SE50509/2011 Ave Caesar ABBA Dancing Queen


abba 1,5 months
With mom Kjara
Best of Breed!

I know ABBA from her birth in fact.)
This ball of energy was born the second as of August 21 and she was not notable for me - the same ball of energy& happiness as the rest of her 11
brothers and sisters.
One of 4 girls, from which I had to choose MY ABBA.
First the beautiful name has come and it was necessary to find the appropriate soul.
My choice was not easy. I was watching them all, weighing all "pro et contra". The most important criteria for me was the character and the head (the beauty of its form, and, most importantly, its content).
I have suffered till the last moment as the name was chosen already, I decided right at the moment when the puppies were brought to veterinarian in order to put chips. If I change my mind, I would loose the name ..
But I did not change my mind and decided at the moment, when the doctor picked up a "silver" girl , and she did not whimpered as some others did, and suffered stoically and silently chipping procedure, only small tears rolled from his eyes.
Canny girl, intrigante, one of our 12s, she as before kept these traits in her complicated character. She knows how to surprise. And she can think and create plans!
She has for sure some childhood 's sins (torn wallpaper, eaten shoes etc sometimes now tries to crash car window to go out for Lure))), but tell me, did You ever met ideal puppy?
She was more lucky than her 11 brothers and sisters - she stayed with her mother, she is a kind of "mother's darling ', at first glance, but it is not so quite as it seems.
Her mother took a correct policy in regard to her daughter, in case of difficulties and hardship, count on our own strengths only to Your self!
And the program works. As it is right program.)
From mom and dad, she took the best things I could want - from dad – friendly character and beauty, from mother – beauty as well and excellent working qualities of hunter and runner.
She needs now to develop all this treasure.
Will she be a rings- star, all-conquering, great hunter and all-triumphant runner for me now does not matter. I already know that I have in my hand the best quality clay from which I can sculpt a masterpiece with some effort from my side .
this special dog will wither without work .
I look at her, sometimes she is so similar to her mother.
And sometimes she resembles her father.
And I love her!!
We are with Abba at the beginning of our way and I am very happy that now I have 2 loves, two hearts devoted to me and I even cannot imagine how it was before..when I had only 1 hound...


Hej! Jag har fått inkasso men aldrig fått själva fakturan. Hur kan jag bestrida eran faktura? Jag vill inte fortsätta längre