Diary "Obsession "-litter


 Individual pages for each puppy.

Sixth week  

Fifth week  

Fourth week  

Third week  

Second week  

First week  

The 22nd of December Rubi gave birth 7 puppies. 6 females and one male who was unfortunattely stillborn. All 7 have  ridges. Non too much white. Miss Orange has extra crowns.

The 15th of December we made X-ray and got know about 7 puppies inside Rubi's belly <3 

THe 22nd of November Ultrasound showed puppies "more then 3".

The 23th of October Natalja Skalin made very proffessional AI. Kerstin Larsson drived Rubi over the whole Sweden to the clinic. Big thanks to you, my collegue <3