Here you can see the events around puppy-box in form of a blog with photos, (the oldest are bellow). Information about the parents, pedigree and also our questionnaire (for you who want to get a puppy from us) you can find  at the presentation of the litter.
Colored squares  below this text will allow you to go to individual pages for each puppy.

The Luncheon on the Grass.

28 dec.2 months old.

We celebrate the birthday (2 months) by having fun picnic in the fresh winter air ♥ Later on we continue at home with the fair place. ( All pictures by Ludmila Pankova)

19 dec. Family upbringing

18 dec. We like po play.

17 dec. Veterinar certificate.

Now we all have our Chip and Vet certificate. No wrone bet. All boy has two testicle. No DS found. And the team said they are so good temperament! We are so happy to inform you about that!

16 dec.The last week together started.

Tomorrow all puppies go to the vet for their chips. That is why we taught them last weekend to ride in a car and took them to a short leave to the wild field! On this occasion we took some pictures enjoying sunny weather.

Here is a stack pictured made with help of Edyta Ossowska.

12 dec. Photoshooting.

We had very special guest from abroad Edyta Ossowska . She is FCI judge groop 6 and professional photografer, Edyta stayed with us and with the puppies for 2 days and it feels like much longer cos' so many usfull things and advices and so much talk and lough! The first day we made menthal test for all 13  (called PAT) and the second day we made many pictures of our fantastic kids. All Edyta's  pictures you will get later but my simple pictures of our dear guest you can find below. Ok! One photo by Edyta (the big one)!

11 dec. PAT test for all puppies.

Here you can find information about the test. The result we have but I will represent it later on. 

8 dec. We love freedom!

7 dec.The first outing

5 Dec. The great event.

Today our puppies has got a living toy in the form of 4 month old puppy. I must say once again how intelligent our breed is. The child was very careful with them, and the little puppies were very brave in the face of such a big brother. I'm very sutidfied with their advanture.

4 dec. New Stack photos.

Lisi's new vest.

Here is our attempt to protect the bitch from her piranhas. After a few minutes the most puppies were inside the jacket Smiley smile I had no time to make any pics cos' need to free Lisi) She was like pregnant again with her vest full of puppies .Now only view from above

2 dec.

1 dec.Winter pups

30 nov. We are growing fast.

First try to make puppies stack pictures.

25 nov. Deworming № 2.

Time for second deworming. Puppies have changed their coats by now. They have stronger and sleeker hair. It is now possible to evaluate the quality of ridges. Faults which were hidden till now such as extracrowns and offsets are now easier to assess.
Puppies are now able to eat dry food. The mother feeds them only 2 or 3 times a day while standing. It is time to stop breast feeding; the mother will manage this on her own.
Puppies develop facial expression and more coordinated movements.
Game time. Dominance and hierarchy games prevail. Mother and other pack members participate in the games. This time is very important for proper and balanced emotional development of puppies. 

Sweet Dreams.

4 weeks soon.

23 nov. Puppies first visitors.

Our family has visited the puppies yesterday. Lisi showed her babies with pride. Adult dogs Charena and Kandy were happy too. Charena even let Lisi take a rest and was watching the pups but Kandy prefer keep a distance. Visitors are good but puppies are still nasty. Our golden boy Ave Caesar Carrying a Torch  -Zico- came yesterday with his lovely family. But Lisi did not let him come closer to her pups. ;-)  . Our golden boy from the previous litter. Zico is now 7 months and he is very nice and friendly guy!

22 nov. My circus performers.

21 nov.Herd instinct  : this cradle is still popular

20 nov. New very popular luxury housing. I'll throw out the rest of mattresses tomorrow ;-).

19 nov. Puppies moved to a pen.

Three weeks is a considerable age and it is time for us to move to a larger premises. We have already started to play and to run so we definetely need more freedom! Willy picked fence, Mom Lisi  and AuntCharena tested it for suitability and now we are testing our new open spaces. Exciting!

18 nov. 3 weeks old. New individual & some of mutual pictures.

17 nov. Lisi changed a position.

Now the puppies eat a lot of different things and started drinking water from the bowls. They are very funny because they try to eat  in the same way how they were suckling ( at the position almost lying down). So you can imagine how may times I have already washed all of their collars. After they favorite meal curds in the favorite position what I call bed & breakfast all their collars are the same color.

15 nov. our first visitors.

My russians friends delivered for our puppies very useful food. Kvarg alike curds rich of calcium and very testy. Lisi accept visitors and let them help puppies to test is. Thank you Julia and Timofej for you nice visit and all pictures you did!

14 nov. On weekdays.

All puppies are dewormed. To make it possible I needed to teach them eat an ordinary food first (not only their mom's milk). The first food they were tested was russian kefir  and next day veal stuffing. Great success!  All pups like new kind of food very much. To get the right portion of remedy you need to know puppies weight. Here you can see how my table of puppies curve of growth looks. 

Under pupp growing we often need to make successive checkouts. It could be  deworming or pfotoshooting or puppy- claws cutting. To make easier for such a routine controll over wich puppy is already get their remedy we prepare a collored sign to each puppy and because so many collors are close to each other we wrote down their temporary names on it. The rest of this process you can see on pictures below

Two useful things that I use as my new technique of growing puppies. My previous litters occurred in the summer or spring, so I no need to worry about the lack of sun. But now, when we have such a short days, I found a way to compensate for the lack of the sun There is a special light that simulates sunrise and gives positive energy. And other devices is the air filter, making the air clean and filled with negative ions. So good!

11 nov. 2 weeks old.

9 nov. About mom Lisi.

I use a cardboard box to put it in my puppies for cleaning their room. Lisi decided to check this box whether I have not forgotten there some of her puppy. (photos of pups in a cardbox taken 10 days ago)

8 nov. 11 days.

