=Dagbok=    (in form of blog. Older news below)

21/12. Nash won his first CACIB!

Nash (SEvCH jSwiss Champion RuCh Ave Caesar Great Galaxy )took part at 3 international show in Lithuania and at second of them he won class then BEST MALE and BOS and CAC amd CACIB.
Judge: JOCHEN H. EBERHARDT (Germany)
Handler: Tatiana Zaderenko.

15/12. Nordic Winner-2019.

Breed entry: 81
Judge: Svend Lövenkjaer (DK)
We were absent with our RR but 3 Ave Caesar represnted our kennel very sucsessful: we now have two new tittles :
* Henry * NORD V-19 Ave Caesar Your Fame And Fortune CW Ex-1 with CQ CAC NORD and best Male, BOS.
*MONY* JCHOF SWISS Ave Caesar Ever Graced By Harmony - CW EXC, 1, CQ, BOB-junior 
*MAXI* BG CH ME CH RUCH Ave Caesar Fabulous Fortune - res CW. 

7/12-8/12. Nash took part in 2 Finnish shows.

judges: Elena Ruskovaara and  Zlatko Jojkic. Breed entries : 50+ We did not expect great results, because the judge was the same as at the show in Denmark a month ago . But Nash performed very worthily and we are proud of him. He won 4th place both days. We don’t have any photos, only a video, therefore here is  photo from our trip to Dortmund in October of this year made by Boris Gluharev 

21/11-1/12. Nash won RUCH titel and RKF titel.

Nash is jCH of SWISS! Nash is jCH of SWISS!

8. Nash took part at 6 different shows in Russia (nov- dec 2019)
He won 4 CAC and 2 res CAC but after champion (full CAC then) what made him RUCH & RKF champion too!  
NASH also got 3 x BOB. 2 x  BIG-2 and 1 BIG-1
Judges : 
Handler; Tatiana Zaderenko


19/11. Imagine puppies re-union.

15-16-17/11. nat + Inernational shows Geneve.

1. CAC-show  Judge: Gerardo A. Paolucci (AR)
2   IDS Geneve-1 Judge: Rume Fagerström (FI)
3. IDS Geneve-2 Judge: Karin van Klaveren (D)
4. IDS Geneve-3 Orit Nevo (Israel). 
We went to Switzeland with 4 RRs : 3 AVE Caesar and our australian star Rubi and as the result we have now 3 new backed champions!
* NASH * Ave Caesar Great Galaxy is jCH od Swiss
* MONY* Ave Caesar Ever Graced Harmony is jCH of Swiss
* Royce* Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep-BISS 17 is show champion of Swiss
*RUBI* Elangeni Friends in Hi Places candidate to Swiss champion (one CAC left to winn.

2-3/11. double Inernational shows Herning.

Herning int. 2 nov (Kim Vigsø Nielsen) 40+:
Nash VG-4 junior
Royce ex -4 champion
Mony Ex-1 junior
Rubi Ex -2 champion 3 best female
Herning DKV 3 nov (Elena Ruskovaara) 40+:
Nash ex-3 junior
Royce ex 2 ch and 3d best male
Mony ex-3 junior
Rubi Ex-4 champion

1/1. Fantastic result at Växjö Inernational! BOB/BOS!

Björn Einvarse.40+ RRs i catalog
1. Ave Caesar Great Galaxy 4 intermediate VG
2. Ave Caesar Your Fame And Fortune Ex-2 with CQ and 4th Best male res. CAC
3. Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep-Biss 17 CW with CQ best male and Best of Breed!
4. Ave Caesar Ever Graced Harmony 2nd Junior with VG
5. Ave Caesar Genuine Gratia 3d in Open class with CQ and res. CAC
6. Elangeni Friends In Hi Places CW champion with CQ and Best female and Best of Oposite
7. Ave Caesar Best kennel with honor Price!

18-26/10. Puppies "Imagine" have moved to their new homes .

Our lovely Nova and all her 11 puppies left our home thiese week and we wish them all best of luck and hope to get many positive news and meet them soon in 3 weeks for mini-reunion. 

11-13/10. DORTMUND 2  x IDS

11-13 October 2019
male Judge Henk Salm ; female + BOB judge:  Marie-Josee Melchior
• NASH * Ave Caesar Great Galaxy 4th Junior 
• ROYCE* Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep CW Champion class , Best Male, BOS club CAC +VDH CAC, CACIB Herbst-Sieger Dortmund 2019.
• RUBI* Elangeni Friends In Hi Places 3d Champion

male Judge Orit Nevo ; female judge: Horst Kliebenstein
• NASH * Ave Caesar Great Galaxy 3td Junior 
• ROYCE* Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep 2nd Champion class , res. Best Male, Elza club CAC +VDH CAC, res.CACIB res.Bundessieger Ausstellung 2019 .
• RUBI* Elangeni Friends In Hi Places 4d Champion
And special thanks to my friend @Sveta Moroz for fantastisk handling of our RRs and for all help under the trip!  We were very happy of Royce Nyangoma puppies sucsess in puppy-classes.

