galery of RR in the pedigree

Father's side:

Mather's side:

Hej! Jag har fått inkasso men aldrig fått själva fakturan. Hur kan jag bestrida eran faktura? Jag vill inte fortsätta längre