Yes! My pups started open their eyes but what was significant happening today is that one brave boy escaped from puppy-box. So now we know who will be the best in agility. Funny! When I finished to write it there were two who managed)). Mr Coffee and Mr Yellow. What a active boys.

7 nov. We open eyes soon

6 nov. My first manicure. 9 days old.

4. nov. Puppies are 1 week old.

1-2-3 nov. We are  growing ;-)

Such a cosy time. Puppies are very active and very funny too. Lisi is very careful and it feels like she has got the feel of her new role. Puppies are one week today and Lisi can leave them up to 40 minuts so we started go for the walk nearly as before. Kandy wonder why we invite to only Lisi so many different tasty food and he has a new sport trying to  finish all this from Lisi's bowls. Charena shows to everyone how kind she is 'cos she hope to get access to puppy-box. I showed Lisi once how to make acces  to her belly easier for pups and she started to put her leg this way always.  

1 nov. Not only about dogs.

The 1 st of November was earlier a date when I ecpected to get my litter. It is time to explane why we choose for our D-litter name ” Depeche Mode”. It all heppened in Belgien. When we came there to let  Lisi meet legendary Nelson, we housed in a cozy camping, tasted the national cuisine and went with the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. It was a truly memorable evening. Only image: across the whole county there was a music! Beautiful live rock music sounds from horizon to horizon! Belgiuen, in contrast to our hilly Sweden is flat and, because of this, we could here this music so far away. We expected to plunge into the sounds of the countryside, but instead we heard Depeche Mode. We do not immediately identified where there was a sound, and so the whole evening we walked in search of the source under the rhythms of Depeche mood. There was darkness The terrain was completely unknown to us, and we wandered with Lisi  and Charena from village to village enjoing the music under sky full of stars. My dog obviously enjoyed no less than ourselves such a festive accompaniment. And so it happened that this music became a kind of a wedding march for Lisis’s happy mating. The background conception of our beautiful puppies. So those days Lisi And Nelson had two very happy dates on day time and we had absolutely magical musical evening in wonderful  Belgien

That ’s why it was so natural to call our litter after the legendary band. I even made a new hairstyle by that name. Just come to my stylist and offered him a creative experiment to make haircut  what could looks if it's name was Depeche Mode (fashion news). As a result, I have got a few colored feather  like there are in the image of the cover of one of the Depeche MODE albums, where the picture of an angel composed of some blue feather. (By the way, thanks to that, I don’t need to look for some image of Halloween party yesterday. I already look like  one;-) with my turquoise feathers )
Correspondingly, all the names of our Depeche Mode puppies have direct relevance to the creation of Depeche Mode. They are a phrase from the songs or the album title or the name of the soloist.
...not to mention this picture.  Looks accurate like my puppies - collars. 

31 okt. 3 days old. First separate puppy-pictures.

                collar                         sex               pedigree name                   was born      weight at birth    foult             nose

  1. Coffee-coloured                 boy           "Darkest star"                         13-50            455                 ridgeless       black.
  2. Red                                  girl           "Dreams never deceive"            16-05            550                                     black.   
  3. Sky -coloured                    boy          "Dark Obsession"                      16-10            455                                    black.
  4. Cream-coloured                 boy          "Deep within your soul               16-36            415                                    liver.
  5. Green                               boy          "Dressed in Black"                     16-45             445               ridgeless        black.
  6. Lilac                                 boy            "Dave Gahan"                          17-05            500                                    black.
  7. Ultramarine                      boy            "Deep in your imagination"        18-09            465            too short ridge   liver
  8. Paloma                             boy            "Don't say no"                         18-36            450                                    black
  9.  Pink                                girl             "Driving me onwards "              20-23           450                                    liver
  10.  Amber                            boy             "Drive! I am your to keep"        21-30            445            ridgeless           liver
  11. White                              girl               "Delta Machine!                     23-55            335             ridgeless           black
  12. Yelow                              boy               " Destiny calls"                      0:37             435                                      LIVER
  13. Orange                            girl          "Do you know what she means"    3:20            450         too short ridge        black


28 OKT 2015 . Lisi gave birth 13 puppies.

Day 59 was her X-day. The 28th of Oktober, late in the evening Lisi started to make her burrow for puppies. Her first one came next day at 13.50. She finished in the night with the following result: 9 males and 4 females. She made a fantastic job!She was careful and rather calm for first time delivery. My wonderful EWA STRANNE helped us as usual. What a happiness to have such a friend/ supervisor/ teacher/ breeder. I Never will tired to thank this fantastic woman for her complete readiness to lend her hand. Everybody feel good. I will check puppies later on but so far we did not find any tails foults or any DS. Unfortunately many puppies has ridge faults but all details will come later. 

tryck för att se i vilken utvecklings stadium din valp är idag

25 okt. Day 56

11/10. Day 42. Lisi is big now

Lisi still play with Charena

14/10. Day 45.

25 /9. Day 26.

Lisi is still rather active. Last week she took part in LC training. According breeder calendar embrions now 1,5 cm.

Today she was playing with Kandy and had a lot of fun

23/9. Ultrasound confirmed Lisi in whelp.

30 -31/ 8. dating-mating Nelson &Lisi

No doubt these two "fell in love "with each other from first sight. Mating was seccessful too and we thank you Dorothy McGoldrick  for let us use Nelson! And Tanja Vercruysse for her hospitality!

29/8. Vet clinic

Luxemburg. Today we made the second and not the last one progesterone test. The first one in Germany and the third one in Belgium.

Hej! Jag har fått inkasso men aldrig fått själva fakturan. Hur kan jag bestrida eran faktura? Jag vill inte fortsätta längre