5/10. BPH

4 Ave Rhodesian Ridgebacks passed BPH test today. I am very grateful to Ulrika Stiernblad for taking on the organization of this event.  Everything went perfectly and we sincerely congratulate the dogs and their owners:

1. *HENRY* SE38610/2018 Ave Caesar Your Fame and Fotrune  -- Ulrika Stiernblad-- & -- Maria Kierkegaard Lundström--
2. *Boston* SE43426/2018 Ave Caesar Gwydion -- Janina Poltoft--
3. *Lilllie* SE38609/2018 Ave Caesar Fotrunate Star  --Jenny Lander--
4.* Maxi * SE38613/2018 Ave Caesar Fabolous Fotrune -- Rose-marie Gunilla Uselius-- 

28/9. Russian champions *NEEMA* and *MAXI*

These days, two of our dogs are in Russia and take part in shows. This weekend was happy for both young dogs born last summer:
1, Our star multichampion AC Fabolous Fortune *MAXI* won his last CAC to be Russian Champion
2 Our beginner AC Generous Gaia *NEEMA" won her last junior CAC to be Russian jCh!
Congratulations to proud owners: Rose-Marie Gunila Uselius and Lina Jensen!

21/9. Eslöv nds

Ave Caesar Generous Gaia *NEEMA" at Eslöv dog show won Junior class with CQ and then res. BEST BITCH!!! she is at her VERY FIRST SHOW got her CAC!!! Fantastic!
Thousands thanks to handler Юлия Мякоткина (Julia Miakotkina)! You did such great job!
Many congratulations to the owner Linda Jensen!!!! You owner such a brilliant girl!Lucky me she will come to our breeding program! Congratulations to the breeder and one litter rights owner Willy Johansson and me )) Neema is out of Evergraces Kandy Crush Virra to Saimon's Praide Never Give Up. Now Neema is on her way to Russia together with our I-daddy Julia Miakotkina to get new adventures! And the best impression to russian group was that Neema is completely stressless ! Only enjoing every single moment amd are playing with her new RR friends! 

21/9. Röstånga clubshow

We have nice day around the ring but no sucsess at the ring.  Judge Denis Boyd does not like our type and the result was: Nash: Ex junior; Royce ex-2 CQ champ; Rubi - ex 5 CQ champ.  We were very lucky that the judge was changed for the puppies. Excellent detailed and very good refereeing for dogs by Sören Holmgaard . All our youngsters made our day: Norton  class winner with "VP" and best male puppy ; Misty  3 VP and Mony 4 .The pleasure was that puppies to see our progeny: Stella (Kandy's daughter BOB pet and the great pleasure to see VERA (Royce and Niya daughter winning BOB puppy (out of 22) Thank you all for the pleasant day. 

19/9. Our "Imagine" puppies first stack photos

Happy  event in our kennel: Makao Line Kennel in the person of its leader Julia Myakotkina visited Atuin descendants "Imagine" - litter and helped to make stack photos of all 11 puppies of Atuin and Nova .All puppies double cheked for DS and other foults and even all nails are cuted! Great!

15/9.  Freedom!

The best things my Rhodesian Ridgebacks know is run free! Thank you Johanna Segerlund to invite them to the walk after the long show day. That was  nforgettable pleaure!

15/9.  GIMO nds Henry - BOS !

judge Lynne Harwood RR entries: 41
Ave Caesar Great Galaxy *NASH* ex-2 i junior class
Ave Caesar Your Fame And Fortune *Henry* Ex-1 junior with CQ and best male BOS CAC perfecly presented by Handler/owner: Ulrika Stiernblad. Co-owner @Maria kierkegaard lundström, kennel Ridgerules. Congratulations to the owners!
Elangeni Friends In Hi Places EX-1 i champion class with CQ and res. Best female. Breeders: Emma and Linda Friedland.

14/9.  Maxi is new backed jChampion of Russia!!!

International show in Russia "Podmoskovnie Vechera" under a strite judge Yochai Barak Lifac from Israel our *M A X I * (Ave Caesar Fabulous Fortune) won class won BOB junir i breed and he is now JChampion of Russia!
Cngratulations to Maxi's proud owner Rose-marie Gunilla Uselius !

What a team Tatiana Zaderenko and Maxi!

9/9. Boston and Neema X-ray results

We are happy for GN litter "puppies" Diplasia-tests. BOSTON  and Neema both are free =healthy. Congratulations to the owners Janina Poltoft  and Linda Jensen!
HD : A/A
ED : 0/0

8/9 . Öland nds

Judge Bertil Lundgren Nash ex-2 junior and Rubi EX-3 champion.

