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16/3 Re-union puppies. Bloodtracking

At our meeting today took part 11 Ridgebacks:
A-litter : *Agnes* SvCH Ave Caesar Apple Pie
B-litter:  *Happy* SUCH Ave caesar Born To Be Happy
C-litter : *Lexus * (Ave Caesar Cos' Im The One and *Bruno*  Ave Caesar Cut Out To Be Winner
D litter *Royce*  Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep-Biss 17
F-litter:  *Lillie* (Ave Caesar Fortunate Star ) *Lennon* (Ave Caesar Fortune Favours TheBrave) and *Kiara* (Ave Caesar Good Fotrune Be With U)
GN-litter: * Eros* (Ave Caesar Ganymedes  ) and *Nash*  (Ave Caesar Great Galaxy)
and Beloved Moyo Kandy’s russian son  *Beyond Compare From Ridges Castle*

12/3 Agnes is Swedish bloodtracking champion.

Carola and Detlef Runge who has two of AVE RR celebrate their Agnes diplome today!

24/2 Eros and Nash made succsess at their first show.

So very proud of our GN-puppies! Ave Caesar Ganymedes and Ave Caesar Great Galaxy who took part in puppy-show Hässleholm and got 1-st and 2nd places
Both very promising!! 
Nash finished as BOB puppy also!
Judge : Johan Sandström 
Many congratulations to Eros owners Virpi Kaijankoski Bäck and Hans Bäck with such a successful debut and HP prize!

8. feb Nash made succsess at Nosework.

An interesting training program for young dogs is proposed by the local dog club. Nash proved to be excellent in the discipline "search" of various kinds.

1. feb Harmony puppies are 5 weeks old.

Our Rhodesian Ridgeback are both in top of golden list.

yes! It only the results of two shows My Dog but it is so nice to see ar Swedish RR club website the raiting (called Golden List) where Royce And Rubi are on top! 

Excellent news about * Happy*.

Carola Runge, the owner of Ave Caesar Born To Be Happy got  today Happy's DNA profil :
Degenerative Myelopathy - N/N  (not a carrier)
Hemophilia B - not a carrier
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME) - N/ N  (not a carrier)
D-locus D1 (dilution)  : D/D (not a carrier)
Congratulations to the owners!
More about happy you will find at STUD DOGS  rubric

We have got Lisl's trophy! So beautiful.

The chalenge trophy what Lisi received from the Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback Club for  winning the first place in the golden list of RR 2017 . We expecting many gursts next two months who are intresting of Lisi's progeny. 11 wonderful miracles who we hope worth their celebrity mother.

8/1-19. Kirah makes sucsess.

Ave Caesar Amparo De Fortuna (litter A)
competition year 2018 an approved result in obedient start class and a 2nd place on SRRS's Nosework list and a 7th place on the obedience list!
Many thanks and many congrats to the owner Erika Lungberg.

4/1-19. My Dog The biggest show at Scandinavia.

Our 2019 started with the great succsess! MyDOG-2019 both days our Rhodesian Ridgebacks won 
BEST OF BREED!!! First day RUBI and second day ROYCE we are so very happy! All the details later)

Harmony Puppies Ave Caesar have now individual pages.