Diary "Jewellery"-litter

garnet      amethyst    sapphire     diamond    emerald     platinum     carnelian     amber

the best in the world Rubi gave birth  8 charming puppies  (of which 4 females and 4 males). Our long-awaited jewellery litter in which parents are an inseparable couple ! Our " Rough and Tough" . We are extreemly happy! Rubi is doing a great job as a mom, and takes perfect care of her little ones. Many thanks to my breeders @Linda and Emma Friedland for such a treasure as Rubi is! Thank you Kristina Rense for your inestimable contribution during delivery!

26/1. X-ray. 8 puppies in our gem - belly )

31/1 59 day

21/1. day 48.

13/1. Ultrasound. Pregnancy confirmed!


the 4th of december sucsessful mating
The 24/11 Rubi heat has started