4-5-6/9 . supeRR news från Bulgaria!

3 x international shows :
 *MAXI* Ave Caesar Fabulous Fortune 
(Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep x Saimon's Praise Magnificent sensation)
judges: Vihra Grigorova (BG) / Tanya Arangelova (BG) / Yurii Gergel (UA)
Perfectly presented by Tatiana Zaderenko
Owner :Rose-marie Rose-marie Gunilla Uselius
Proud breeder: Willy Johansson
Photo by Livanich Liv

3/9 . We have got diplome as breeders who care about Mentalitet.

The Swedish Kennel Club's "BPH -breeder diploma"  has been developed to reward breeders who both participate in BPH  (Mental test) with their own dogs and encourage puppy buyers to make the BPH track with their dogs.

30/8-1 Sep . Maxi is jChampion!

MAXI at his super trip to Balkan Countries 
Ave Caesar Fabolouse Fortune
4xCACiB shows in Macedonia 
 CW, jCAC,  BOB BIG-3 
 CW, jCAC, BOS, res BIS junior
 CW, jCAC, BOS BIS-2 junior
Thanks so much to judges - Dragan Stojanovic / Shaun Watson / Sviatlana Radziuk / Mitko Ilkanovski
Handling: Tatiana Zaderenko 

25/8 . Serpukhov nat. dog show (Russia)

Now we have photos from Maxi's sucsessful weekend in Russia 
2 x National Shows
Ave Caesar Fabulous Fortune - MAXI 
 2xCW, 2xjCAC, 2xBEST MALE, 2xBOB 
1 x BIG-1 and 1 X BIG 2
Congratulations to the owner Rose-marie Gunilla Uselius Uselius
Perfectely presented by Tatiana Zaderenko 

25/8 . Märsta nat. show

NDS Märsta:
Ave Caesar Your Fame and Fortune Class Winner Ex-1 with CQ &
Congratulations to the owners Ulrika Stiernblad & Maria Ridgerulles!

24/8 . Ljungkile nat. dog show

Judge: Dimitrios Antonopoulos
 Ace Caesar Harmony Of The Universe - 2, HP
Ave Caesar In Harmony With Love - 1, HP
 Ave Caesar Great Galaxy - EXC, 1
 Ave Caesar Fortunate Star - EXC, 2
Ave Caesar Genuine Gratia - -
Kipawa’s Brave Ina Takes It All - EXC, 1  (Royce Norwegian daughter)
 Elangeni Friends In Hi Places - EXC, 2, CK, 2BT

23/8 . We have puppies in da house!!!

As evidence of continuity in life WE (stands for Willy& Elena) are happy to welcome our Imagine-litter !
11 ( 9 males/ 2 females) healthy and strong puppies were born the night from 23 to 24 August 2019. ( 7 standard/ 4 muli crown ridge ) 
After Makao Line Atuin Art out of Ave Caesar Center Of My Universe. 
Nova made such  fantastic job produced one after one without any complications. 
Mommy and puppies feel good and are very sweet! 
Thank you Sophie​ for you was with us all the night and help with the delivery in such gentle way! 
Thank you Katarina Mattsson​ for you was on -line with your lovely NOVA and support her and breeders!
Thank you Юлия Мякоткина​ for you letting us use you legendary boy Atuin!
Puppies are waiting to meet babushka Galina Matasova​ who was  theirs mom Nova nurse 4 years ago.

21/8 . Viltspår Neema & Nash.

Two "puppies" från GN litter took part in tracking test today. Both was very sucsessful: Neema (Ave Caesar Generous Gaia ) easilygot her  Approved apptitude test  and experienced Nash managed to get 1st prize in Open class with HP (honor prize) so good he was and expressed the  judge! Very proud breeder and owner!!!

21/8 . Happy birthday A -litter.

This birthday made our 12 A-puppies VETERANs. We wish them to be strong and healthy and continue to make your families happy and proud! 

19/8 . Charena left us.

Charena. 3/7-2009-19/8-2019.
Today she is gone. Sins Kerstin, who took hand about her last few years, published on FB, we do too share now this sad news. The last days were very difficult for Charena. We tried to alleviate her suffering with drugs, but the days were numbered even after the first operation when ablated a huge tumor on  pancreas. Today she fell asleep forever, not having lived to see her grandchildren just a week. Run free my girl. Kandy is waiting for you on other side of rainbow bridge

18/8 . Nörrköping

Nordic Dog Show in Norrköping:
Ave Caesar Your Fame and Fortune *HENRY* Third Best Male and BOB junior! Perfect presented by the owner; Ulrika Stiernblad & Maria Ridgerulles 
Judge Renée Sporre Willes.
Photo: Jenny Jurnellius

17/8 . Mental tests for Rubi and Nash

Despite the rainy weather and strong wind, our wonderful Ridgebacks coped with all the tasks offered on the test BPH. Judge describing the character of LINDMAN SÄW NINNA spoke very warmly about Nash and Rubi. The only thing that Ruby did not do was play with an unfamiliar host, only with her adored Williy.

