1. Ave Caesar ALFA-litter was born the 21 of August  after  Maiden's Kalahari Kandy out of Podarok iz Afriki Bliss Bounty. 12 puppies of which 4 females and 8 males. (all black noses). 
     D.O.B: 21/08-2011
2.   Ave Caesar Blessed- litter was born the 24 of March out of Kenneback's finnal Answer to Tina Trading Chita. 6 puppies of wich 3 females and 3 males. (all black noses) All are standard quality.

D.O.B:  24/3-2014
3.  Ave Caesar Celebrations -litter was born the 10 th of April out of Kenneback's finnal Answer to Tina Trading Charena. 7 puppies of which 3 females and 4 males (All black noses) 

D.O.B:  9/4-2015
4.  Ave Caesar Depech Mode-litter was born the 28 of Oktober out of Villagedog Hot Topic to Saimon's praide Ecstacy of Felicity for Ave Caesar . 13 puppies of which 4 females and 9 males. (5 liver noses)

D.O.B:  28/10-2015
5.  Ave Caesar Enjoy-litter was born the 7th of Februry after  Emoyoni's Grand Zuberi  and Saimon's Praide Ecstacy of Felicity f . 4 puppies of wich 2 females and 2 males. (3 liver noses)

DOB: 7/2-2017
6.  Ave Caesar Fortune-litter was born the 1st of June 2018. out of Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep and Saimon's Praide Magnifisent Sensaishn. (all black nose and all are  correct .)

D.o.B. 1/6-2018
7.  Ave Caesar GenerationNext litter  was born the 20th of July 2018  out of Saimon's Praid Never Give Up and Evegraces Kandy Crush Virrs. (all black nosse one ofsett ( single crown ridge)  

DOB: 20/7-2018
8.  Ave Caesar Harmony-litter  was born at the end of 2018 . The 28th of December.  After  Evergraces League Of Legends Olaf  *KAPTEN * out of  Saimon's Praide Ecstasy Of Felicity *Lisi* (6 males /5 females; 1 black nose male and 5 blacknose female + 5 liver nose males . Faoults:  1  liver nose ridgeless and one girl was not symmetris crons.  No more faoults founded yet). 

DOB: 28/12-2018
9.  Ave Caesar Imagine-litter  was born the 23d of Aug 2019.  After  Makao Line Atuin Art out of  Ave Caesar Center Of My Universe (9 males / 2females; all black noses ) . Faoults:  5 ridges has extra crowns    No more faoults founded. 

DOB: 23/08-2019
10.  Ave Caesar Jewellery-litter  was born the 2 d of February  2020.  After  Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep-BISS 17 out of  Elangeni's Friends In Hi Places (4 males / 4 females; all black noses)  . Faoults:  1 male has extra crowns    No more faoults founded . 

DOB: 02/02-2020
11.  Ave Caesar Key-litter  was born the 7th  of October  2020.  After  Ave Caesar Great Galaxy out of  Saimon's Praide Spring Symphony (3 males / 3 females; all black noses)  .   1 male has  white paws but not too much.    No more faoults founded . 

DOB: 07/10-2020

12. Ave Caesar "Life" - litter  was born the 2 d of Januari 2021.  After  Echo To Maendeleo Of Cieply Dom out of Ave Caesar Fortunate Star (4 males / 6 females; 4 liver and 6 black noses)  . Faoults:  2 females with extra crowns; 3 females ridgeless; 2 kink tales  . 

DOB: 02/01-2021

13. Ave Caesar "Mars-Venus"" - litter  was  born the 21st of feberuari  2021.  After  Ave Caesar Great Galaxy out of Elangeni's Friends In Hi Places (4 males / 6 females; )  . Faults:  1 female with extra crowns . 

DOB: 21/02-2021

14. Ave Caesar "Never Say Never was  born the 19 th of Aug  2021.  After  multi champion Ave Caesar Fabulous Fortune *MAXI*out of jRuch  Ave Caesar Generous Gaia * Neema* (5 males / 4 females; )  . Faoults no found. 

DOB: 19/08-2021

15. Ave Caesar "OBSESSION" -litter was  born the 22 nd  of dec  2022.  After  CH Ave Caesar Dark Obsession" out of muli champion  Elangeni Friends In Hi Places *RUBI* (6 females ) . 

DOB: 22/12-2022

16. Ave Caesar "Phoenix- litter  was born the 1 d of Januari 2023.  After  Buggi Sambazi out of Ave Caesar Carnelian Jewel by Royce (4 males / 2 females;) . 

DOB: 01/01-2023

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