March 2011

News from Germany!
Our family all tougether Elena Willy Anastasia Charena and off course daddy Kandy have gladly had the chans to visit Kandy's beautyful progeny at Ndoki and Makubenga kennels in Germany.
We all enjoyed the time spent with those sweetest 21 puppies! First of all I want to make special mention of the high professional level of both breeders Kerstin Gerhard (Makubenga) and Claudia & Maximillian Körner (Ndoki) whose hard work with poppies leads to the fact that the owners obtain as an excellent result self-confident, intellectually developed, educated and brave dogs.
For the clarity I will say a few more words about our elder babies because of precisely with them, in the place Taunnstein , in Körner's house, I spent more time thanks to Claudia's great hospitality and her kindness!
Family plot is converted into enormous and very cosy kindergarten. There is a heated wooden special house in the territory, where the puppies are dwelling at nights (since then they moved from the family big house where they were born) under the care of one of the breeders. You can find a few big chaise-longue inside for the poppies and odinary bed for human. On the veranda they use to enjoy theirs morning and evening goat's milk wich is from Eco-store (!) and they get it efter Max's whistle in that way poppies learn theirs first necessary orders.
There is a huge white tent in the middle of 200-meter lawn intend to protect poppies from the rain. Inside it you can find cozy couch for the numerous visitors and prospective owners that is spending a lot of time among playing babies, observing and getting accustomed to them. Territory out of the tent also at the complete disposal of active puppies! Outside they get out through the hollowed trunk of tree
Here is so many smart things at the disposal of curious kids : bridges, plastic cottage, agility tunnel, telpherage, rocker and hill, and the sandbox, in which their clever mom learns to dig pits, and also many other tricky attachments wich help poppies to be intrepid. The program of development is not limited within the confines of the house and it's plot, Max daily take the children off to the wild nature!
Very affecting scene when our seven-week Ridgebacks scatter out in the open Hessen's fields! But in spite of they look so small that does not prevent them to practice in adult amusements of hunting: They have already tested for the detection of the blood track and a simulation of the shots. All tests passed with honor!
To summarize, We don't need to be warry for the future of our glorious vuankandys, they grow quickly and develop successfully!

Also, it was a big pleasure to meet the owners of the puppies! Gladly we could realize that puppies will be placed in great families where they will be loved and well-bred.
Thank you again, Claudia and Max for this amazing opportunity to become for a while part of this magical process under everyday name "raising of puppies"!

13.03.2010 Kandy - "Lithuanian Winner 2010" - САС ( Judges Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska Poland )  

14.03.2010 Kandy -  Winner of "Vilnius Cup 2010" - САС, RCACIB (Judges Vilmos Kardos Hungary)