11/8 . Askersund NDS

We are very happy to get BOB för Rubi and BOS för Royce!

Liz-Beth C Liljeqvist who judged Rhodesian 11/8 2019 was my teacher at Anatomy course SKK and  that is why I know how well she understand  dogs construction and how easily she can see all the dog’s flaws. It was really exciting for us go under this very judge. I was amonym as you understand (excluding comparison on BOB) and most of the dogs was shown by very talanted handler @Tatiana Zaderenko, thank her for such an excellent work in the ring.
The full result is:

*MONY* Ave Caesar Ever Graced Harmony - BOB puppy Very Promissing
Junior male - *NASH* Ave Caesar Great Galaxy -EXC, 2
Open male - *BOSSE* Evergraces Kandy Crush Boss - EXC, 1, CQ
Champion male - *ROYCE* Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep -BISS 17 EXC, 1, CQ, 1BM, BOS
Junior female - *LILLIE* Ave Caesar Fortunate Star - EXC, 2, CQ
JUN female - *SELMA* Saimon's Praide Spring Symphony - VG, 4
Champion female - *RUBI* Elangeni Friends In Hi Places - EXC, 1, CK, 1BT, BIR our STAR!!!
Thank you Linda Daryl and Emma Friedland for our brilliant!
Thank you @Tatiana Zaderenko for you great job with Nash Royce Lillie and Rubi! 
Thank you @Willy for all support and photos!
Congratulations to Jenny Lander! Lillie is such a star!

10/8 . Clubshow Askersund

 Judge Per Svarstad  49 RR.
Our result:
MONY (Ave Caesar Ever Graced Harmony) CW with HP
MAXI Ave Caesar Fabulous Fortune - EXC, 1, CQ, 2BM, R-CAC
NASH ( Ave Caesar Great Galaxy) EX-3 junior
ROYCE (Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep - BISS 17 ) EXC-1, CQ,  3BM
SELMA (Saimon’s Praide Spring Symphony )- EXC-3 junior
RUBI (Elangeni Friends In Hi Places - EXC-3, CQ, 3BF
Thank you Tatiana Zaderenko for handling
Buffy (our Nash and Mony grandmother Evergraces Reliable Radya - EXC, 1, CQ!, BOB-veteran!! Congratulations to Jenny and Ewa

1/8 .Our RRs continue to take part at racing training.

For Nash, this was the first race as an adult and he fell in love with this sport and devoted himself to it with his soul. Fox is a very passionate student, but she is in a fake pregnancy and came to the finish line tired. Royce simply refused to run, I'm looking for the reason why he lost interest, and Ruby did traditionally. One hundred percent at the start and return from the middle of the track, so as not to be separated from your beloved Willy

27-28/7 .Biss-19 sweden and other shows all over the Europe!

Our result at clubshow judging by D.G. Wood:
MONY  "Ave Caesar Ever Graced harmony 2nd in puppy class
NASH  " Ave Caesar Great Galaxy" excellent in Junior and BEST HEAD
ROYCE " Ave caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep-BIIS 17" excellent in champion class and best liver.
RUBI "Elangeni Friends In Hi Places" excellent 4 in champion class.
But our Ave Ridgebacks sent us so many great news from other shows so we was not sad about that.
ASANTE  " Ave Caesar Harmony Of The Universe " BOB puppy first day and BOS puppy next day shared respective BOb and BOS with Royce daughter INA "Kipawa's Brave Ina Takes it all " many congratulations to Kipawa kennel who own both Ina and Asane puppies!
MAXI " Ave Caesar Fabolous Fotrune " ex-1 junior class with CQ and reserv best male with CAC and res NORD cac at nord dog show Ransäter by the judge Marita Östlund-Holmsten
SILVER  "Ave Caesar Winds of Fortune "  TWO DAYS in row BOB and BIG-1 one of the days BIS-4!
DUBA "Ave Caesar Driving me onwords " at Beneluxwinner CACIB Liège Belgium BOB BIG-3 and Golden Winner 2019 and Benilux Winner Belgium 19! 

21/7 .Nova's pregnancy confirmed!

We are happy to introduce our up coming I-litter. Nova was sucsessful mated at the end of June by Atuin and now we expecting puppies  in late August 2019. More about litter you will find here  

21/7 . LureCoursing competition. Hulda CAC!

Kuopio Lure Coursing Competition
"Perinteiset Kalakukkomaastot " 21.7.2019
1. Place with CAC 469points (237+232)
Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment Hulda many congratulations to Kaisa Kosonen (Vastakarva kennel, Finland)

20/7 . Västerås Nordic dog show.

Judge: Patrick Cederlöf
  Ave Caesar Ever Graced Harmony – 1 puppy, HP (very promissing), BOS puppy
Maxi JUN - Ave Caesar Fabulous Fortune - EXC
Henry JUN - Ave Caesar Your Fame And Fortune - EXC, 2,CQ,  2 nest male, R-CERT, R-NORD

14 and 20/7 . New peaks conquered by Duba.

20 July 2019 Hunting Dogs National Show in Konopiska Poland  judge Andrzej Brabletz (12 RR)
Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards ‘Duba’
1. Excellent Champion Class
 Polish CAC 
And one week earlier: 14 July 2019 Amber Zemaitija Dog Show (Lithuania)
Judge Belskiy Vitaliy Ukraine 
Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards ‘Duba’
 BIG 1 
5 times in a row BOB for Duba!

13/7 . Tvååker Nat.

Eva Nielsen
JUN - Ave Caesar Fabulous Fortune - EXC, 1, CK, 4BH, R-CERT
JUN - Ave Caesar Ganymedes - KEP
JUN - Ave Caesar Great Galaxy - EXC, 2
ÖKL - Evergraces Kandy Crush Orion - EXC, 3
ÖKL - Laduree From Paris Out Of Africa - EXC
CHKL - Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep - EXC, 2, CK, 3BH
JUN - Ave Caesar Genuine Gratia - EXC, 1, CK
- CHKL - Elangeni Friends In Hi Places - EXC, 3, CK
UPPF - Ave Caesar - 1, HP

13/7 . Piteå. Hulda became SWEDISH CHAMPION!

Piteå INT 13/7 2019
Domare: Wim Wellens, NL

 CHKL - Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment (C) - EXC, 1, CK, 2BT, CERT, R-CACIB (New Champion!) Congratulations to Kaisa Kosonen (Vastakarva )

12/7 . Tvååker Nord.

Arne Foss, NO
-Misty ( Ave Caesar Stars And Harmony - 2,very promising
-Nash (Ave Caesar Great Galaxy) Ex 1 junior
-Maxi (Ave Caesar Fabulous Fortune - EXC, 2 junior
_ Royce (Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep-BISS 17) Ex-1 champion and res. best male
-Gracie ( Ave Caesar Genuine Gratia - VG- 3 junior
Moyo- Beyond Compare From Ridges Castle - VG, 2 open male
Thank you my dear tea we were happy to see so many of Ave (and Kandy's ) today
good luck tomorrow
-Rubi-(Elangeni riends In Hi Places -ex-3 champion with CQ

3/7 Charena's jubilee.

Charena lives now at Ave Caesar "subsidiary company" at Kerstin Larsoon place. We celebrated together with our Jack and Kerstin's RR Raja. all have got a cake  (meat cake for RRs and sweet for us) 

29/6 Borås nat dog show.

Borås NAT 29/6 2019
Domare: Sofie Krigholm 
Ave Caesar In Harmony With Love - 1,very promissing, BOB puppy
Ave Caesar Ever Graced Harmony - 1, very promissing, BOS puppy.
 Ave Caesar Sweet Harmony - 2nd i puppy class.
JUN - Ave Caesar Ganymedes - VG, 4
 JUN - Ave Caesar Great Galaxy - EXC, 2
CH Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep - EXC, 1, CK, 3BH

Visiting Leo Tino's kennel ("harmoniska hundar".)

We spent some happy days in this beautiful place. Guests from Russia came by ferry.  Julia with her lovely boy Atuin who became recentely veteran europe Winner! Congratulations! We associated with  Maxi  (Ave Caesar Fabulouse Fortune) met our great collegue Johanna Segerlund with  her outstandig Masai-boy. Rose-marie not only accepted us, but allowed us to invite our friends with dogs to her place  so we had a lovely day with Ridgeback Selma  (Saimon's Praide Spring Symphony) who we co-owner with Leila landfors . We made Nova (Ave Caesar Center Of my Uneverse)  photo session with the famous photo artist Livanych. Nova will be the dam to our upcoming I-litter. Thank you Rose-marie and all our friends who spent these lovely happy days with us. 

SKK invited Royce and Nash to be breed representivs .

Our dogs took part in a photo session organized by the Swedish Kennel Club on the occasion of the upcoming dog events. Royce and Nash worked as models in the Gothia Tower and showed a lot of patience and endurance under the hot sofits lights. Professional photos comming soon.

Our Duba rocked the ring!!! Again! and Again!

What a team they are!!! Ave Caesar Driving Me Onwards
won specialty show in Austria and next day she did it again)!
Steyregg Austria  RR clubmatch. RR breed specialist Judge Nada Nikolic entries 68.
22 June 2019  1. Excellent Champion Class (CACA)  Best Female
  Clubwinner Austria
 23 June 2019 day 2 of the club-show weekend  RR club Austria breed specialist judge Henk Salm 68 entries.
  1. Excellent Champion Class    Best Female
BOB  as Duba was BOB on both days, she became BISS-2019
 Duba also won the title Best movement

  X-Ray results for MAXI and Henry and Silver
three juniors from our Fortune litter efter Royce & Sandy

Alla 3 boys are free from dysplasia!  Congratulations to the owners 

15/6 . Leksand dog show. Henry CAC & BOS

Judge Jens Myrman. Two AVE juniors took part in this show and got first 1st and 2nd junior.
*MAXI* Ave Caesar Fabulous Fortune - EXC, 2
*HENRY* Ave Caesar Your Fame and Fortune - EXC, 1, CQ, 1BM, CAC, BOS!
many congratulations to Rose-marie (MAXI)
and To Ulrika for HENRYs second Swedish CAC and best Male!

15/6 . Lure Coursing competition . Hulda CAC with 481 points

Great news from Finland Rhodesian Ridgeback RRMM 
breed championship in lure coursing at Kankaanpää Sandpit
2nd place Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment "Hulda" + LC CAC points 481 (234+247)

9/6 Vänersborg Nordic show Rubi BOB.

Enries: 30+ RR Judge: Patrik Cederlöf
1. NAsh (Ave Caesar Great Galaxy) ex-3 junior
2. Henry (Ave Caesar Fame and Fotrune) Ex-1 junior with CQ 2nd Best male with CAC and res Nord) BOB junior.
3. Royce (Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep) ex-2 champion and 3d BM
4. Rubi (Elangeni Friends In Hi Places) ex-1 champion CQ best female and Best Of Breed Nord CAC
Ave Caesar best breeder with honor prize.

8/6 News from show rings about Ave RRs.

1. Stoxa Maxi 3d best male with rCAC Judge: 
2. Norwegian BISS-19 Asante BOS puppy
3. Norwegian BISS-19 Silver best Junior and 3d best male with rCAC Judge:

8/6 Nash & Henry passed the aptitude blood tracking test.

Despite the rainy weather our boys showed excellent results and were highly appreciated by the judges Inger & Roger Skoglund. Henry went open class next day and turned 1st prize! Bravo!

26/5 Royce best of breed at specialty show Kungsängen

Rainy day at specialty show. Judge Svante Frisk. RR enteres: 73
Our results:
Ave Caesar Ever Graced Harmony *MONY* 2nd with very promising in baby class
Ave Caesar Great Galaxy VG in junior class
Ave Caesar Fame and Fotrune * Henry* 
Ex-3 in junior class
Ave Caesar Dark Obsession *MOYO* 4th place VG in open . But "BEST HEAD"
Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep -BISS 17 *ROYCE" CW ex-1 in Ch class best male best of breed and best movement and best lever.
*Rubi* - Elangeni's Friends In Hi Places ex-2 with CQ in ch class and 3d best female .
AVE CAESAR best breeder with honor prize.

25/5 NDS Piteå and we met our beloved Hulda & Kaisa!

Judge: Eva Jönsson RR entreies: 15
our results:
Nash (Ave Caesar Great Galaxy) CW excellent with CQ and 2nd best male with CAC.
Moyo (Ave Caesar Dark Obsession) Ex-2 open class
Royce (Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep-Biss 17) CW with CQ best male & BOS
Hulda (Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment) Ex-3 in champion class with CQ and 4th Best female
Rubi (Elangeni's Friends In Hi Places) Ex-1 with CQ and 2nd best female
And our kennel got honor prize for very similar RRs.

18/5 the same day Hulda became BOB and BIG-2 in Finland!

Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment "Hulda" in Rauma All Breed Show BOB and BIG2 under judge Tiina Illukka, Many congratulations to Kaisa Kosonen <3 and Hulda!

18/5 Häsleholm Nordic.

We showed 3 Ave Males and our gem Rubi. Nash won class with the CQ and got BEST Junior male then took part in a best male ring 5th BM with the res CAC. Moyo got only very good becouse he came only one day before the show and i never went with him to the ring before. and Royce only ex.
Willy shoed Rubi to the  champion class winner with CQ and then second best female with res Nord.

12/5 Selma is free from displasy.

The bitch we have bought last year after World Winner-18 Deyonga Dakaray Ma-Dutu named Selma (Saimon's Praide Spring Symphony) is confirmed has best result at her elbows and hips. BPH (mental tswedish test) is dome too. Selma is co-owned and lives with Leila Landfors in Enköping. 

12/5 Lidköping Nordic dog show

Our result at Lidköping show (Judge: Anita Whitmarsh ):
both junior males Eros and Nash very good. Royce won best male nordic cert and BOS . His daughter Lillie won best junior female . Rubi 2nd ch and res. Best Bitch with res. Nord cert.
4 Ave Caesar ridgebacks represented breeder group and we have  got Best Breeder wish honor Pris! Thank you my dear owners! You are best!

11-12/5 Moyo is CHAMPION of Russia!

*Moyo* AVE CAESAR DARK OBSESSION made us so hapy! 
Best Of Breed today at Samara International dog show and Moyo has got his first CACIB!!!  Judge:  Cristian Stefanescu.
Now Moyo is Russian champion RKF champion and candidat to inter champions! Thank you Sveta Moroz for handling and so well take care of Moyo! Congratulations to the owners: Mikael Persbrandt and Sanna Lundell !!!Second CACIB went absolutely the same! best of breed and BIG-1! 

7/5 Royce with his "Nyangoma" puppies

We went to Germany for two days to visit Royce puppies at Nyangoma kennel and meet some of our RR friends. Puppies impressed us very much. They are in perfect shape and they are so calm and lovely. Thank you Eillen  Lily and Gary Denver for your hospitality!

1/5 "Harmony" puppies started their show adventures

Three of our youngest puppies took part at shows and all wer very sucsessfull.
MONY (Ave Caesar Ever Graced Harmony) got BOB puppy at Strängnäs with Jenny
ASANTE  (Ave Caesar  Harmony Of The Universe) BOB puppy in Norway
SWEETY (Ave Caesar Sweet Harmony) BOB puppy in Tjulaholm
At the last photo Asante BOS and the BOB is Royce norwegian daughter Ina <3 My big LOVE.

27/4 Juniors from Fortune . Silver is BOB!

What a happy day for Ave RR boys. 
3 litter brothers from our Fortune litter took part at shows:
Ave Caesar Fabolous Fortune *MAXI* and 
Ave Caesar Your Fame and Fortune *HENRY* at Vesterås (Judge : Brett Hamilton, AU)
Both got ECELLENT, Maxi with CQ so he performed at "best male" ring and went 3d Best Male with res. CAC repeating Henry's sucsess last week.
Ave Caesar Wind of Fotrune *SILVER* introduced himself to Svante Frisk at Norwegian Show and not only won junior class with CQ but went all the way and became best male and BEST OF BREED (not even 11 months age yet! ) and even BIG-2 repeating his father Royce achevement when Royce was at the same age!
We are so proud of all of you our dear owners:
Ulrika Stiernblad Rose-marie Gunilla Uselius Monica Granerud & Monica Nygård! Thank you dears! You are best!

19/4 Swedish Winner-2019 .

Judge: Sara Nordin. Two of our Fortune boys took part at this great show. "Ave Caesar Your Fame and Fortune *HENRY* 2nd in junior class with the CQ and  Ave Caesar Fabulous Fortune *MAXI* 4thin Junior class with the cq and Henry is finnished as a 3d BEST MALE with res. CAC. Many congratulations to the best owners Ulrika and Rose Marie! We are so proud of you!We have only Henry's  picture from this day.

13/4 Moyo became a Champion of RKF .

Ave Caesar Dark Obsessession got sis second Best Of Breed and also became champion of RKF. Many congratulations to Moyo'a owners and many thanks to our hndler Sveta Moroz. 

12/4 Nosework training Royce and Nash .


6-7/4  Moyo (by Lisi) got his first CAC.

Happy news from Russia. * M O Y O * 
the 6/th of April Ave Caesar Dark Obsession (from our D -l itter) started his show career today with an excellent  description and first Russian cert! Thank you(Sveta Moroz) for perfect presentation! Moyo finished day as BIG-2 i group 6.
nThe 7th of April Moyo got BEST OF BREED again this time at RKF championat and got RKF-champion titel and again won BIG-2!
Many congratulations to the owners!!! Thank you Sveta!

6/4 Eros BOB puppy and res. best in group 6 puppy!

1/4 Moyo (by Lisi) visited us.

Ave Caesar Dark Obsession from our D litter so distinguished by the famous Duba and Royce, we were able to lease another excellent representative from his owners . Moyo means "heart"  in swahili and we hope with all of our hearts for Moyo's  career in the ring and in avel.

1/4 new stack photos of some of our RRs

31/3 Melbystrand with beautiful Gracie .

Ave Caesar Genuine Gratia *GRACIE * is such lovely pleasent soft young bith. She remind us Virra (her beautiful mother) very much. Gracie lives in Hallands län (Sweden) with her marvellous familj Anna and Marie Nilsson.and just like her mother Virra (in Helsingborg) wanders among the beautiful horses in the stable and sleeps in a beautiful manor. Royce have seen Gracie when she was only a baby and felt very happy that she is not puppy any more but beautiful gentle bitch <3 they spent a nice time at the famouse windy Mellbystand

31/3 Malmö IDS. Nash BOB puppy. Lillie - best junior!

This time we have only Ave RRs to show. Nash (ave Caesar Great Galaxy) BOB puppy. Royce (Ave Caesar Drive I am Your To Keep) 3-nd best male and the funniest news is that our debutant Lillie (Ave Caesar Fortunate Star) won junior class of 8 juniors and received much praise from judges! Congratulations to Lillie's owner Jenny Lander!
Thank you very much Света Мороз (Sveta Moroz) for generously presented our RRs !!!

29/3 Harmony litter re-union.

Harmony puppies received the main vaccine "12 weeks" and using the hospitable invitation of the "Orust Hundägareförenings "club spent an hour playing on the dog playground, while their owners participated in a small picnic organazed by us and shared to each other their impressions of the first month with their beloved puppies. All pups look great and we than you all for so good care. Lisi was over the moon to meet her puppies and even kept one for the next day! Thank ou Jenny. 

27/3 Nash has got his DNA profil.

24/3 Freya makes a success at show.

We have great news from USA. Specially show Front Worth Texas ( over 60 Ridgebacks)
Miss Freya, Ave Ceasar Fortune Has Wings, CGC took reserve winners bitch out of the 9 to 12 month puppy class to a five point major, 18 class bitches were entered. Freya is co-owned byHeike Hofmann Fulton and Liz Druitt . Handler:Sue Gauche Cassel

16/3 Re-union puppies. Bloodtracking

At our meeting today took part 11 Ridgebacks:
A-litter : *Agnes* SvCH Ave Caesar Apple Pie
B-litter:  *Happy* SUCH Ave caesar Born To Be Happy
C-litter : *Lexus * (Ave Caesar Cos' Im The One and *Bruno*  Ave Caesar Cut Out To Be Winner
D litter *Royce*  Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep-Biss 17
F-litter:  *Lillie* (Ave Caesar Fortunate Star ) *Lennon* (Ave Caesar Fortune Favours TheBrave) and *Kiara* (Ave Caesar Good Fotrune Be With U)
GN-litter: * Eros* (Ave Caesar Ganymedes  ) and *Nash*  (Ave Caesar Great Galaxy)
and Beloved Moyo Kandy’s russian son  *Beyond Compare From Ridges Castle*

12/3 Agnes is Swedish bloodtracking champion.

Carola and Detlef Runge who has two of AVE RR celebrate their Agnes diplome today!

24/2 Eros and Nash made succsess at their first show.

So very proud of our GN-puppies! Ave Caesar Ganymedes and Ave Caesar Great Galaxy who took part in puppy-show Hässleholm and got 1-st and 2nd places
Both very promising!! 
Nash finished as BOB puppy also!
Judge : Johan Sandström 
Many congratulations to Eros owners Virpi Kaijankoski Bäck and Hans Bäck with such a successful debut and HP prize!

8. feb Nash made succsess at Nosework.

An interesting training program for young dogs is proposed by the local dog club. Nash proved to be excellent in the discipline "search" of various kinds.

1. feb Harmony puppies are 5 weeks old.

Our Rhodesian Ridgeback are both in top of golden list.

yes! It only the results of two shows My Dog but it is so nice to see ar Swedish RR club website the raiting (called Golden List) where Royce And Rubi are on top! 

Excellent news about * Happy*.

Carola Runge, the owner of Ave Caesar Born To Be Happy got  today Happy's DNA profil :
Degenerative Myelopathy - N/N  (not a carrier)
Hemophilia B - not a carrier
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME) - N/ N  (not a carrier)
D-locus D1 (dilution)  : D/D (not a carrier)
Congratulations to the owners!
More about happy you will find at STUD DOGS  rubric

We have got Lisl's trophy! So beautiful.

The chalenge trophy what Lisi received from the Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback Club for  winning the first place in the golden list of RR 2017 . We expecting many gursts next two months who are intresting of Lisi's progeny. 11 wonderful miracles who we hope worth their celebrity mother.

8/1-19. Kirah makes sucsess.

Ave Caesar Amparo De Fortuna (litter A)
competition year 2018 an approved result in obedient start class and a 2nd place on SRRS's Nosework list and a 7th place on the obedience list!
Many thanks and many congrats to the owner Erika Lungberg.

4/1-19. My Dog The biggest show at Scandinavia.

Our 2019 started with the great succsess! MyDOG-2019 both days our Rhodesian Ridgebacks won 
BEST OF BREED!!! First day RUBI and second day ROYCE we are so very happy! All the details later)

Harmony Puppies Ave Caesar have now individual pages.